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"Good, you?" Seri asked, smiling,

10/2/2008 #121

"Good as well." He replied, as he turned to look out of the window.

"D'you think we should get back to the others?" he asked after a short time.

10/2/2008 #122

Seri nodded "Yeah."

10/2/2008 #123

"Alright then." He said standing up. Turning to her, "We should start soon then." He held out his hand.

(I have a sinking feeling that I did something wrong recently...)

10/2/2008 #124

[-hugs- don't feel sinky! feel happy!]

Seri took Riz's hand with a smile.

10/2/2008 #125

(XD...fine, I'll stop sinking for a bit)

He pulled her up from the chair gently, smiling.

10/2/2008 #126

Seri smiled as they started floating, she rinned as she turned into Celebi and flew around him a few times before returning to seri, floating infront of him again.

[Yay! ^^]

10/2/2008 #127

"Seri, what are you up to?" He asked, grinning as he watched her float around him.

(What should we do with these two?)

10/2/2008 #128

"Dunno." Seri shrugged.

[Dunno XD]

10/2/2008 #129

(XD *falls flat on the floor*)

He was still grinning as he pulled her into an embrace, whispering into her ear; "I love you, Seri."

10/2/2008 #130

[-pokes with stick-]

"I love you too Riz." Seri murmurd back.

10/2/2008 #131

(*gets up again*...should we really send these two back to Wicca, since the others won't be on anytime soon...)

He stood there for a few moments, holding Seri.

10/2/2008 #132


Seri started to hum softly, smiling.

10/2/2008 #133

(XD...see below for my reply; I'm feeling too lazy to type it out twice XDD)

"What song are you humming this time, Seri?" He still held her shoulders, looking at her, smiling.

10/2/2008 . Edited 10/2/2008 #134

"Your the voice I hear inside my head, the reason that I'm singing, i need to find you, i gotta find you, your the missing piec I need, the song inside of me, i need to find you..." Seri sung softly, smiling.

[Camp rock ^^]

10/2/2008 #135

(Sorry; never heard of it T.T *grovels*)

"It's a nice song, Seri." He closed his eyes, listening to the song. "And you sing very well too."

10/2/2008 #136

[Go to Youtube, search I gotta Find You - Full]

Seri smiled "Your the remedy I'm searchin' hard to find, to fix the puzzle that I see inside, painting all my dreams, the color of your smile, when i find you, it will be alright. I need to try, to get to where you are, could it be, your not that far?" she repeated the chorus once again and sang "Been feeling lost, can't find the words to say Spending all my time stuck in yesterday Where you are is where I want to be Oh next to you... and you next to me Oh I need to find you... yeah...Ive gotta find you....yeah...." she finished and closed her eyes, smiling "Thanks..."

10/2/2008 #137

(Living in just don't get these kinda things as soon as they're usually takes 6 months before it appears...)

"A beautiful song, Seri. And a beautiful voice to match." He smiled. "Nothing out of the ordinary at all."

10/2/2008 #138

Seri smiled and giggled.

[it's been out for 6 months XD]

10/2/2008 #139

(Sometimes it takes even longer still...T.T...I saw an advert once over here, checked it out on the internet, & realised it's been released some 2 years ago!! T.T)

"D'you want to take a look around the city a little bit more?" He asked her.

10/2/2008 #140

[Wow xD]

"If you want to." Seri smiled.

10/2/2008 #141

(It's damn true...T.T)

He smiled a bit, before turning to the window. "Or maybe we should go back to the others..."

10/2/2008 . Edited 10/2/2008 #142

Seri shrugged "Anything's good to me."

[-pats back- xD[

10/2/2008 #143

(*sigh* my brain's dried up again...)

He was looking out of the window, considering the options.

10/2/2008 #144

Seri watched the sky, she saw a music store across the street, she grinned "Be right back!" she then floated away into the store.

[Music store ^^]

10/2/2008 #145

"Oh?" He watched Seri, looking at the direction she's floating to.

"A music store? Wonder what she's planning..." He whispered to himself.

10/2/2008 #146

Seri floated out with a black case on her back, she grinned as she floated back into the room, she placed the case on the bed.

10/2/2008 #147

"What's in there?" He was looking at the black case on over her shoulders, standing behind her.

10/2/2008 #148

Seri grinned and opened the case, it opened to reveal a black a white electric guitar, she chuckled, just got myself something to fool 'round with." it suddenly shrunk into a small charm on a necklace which was black velvet, she picked p the charm necklace and put it on, smiling.

10/2/2008 #149

"It looks nice on you; really fits." He was smiling as he watched her put it on.

(I wonder what'll happen...)

10/2/2008 #150
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