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"Let me have a look at that eye, Leaf." With his left hand, he pointed to his own face. "You don't wanna end up with only one eye, trust me."

10/4/2008 #181

Jet chuckled "I won't, you'll go down the road with yourself." suddenly, his red watch on his wrist glowed and he turned into Caleb a confident smirk on his face.

Leaf winced but opened her eye.

10/4/2008 #182

Caleb glowered. "That didn't make any sense."

10/4/2008 #183

"Ok, now hold still for a moment..." He held a hand just in front of her wounded eye, a yellow light emanating from his palm.

"Hopefully this should help reduce the pain...and the swelling, a little."

10/4/2008 #184

"Perhaps not, but now, because i'm you, il be able to get close to Leaf." Jet said.

Leaf murmured a "Thank you."

10/4/2008 . Edited 10/4/2008 #185

Caleb took a step back. "You';re not me. You don't know anything about me!"

10/4/2008 #186

"You have random bursts of courage and you have low self esteem." jet shrugged.

10/4/2008 #187

Caleb smirked. "And that's enough?"

10/4/2008 #188

"Yeah, i can basically just go over and kiss Leaf and she'll just think it's a burst of courage, she'll think you've gotten braver and i get to kiss her, win-win."

10/4/2008 #189

Caleb growled and tossed a fireball back and forth. "Try it. Just try it."

10/4/2008 #190

Jet smirked and walked over to Leaf, turning her face towards him and kissing her full on the lips, he then broke away then walked back ove, leaving leaff dumbstruck......she then fainted.....again.

10/4/2008 #191

Caleb tossed a fireball at his face. "I will kill you this time!"

10/4/2008 #192

Jet turned back To his normal form as he jumped on his extreme gear, dodging thje fireball, grining "I say, I wonder why you don't kiss her more often, she is mighty fine, Id tap that." Jet said.

10/4/2008 #193

"A minute ago you were worried I'd take advatage of her!"

10/4/2008 #194

"Yeah, I was worried that you were gunna bang her and not invite me into a threesome! How inconsiderate of you!"

[XD OMG Jet is worse then Xelos XD]

10/4/2008 #195

"Caleb, don't bother wasting your energy; it's difficult enough to hit him when he's using his skateboard."

(......Tori's the worst out of all three since you're their creator XD)

10/4/2008 #196

Caleb growled throwing a few darts at the extreme gear.

10/4/2008 #197

Jet watched as the darts hit the board, he scowled as they left scratches "Hey! Now I have to get it buffed!" he pouted and zipped out of the club.

Leaf slowly sat up, roaning "Ugh...."

10/4/2008 #198

Caleb started after him, but Philip grabbed his arm. "Don't."

10/4/2008 #199

"At least he's gone now then..." He looked at the area where Jet was a few moments ago.

"How's the eye now, Leaf?" He asked.

10/4/2008 #200

"Its fine but for some reason i have the taste of hawk in my mouth...." Leaf murmured.

10/4/2008 #201

Caleb scowled and sat down. "I will kill him next time, I don't care!"

10/4/2008 #202

"Next time, let's hope we get to eat a whole chunk of him then." Caleb's attitude spreading to him.

10/4/2008 #203

XCelos snickered "You taste hawk cause you were givin' him a b***!"

Leaf went green as Seri handed her a paper bag as she started hyperventilating.

Seri glared at Xelos "That's DISGUSTING! I can see her giving caleb a b*** but NOt Jet!"

10/4/2008 #204

Caleb glared at Seri.

((Lads, sorry, but I need sleep! I'll see you tomorrow!))

10/4/2008 #205

[Xyphos, yu there? XD[

10/4/2008 #206

(Yeah, sorry...had to go get something)

10/4/2008 #207

(....that is just sick n wrong XD...better delete that before someone comes XD)

10/4/2008 #208

[Ill delete the post saying what it means, and yes I know, I'm a pervert, i wonder how Rizenburg would react to Sri saying that.......since Seri's basically gave him one.....once or twice xD]

10/4/2008 #209

(XD......At least you're our pervert XDD)

Rizen was grinning & shaking his head, keeping quiet, a hundred streams of thought ricocheing in his mind.

10/4/2008 . Edited 10/4/2008 #210
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