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((I don't mind ... how do we get her onto the Drifter?))

Caleb smiled at Yelena. "You smoke?"

10/7/2008 #271
Imagination 5

(I'll have Yelena's powers come out. Just have Edwardo make her really anxious her; she'll badly injure him, they'll escape, Rowan will come and save Edwardo by making him a mythical creature of your choice, and I'll start Alison's storyline next time I'm on.)

Yelena nodded cautiously.

10/7/2008 #272

((KK. *Thinks*))

Caleb smiled. "You have a light? Only mine's at the bottom of the ocean."

Edwardo smiled tightly and stepped between them. "Yelena, go back to your room."

10/7/2008 #273
Imagination 5

Yelena's eye's darkened with fear. She had smiled at Caleb; a small, fragile smile. The first in years. And it was gone.

10/7/2008 #274

Caleb blinked, then smiled. "Come on it's only a lighter."

Edwardo shook his head. "Kitty cat, why are you still standing there?!"

10/7/2008 #275
Imagination 5

A cold was building up in her body. "No."

10/7/2008 #276

Edwardo turned to her. "What?"

((I'll bbs))

10/7/2008 #277
Imagination 5

(Only got half an hour.)

"I... said no," whispered Yelena breathily.

10/7/2008 #278

((still here *Hopeful face*))

Edwardo watched her. "That's a dangerous thing to be saying, kitty cat."

10/7/2008 #279
Imagination 5

(Yay! Got fifteen minutes.)

"No!" A silver wind flew at Edwardo's chest.

10/7/2008 #280

Edwardo blinked and jumped sideways quicky, the wind slapping his left shoulder and throwing him against the wall.

Caleb jumped forward, holding out his hand. "Leave it! Come on!"

10/7/2008 #281
Imagination 5

(Just so the injury is a little more deadly if that's OK.)

One last blade flew at Edwardo's stomach as she ran to the group.

Rose picked up Seri and Elizabeth Leaf. Rose waved her staff and they were taken to the Drifter.

10/7/2008 #282


Edwardo goraned as the balde impaled his side.

Caleb sighed. "Can't we have a normal outing?!"

10/7/2008 #283
Imagination 5

Rowan appeared before Edwardo, smiling sweetly.

10/9/2008 #284

"And you are?!" Edwardo coughed.

10/9/2008 #285
Imagination 5

"Well it depends," smiled Rowan. "I could be an Angel of mercy, or an Angel of Death. Your choice."

10/9/2008 #286

"Oh come on!"

10/9/2008 #287
Imagination 5

Rowan laughed with glee.

(On briefly, so may disappear. What do you want Edwardo to become?

10/9/2008 #288

((Oh shoot .... leave that with me for a sec.))

10/10/2008 #289
Imagination 5


10/14/2008 #290

((That'll do.))

10/14/2008 #291
Imagination 5

Rowan bent down to him, a green vial in her hand.

10/16/2008 #292

"And that is?"

10/16/2008 #293
Imagination 5

"Nothing special." Rowan smiled sweetly as she poured the vampire venom towards his throat.

10/17/2008 #294

Edwardo choked.

10/17/2008 #295
Imagination 5

"It'll hurt a little," Rowan said sweetly. "Well, a lot. But you'll thank me if you survive." She opened a small wound inhis cheek with her nail and poured vampire venom on the blood that welled up.

(Slight god-mod. Hope you don't mind.)

10/19/2008 #296

((Nope. Tis alright.))

Edweardo groaned.,

10/19/2008 #297
Imagination 5

Rowan smiled and lounged in a chair as she waited for the changes to take effect.

10/20/2008 #298
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