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Seri looked at Rizenburg and giggled.

[wanna rtp in my forum, my medieval one? I want to have dallas attack, btw, you like him? i added a few things ^^]

10/4/2008 #211

(Yeah, why not...Imagination's not here, & I got no idea what'll happen next...He's good btw, nice additions.)

10/4/2008 . Edited 10/4/2008 #212

[Thank you ^^[

10/4/2008 #213

Philip glanced from one person to the other, confused. "I don't get you people."

10/5/2008 #214

Leaf was almost as green as her hair as she continued hyprventilating, Xelos's comment was the worst comment he had ever made, eventually the bag exploding and Leaf paled and passed out.

Seri blinked "Wow.....never thought she would pass out from that, i mean, it's birds and bees!"

10/5/2008 #215

Caleb shrugged. "She should stay out for the rest of the night. I mean after Xelos's comment and finding out her boyfriend slept around, it might be better for her."

10/5/2008 #216

Seri giggled "Yep, Caleb has lots of Butt Buddies!" she said like a 6 year old.

10/5/2008 #217

Caleb growled at her. "It's not funny, Seri. Not back then and not now."

10/5/2008 #218

Seri nodded and stopped, though a light smile pulled at the corners of her mouth.

Xelos's foot qwas twitching as he whined "I wanna nudge Leeaaaffffff....." he got up and grinned as he started nudging Leaf who ocasionally twitched.

[i'm hyper XD]

10/5/2008 #219

Philip grinned and snatched his arm. "Come on, before one of them kills you."

10/5/2008 #220

"Caleb couldn't kill me if he tried." Xelos shrugged then continued nudging Leaf, gigg;ling like a child.

Seri weat-dropped.

10/5/2008 #221

Caleb tossed a fireball at him for good measure. "I don't need too," he muttered, smiling slightly.

10/5/2008 #222

Xelos ducked and smiled at caleb back "So you smile huh? That's a first." the darkrai'morph said with a good-natured chuckle.

10/5/2008 #223

"I smile a lot, thank you."

10/5/2008 #224

"Okay Sir Smile-A-lot, if you say so..." xelos picked up Leaf easily by her arm and sat her unconcious form on his lap and sat down.

10/5/2008 #225

Caleb sighed and put his arm around her to stop her from falling. "How old are you? Six?"

10/5/2008 #226

"You wish, I'm as old as te first nightmare....which was around when caveman actaully started devolping logical thought."

Seri bnlinked.

10/5/2008 #227

"That says nothing about your maturity. Emotional or otherwise."

10/5/2008 #228

"Like your any smarter about relationships!" Xelos said.

SAeri shook her head "Sometimes I question this entire group's sanity."

10/5/2008 #229

Philip smiled at her. "You and me both."

Caleb smiled. "At least I admit I'm 'emotionally frail'."

10/5/2008 #230

Xelos smiled "Atleast I can get laid without being drunk."

10/5/2008 #231

Caleb tossed another fireball at him. "It's better for both of us if we don't do that yet. particularly Leaf. Or has Rose wiped away that particular part of your past. Besides, it got me a bed and good money."

10/5/2008 #232

Xelos duckd again "Yes, i remember that, but still, think about it, Leaf will get over it eventually." Xelos shrugged.

10/5/2008 #233

"Three years on and I'm only still coping. Trauma takes a long time to 'get over'."

10/5/2008 #234

Leaf stirred and openbed her eyes slightly, she blushed when she foigured out she was sitting on Caleb's lap "u-uhm..."

Xelos sighed "The past is the past Caleb...."

10/5/2008 #235

"And what's in the past shapes the people we become," Caleb muttered, not noticing Leaf.

10/5/2008 #236

"Yep and sometimes you have to take what you learned from the past and put it towards the future." Xelos said with a small smile "Like that Leaf is blushing like a tomato."

leaf sweat-dropped as she looked down at her feet, her face contrasted by her hair.

10/5/2008 #237

Caleb started. "Leaf? You're awake?!"

10/5/2008 #238

Leaf nodded "y-yes." she cursed herself for stammering mentally.

10/5/2008 #239

"We .... I ... it's Xelos's fault!" Caleb stuttered, flushing.

10/5/2008 #240
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