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(I'd rather say pushstart XD...when's Zeek gonna post btw...or is he watching us even as we type? *looks around desperately*)

"Oh, you remember him?" He got up, offering Caleb his seat.

9/30/2008 . Edited 9/30/2008 #31

Caleb shook his head. "'ll stand ...."

9/30/2008 #32
Imagination 5

(He'll be at school now.)

"You broke away from her?!" Ms Halsted opened her arms to hug Caleb.

9/30/2008 . Edited 9/30/2008 #33

Caleb smiled and accepted the hug. "After a lot of mistakes."

9/30/2008 #34

"Alright..." He slowly sat back down again.

(I won't make any more posts here to distract everybody, huh...guess it can't be helped)

9/30/2008 . Edited 9/30/2008 #35
Imagination 5

(No, it's ok!)

"You're safe here," smiled Ms Halsted.

9/30/2008 #36

Caleb sighed and pulled away from her. "Somehow ... I'm not sure you'll be safe around us ...." He glanced at Rose. "Things tend to happen around us."

9/30/2008 #37

(ok, if you're sure.)

"At least one of us has some prior relation with our hosts, with no bad blood between them at least." He was still sitting on the chair, watching events unfold.

9/30/2008 #38
Imagination 5

Ms Halsted sighed. "Rowan and Summer want to destroy the College," she said.

9/30/2008 #39

"And that begs the question..." He was thoughtful for a moment. "Why send us here?"

9/30/2008 #40

"summer loved it here ..."

9/30/2008 #41

"What about Rowan, the only unknown in the equation..."

9/30/2008 #42
Imagination 5

"I expelled Rowan last month for practising dark magic," revealed Ms Halsted.

9/30/2008 #43

"Reasonable motive..." He paused for a second while he processed information. "How about Summer though? Did she practice dark magic while studying here?"

9/30/2008 #44

"I don't know much about her. I was a kid and so was she ... and after a while, I reallyu didn't care about anyone. I'm not surprised though."

He shuddered. "And I'm not going to talk about Summer."

9/30/2008 . Edited 9/30/2008 #45

(ooh, that dropped the bomb...I'm reading what you guys are posting there...)

"A traditional scenario eh..." He shook his head.

9/30/2008 #46
Imagination 5

"No." Ms Halsted shook her head. "However, she showed signs of deleria, obsession, and madness."

9/30/2008 #47

"Spiralling down...I assume she graduated here before she got to the final stages..."

9/30/2008 . Edited 9/30/2008 #48

"She seemed sane enough when we met her ...."

9/30/2008 #49

(Oh shiza, I need to go sleep now...T.T...sorry everyone)

"Sane enough to try and kill us...sane enough & obsessive enough to chase you down all the way to the end."

9/30/2008 #50

Caleb flinched. "Saneish then"

((Aww, so long and good night.))

9/30/2008 #51

((Imagination? Still here?))

9/30/2008 #52

Seri wallked in, giving a sleeping Leaf a piggy-back "Gah..."

Jet walked in, extreme gear under his arm.

Xelos appeared beside rose.


9/30/2008 #53

Caleb glanced back. "Is she alright?"

((Anyone around?))

9/30/2008 #54

"She's wiped." seri said, "Can you take her please? I think she's gunna break my back."

[me! ^^]

9/30/2008 #55

Caleb sighed, and took Leaf off her.

Philip stepped cautiously after Seri. "Anyone else getting a very strong bad feeling?"


9/30/2008 #56

"No, all I feel is achoing back pain." seri leaned against the nearest wall.

Leaf opened a eye, rubbing her eyes "What's going on?..." she looked up at Caleb "Ello...."

{How are you? ^^]

9/30/2008 #57

Philip shrugged, deciding to ignore the feeling.

Caleb smiled. "I'm fine. You, little lady, need to avoid getting possessed.

((Not too bad. You?))

9/30/2008 #58

{Fine I guess....}

Leaf sweat-dropped and muttered "Stupid evil robots." she smiled at Caleb.

9/30/2008 #59

"They are a burden."

9/30/2008 #60
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