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Is a fortress of sorts, it looks like this, look at the beginning of the movie, at this moment it is very dangerous becaus of the rushing winds, is also aid to be the true form of the 'Divine Wings'


They landed on the outer ring where somehow Laf was standing there, waiting for them, though for some reason half of her body ws completely black and her other arm and leg were robot so only half her face and the left side of her body was recongizable.

"Something's wtrong with Leaf!" Seri shouted, dosging a yellow orb blast..

9/28/2008 #1

Caleb growled. "Somebody ..... who?"

9/28/2008 #2

Seri was hit with a yellow orb, she fell and smacked her head, now it was down to Caleb and....this warped Leaf.

"Come at me if you wish, I am not your Leaf, i just stole her body!:

9/28/2008 #3

Caleb glared at her. "Okay, so where's Leaf?!"

9/28/2008 #4

((g2g. Sorry ....))

9/28/2008 #5

"Al shall be revealed if you can beat me, and I hurry, the world s going to be destroyed soon." she smirked.


9/28/2008 #6

(This forum's extremely active now; and we got a new crewmember as well...I think I'd better stay out of this for now though; let Caleb do some work for a change XD...Sorry horrorjunkie)

9/29/2008 . Edited 9/29/2008 #7

Caleb glared at her. "Oh come on, I've no patience for this!"

((Caleb works! He fought of Alison all by himself! *Hugs Caleb protectivly*))

9/29/2008 #8

(I know he does, just wanted to poke him into doing a little bit more *prod* XD...All the best to you; make this fight the most interesting yet.)

(P.S. Please make sure Caleb gets with Leaf after this; my brain's swimming with the number of times get-together attempts have failed XD...I don't mean to insult, & if I have, I apologise in advance...)

9/29/2008 #9

((*Sighs* I'll try ....))

9/29/2008 #10

"Too bad, so sad, I don't care!" the body hi-jacker laughed, firing a yellow orb of energy at Caleb.


9/29/2008 #11

Caleb side stepped. "Funny, you're a poet," he muttered, todding a handful of fire back at her.

9/29/2008 #12

'Leaf' cursed as her arm turned from robotic to normak, she ran at him, a blade of yellow energy in her hand, fire seemed to reverse the effects of the metorites.

9/29/2008 #13

Caleb started, rolling to the side, and darted behind her, launching a few darts at her back.

9/29/2008 . Edited 9/29/2008 #14

'Leaf turned around and side-stepped and fired more yellow orbs with one hand as she charged at Caleb and sliced at him with her sword in her other hand.

9/29/2008 #15

Caleb cursed, and stummbled backwards. "Listen Lady ... tell me where Leaf is before I'm compelled to kill you!" I need her ... he added silently.

9/29/2008 #16

'Leaf' chuckled "You are foolish! I STOLE her body, so what-" she suddenly cut off as Leaf's voice said "Caleb....attack...darkness!" her burned arm pointed to the darkness on the other side of her body "H-hurry...."

The hi-jacker regained control "Stupid girl." she hissed.

9/29/2008 #17

Caleb smiled, pulling out an handful of sand and threw it at her, following quickly with a handful of fire aimed at the darkness. Please work ...

9/29/2008 #18

'Leaf yelled in pain as she collapsed to her knees, holding the dark side which was flickering betweemn Leaf's other half and the darkness. Eventually it landed on Leaf's half and a bright light flashed.

When the light died down Leaf was collapsed, uinconcious, a broken robot lying a few feet away and the Ark Of The Cosmos lying around Leaf, still intact somewhat

[sorry had to go out.]

9/29/2008 #19


Caleb stood for a moment, that ran over to her. "You alright?!"

9/29/2008 #20

Leaf slowly opened her eyes "" she groaned as she slowly sat up, dazed.

9/29/2008 #21

"Yeah ..." Caleb whispered, than kissed her.

9/29/2008 #22

[...Wow xD]

Leaf smiled and thought "If this is a dream.....please don't wake me up....'

9/29/2008 #23

((I know ....))

Caleb sighed and pulled back. "Don't you ever do that to me again!"

9/29/2008 #24

Leaf nodded a murmured "Sorry..."

9/29/2008 #25

"Okay ..." Caleb smiled. "So .... now what?"

9/29/2008 #26

Leaf looked at the sky and said softly "Look...."

The sky was a orange with the sun setting at the horizon "It' pretty." Leaf murmured.

Seri had woken up and was keeping her distance as she examined the now trashed robot.

9/29/2008 #27

"Yeah .... red sky at night, shepards delight."

9/29/2008 #28

Leaf noddd and leaned against Caleb slightly, smiling up at him, tiredness catching up with her as she struggled to kee herself awake.

Seri got up and grabbed Jet's gear, she looked over at the two, she asked Caleb mentally "You want to head back?" her voice was soft and peaceful in his mind, not her normal tone.

9/29/2008 #29

Why not? "Leaf ... time to go."

9/29/2008 #30
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