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Leaf nodded and sighed "those two are really asking for it." she cracked her knuckles a couple times.

10/1/2008 #151
Imagination 5

Rowan laughed. "Your memory's gone, Gianna!" she laughed. With one blast of dark magic, Gianna was on the ground, lifeless.

Ms Halsted gasped. "Gianna has died."

10/1/2008 #152

Summer glared at her sister. "Rowan, you're not a killer!"

Caleb growled, and shved his hands in his pockets to disguise the shake.

10/1/2008 #153
Imagination 5

With an explosion, the wall of the room caved in.

10/1/2008 #154

Leaf's eyes widened "That's it, Ive been taken over by evil robots, tortured by a hawk for countless days and harrassed by the Master Of nightmares! Ive had it!" Leaf growled at the broken wall.

10/1/2008 . Edited 10/1/2008 #155

Caleb chased after her. "Leaf! Leaf, stop!"

Summer smiled and grabbed his arm. "Hello again, little puppy."

10/1/2008 #156
Imagination 5

Rowan brushed straight past Leaf and bent down to Ms Halsted. "You've made a few mistakes, haven't you?" Ms Halsted could only groan in reply.

10/1/2008 #157

Philip pushed away from the wall, trying to stop shaking."There's no need for this!"

10/1/2008 #158

Leaf turned around and litterally jump[ed on Summer's back "IVE HAD IT YOU BISH! GET AWAY FROM HIM NOW YOU NO GOOD SON OF A ** ** ** ** **!!!" she swore loudly.

10/1/2008 #159
Imagination 5

Rowan ignored Philip and pointed at Ms Halsted, who began screaming in pain.

10/1/2008 #160

Summer jumped, throwing a fireball. "The little beast has claws? How quaint."

Caleb shuddered for a moment, before turning on his heel and barreling into Rowan.

10/1/2008 #161

Leaf growled, ignoring the slight burns as suddenly a blast of wind lashed at Summer l;ike a blade, soon another followed, Leaf was attacking Summer using wind, she was mad.

10/1/2008 #162

Summer threw up a fire shield. "All this over a puppy?!"

10/1/2008 #163
Imagination 5

A shield of darkness repelled him.

"You've always been so predictable, Caleb." Rowan smiled sweetly as Ms Halsted rose into the air. There were cracking sounds like the repulsive sounds of crunching bone and although there were no physical injuries, Ms Halsted continued to scream.

(Do you two think this storyline has kickstarted the forum again?)

10/1/2008 . Edited 10/1/2008 #164

"Yes because he's saved me from freaking getting sucked into a black hole and I love him and he loves me and no one is going to stop that@" the wind picked up as it continued lashing at the Fire shield, trying to slice it open.

10/1/2008 #165

"You don't know that," Caleb hissed, using a palmful of fire to distort the scene.

Summer growled, letting the shield drop and rolling to the siude and cursing as the wind sliced her leg.

((It probably has ^^))

10/1/2008 #166

Leaf walked over, the wind still rapidly slicing at Summer.

10/1/2008 #167
Imagination 5

"You're so wilful as well," smiled Rowan, trying to force Caleb back with a fistful of air.

She turned to Ms Halsted. With painful speed she slammed hard into the door, a physical crunch ringing out as she yelled in pain. She began to spin, to weak to stop the telekinetic assault. More cracks resounded and with one weak cry, Ms Halsted fell to the ground and was still.

10/1/2008 #168

Summer growled again, putting up another shierl, and firing of a bonding spell.

Caleb stood up, twisting the scene to one where Ginna was still alive. "You can't do anything right, can you?"

10/1/2008 #169
Imagination 5

"She's gone and died on me," sighed Rowan, as though she were truly disappointed.

She turned to Caleb. "I'm wise to your tricks, silly." She moved in close as though to kiss him, but then drew a knife and stabbed it at Caleb's stomach.

10/1/2008 #170

"Don't even try that." Leaf made a shield of leaves as leaves and wind continued to assault, she wasnt going to light up on her assault at all.

10/1/2008 #171

Caleb fell to the side, the knife hitting his arm. Philip caught him before he hit the ground.

Caleb glared at her. "That woman was better and stronger than you ever were!"

Summer sighed, and turned the shield into an assult.

10/1/2008 #172

Leaf gasped when she saw Caleb and let her guard down and got hit by fire, she was thrown back into the rubble of the broken wall.

Xelos growled and fired at light blast at Rowan thenn one at Summer.

10/1/2008 #173

Summer didn't dodge on time, and was blown off her feet as well. "J***!"

10/1/2008 #174
Imagination 5

"Then why is she dead?" asked Rowan with a sweet smile. She walked out to the balcony, and with waves of her hands set every building in the College alight. She laughed gleefully and vanished.

(She's like Jane from Twilight! XD)

(Your decision on the College's fate. I have an idea for another plot, which requires someone to make a sleazy, moral-less character. See you later!)

10/1/2008 . Edited 10/1/2008 #175

Xelos growled "Well let'sc see what your biggest fear is shall we?" he walked so he was over her and his eyes glowed purple as he stared down at Summer, attempting eye contact.

10/1/2008 #176
Imagination 5

Rowan appeared and held up a mirror to Xelox.

10/1/2008 #177

Summer distangled herself from the rubble, her eyes shut and vanished as well.

Caleb growled, and pulled away from Philip[. "Leaf!"

(Sleezy ... Tori you wanna make him or can I?))

10/1/2008 #178

[you can, I have Jet who I'm gunna return him to his cocky self.]

Xelos's eyes stopped glowing as he looked at Caleb "She's in the rubble, got blast by fire I think."

Jet scoffed "Girly deserved it."

10/1/2008 #179

((KK ... must think.))

Caleb threw a fireball at Jet. "Say that again, and I'll kill you," he spat, before running to the rubble. "LEAF?!"

Philip sollowed. "Caleb! You're bleeding like a stuck pig!"

10/1/2008 #180
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