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"But how do you know Cale?" he popped off th cork and two glasses appeared and he poured two glasses "Calb, Leaf. Try it."

Leaf picked hers up and took a sip "Hey. It's the good stuff."

"Really? He did Uptown Girl? Cool." Tori grinned.

2/19/2009 #151

Caleb snorted. "Says the girl who tried sipping tequilla."

"Yes, he did. I do actually love his work, but I'm sad that way."

2/19/2009 #152

"You two fight like a married couple. I suggest a bit of 'quiet time' for a honeymoon?" Xelos grinned.

Tori grinned "I could make a commnt."

2/19/2009 #153

Caleb sighed. "Even here he won't leave me alone!"

HJ grinned, then checked her watch. "Ah man, I gotta go. Hold that thought, yeah?"

2/19/2009 #154

Leaf suddenly tackled Xelos and the darkrai'mortph smashed through the wall as she looked at caleb "All better!"

Tori pouted "Awwwww, bye."

2/19/2009 #155
Accron Lyuis

"Now if only I knew what was going on..." Darius muttered, as he too, swirled an elegant glass of champagne. "Let's see... Questions I would like answered... Why the hell am I here...? How the hell did I get here...? Why the hell am I even asking...?"

"Darius!" a young pink-haired girl with pointy ears said as she ran up and pulled his arm about three times. "I forgot how to use the Internet..."

"... If this isn't a thread post on the Internet, then what is this...?"

"I'm tired..." Accron said sleepily.

"Shut up and start the RP!" Simone yelled, pulling out a frying pan and proceeding to beat me with it.

"Why does every female character always have a frying pan to whack people with!" Accron complained.

2/19/2009 #156
Accron Lyuis

"Oh BTW," Simone said. "I'm sorry for your loss Tori..."


"The loss of the feeling in her mouth! Goddess! You're such a stupid creator! No wonder why you made me a girl!" At this point, Simone hmph'ed to prove her point.

2/19/2009 #157

Caleb smiled at Leaf, then turned to Simone. "Don't feel bad, my creater's a girl and she made me a guy."

2/20/2009 #158

Eóin ((me o:)) was struggling to stay awake, using Paw as a pillow and cursing time difference while Alica had fun making a plant grow and shrink over and over again.

2/20/2009 #159

"Same here Caleb! Well I originally was suppose to be a ditz that was suppose to try to steal you from Leaf but TTori scrapped the idea." Xelos alked back in, dusting himself off.

[Yeah, Xelos was originally female xD]

2/20/2009 #160

Caleb blinked several times. "Now that's just scary ..."

HJ stared at Tori. "Really?"

2/20/2009 #161

Tori grinned sheepishly "And Seri was suppose to be male."

Xelos nodded "Yeah, but atleast i aint so you and leaf can go have wild monkey sex."

2/20/2009 #162
Accron Lyuis

"I hate time differences too... It's like 10:00 pm right here, but I don't know what it's like for you guys... Damn, this just made RPing harder... Oh well, I have a whole variety of characters, each with their own personalities, so Simone and Darius were always intended to be their original genders. However, for some reason, all my characters like to call me an idiot on their down time..."

"You better believe it!"

2/20/2009 #163

HJ smiled. "Caleb was always meant to be a guy ... but he was also meant to be at least five years older and into business. He'd be scary in a suit, wouldn't he?"

Caleb blinked. "Now, I freaked out .... and I just like to call her insane."

2/21/2009 #164

"I'm between 5 and 8 hours ahead of America" Eóin laughed "and I litterally flipped a coin to decide Alica's gender"

"That's a little disturbing" Alica frowned.

2/21/2009 #165

HJ laughed. "I'm not American. I'm a small town Irish girl,"

?Caleb glanced an Alica. "So's me in a suit ..."

2/21/2009 #166

"Ah! awesome! Where're you from in Ireland? I'm from Limerick" :]

Alica grinned "That's something I'll have to see one day."

2/21/2009 #167

"I'm Canadain.....Ihate the econemy right now." Tori grumbled.bled.

Leaaf smiled and said "I'm bored."

2/21/2009 #168
Imagination 5

"Third Irish one!" I.5 smiled, smiling.

"We're being overrun," whispered Rowan.

2/21/2009 #169

Caleb shrugged. "I could dress in a suit .... that'd liven things up."

HJ grinned. "Sunny south east ... that's never sunny."

2/21/2009 #170

Leaf stared at Caleb "Wow....I imgined look good in a suit."

2/21/2009 #171

"Do I?"

2/21/2009 #172

"Yeah you do Caleb, trust a woman's judgement." Leaf giggled.

Tori sighed "Man. i feel left out cause I aint Irish, darn me for being Scotish/Canadian."

2/21/2009 #173

Caleb smirked. "I'll trust you. Better than what I'm wearing now?"

"Oh don't feel to bad, Tori. Go against the grain, be different."

2/21/2009 #174

"Either way you look good." Leaf said, smiling widely.

Tori pouted "then sad "Cowabungapieceofdogshiz!" she grinned.

2/21/2009 #175

Caleb smiled. "Thanks, I guess ..."

HJ stared. "Say what now?"

2/21/2009 #176

Tori shrugged "I dunno."

"Your welcome Caleb." Leaf nodded.

2/21/2009 #177

Caleb shrugged. "Maybe after we get out of the dark crater, I'll buy one ..."

"Okay ..."

2/21/2009 #178

"Maybe Ill go get myself a new dress since you were jaw-dropped at the Cotten Drifting Festival." Leaf giggled/

"It's something from the angry video game nerd."

2/21/2009 #179

Caleb blushed. "Well, you were pretty ..."

HJ shrugged. "Right, I got you now ... I think ..."

2/21/2009 #180
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