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"New people all over the place. My delicate sensibilities are having a hard time handling it."

5/31/2009 #241
A Soldier's Sister

"I guess so...." Kayla replied, rubbing her ear.

5/31/2009 #242

Caleb looked at her. "Why so nervous? It's not like any of us are able to do anything at the moment."

6/2/2009 #243
A Soldier's Sister

"i don't know why," Kalya replied.

6/2/2009 #244

"You're nervous meeting new people?" HJ asked.

6/4/2009 #245
A Soldier's Sister

"You could say that," Kayla replied, "SS, has always been anti-social, and I'm kind of like her."

6/4/2009 #246

(oh wait do we have to register our characters? my bad!)

8/2/2009 . Edited 8/2/2009 #247
Imagination 5

I.5 kicks his characters into the character lounge. "Get in there!"

Rose glared at him.

8/4/2009 #248

HJ looked up, surprised. "Is there a problem?"

8/4/2009 #249
Imagination 5

"Just pounding my characters back into shape," joked I.5.

An unseen drum and cymbals played. Ba-dum-tish, and a trumpet played a depressed song at the terrible joke as Rose rolled her eyes.

8/4/2009 . Edited 8/4/2009 #250

Caleb chuckled slightly, as HJ looked on in bewilderment.

8/4/2009 #251
Imagination 5

Rowan strode in after a particularly hard kick. "Ow... So, when do I get to have my evil way again?" she asked gleefully.

8/4/2009 #252

Caleb glanced up at her lazily. "Anytime, so long as you don't have your evil way with Leaf or I."

8/4/2009 . Edited 8/4/2009 #253
Imagination 5

"It's what I do," sighed Rowan.

8/6/2009 #254

Caleb sighed. "Why not then ..."

8/6/2009 #255
Aranel o Lorien

Opening the door to the Lounge, Alexander and his older brother, Caleb, walked in and took a seat near the corner. Since they didn't know anyone there yet they decided to listen to the conversations for a while.

(ACK there's two Caleb's now!! But there's a BIG difference between them!)

6/1/2010 #256

[I hope I'm not breaking any rules. Is the lounge a place that just opens to the outdoors? Plus, I have no idea what to do with my character at the moment. O.o]

Am I dead? Misery shook her head in confusion as she left the foliage on the edge of the woods. She'd ventured into the back of the moss cave, and popped up in a random forest. It was supposed to be winter, but somehow she'd come into a forest during an oddly hot summer. Of course, she tried to turn back, but found that the entire mountain had disappeared and been replaced by more trees.

She saw a shelter of some alien architecture, and figured that someone was bound to be in there. She made her way to it. The red wolf stalked the perimeter, examining the structure. It was geometric in concept, and she felt like the creature (or creatures) that built it must have been very neat. Square windows covered in glass glowed with a golden light in many places. They were too high for her to see into. She eventually made her way around to a large wooden rectangle she could only guess was the entrance. She pushed it with her head, but it wouldn't budge. She had no idea as to how she would manage to get it open. She reckoned squirrels had built the place. I curse you squirrels and your nimble little paws. She swatted at the door.

Unsure of what to do next she looked around. A neat little path lined with tulips led to the road, and hydrangea bushes stood on each side of the door. She decided to hide in the bushes and ambush the next creature to show and get some answers.

7/28/2011 #257
Jackie the Giant

(So... what is this place?)

8/11/2011 #258

(I believe this is for random roleplaying, or chatplaying.)

8/14/2011 #259
Jackie the Giant

(Um... okay. I still don't understand, so I think I'll just stay outta here. ^^; )

8/15/2011 #260

Alexandra walked in her tail hovering an inch or two off the ground. She looked around, wondering if she knew anyone here.

3/10/2015 #261

lol I just realized that I wasn't accepted and that this thing is dead anyways.

3/11/2015 #262
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