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Leaf giggled as she cddled against him "It's okay....."

Seri and Xelos smiled at eachother.

10/5/2008 #241

Philip smiled. "You need to stop playing with them. It's a frikin' soap opera with this group!"

10/5/2008 #242

Seri nodded "I agree, but that's how things work." she said to phillip, watching Leaf relax against caleb, eyes half close, a contented smile on her face.

Xeolos nodded 'Yeah, but you gotta admit, it's fun getting those two together."

10/5/2008 #243

Philip ighed. "I've missed so much being a spoiled rich boy!"

10/5/2008 #244

"You would never kmow, seriusly, your way too nice to be spoiled." Seri said, astonished.

10/5/2008 #245

"Yep. Higher education, pampered friends and lots of money to kill. I was fairly spoiled. But thanls for the compliment."

10/5/2008 #246

Seri nodded "No problemo."

10/5/2008 #247

Caleb glanced at them. "We're not lab rats. Stop using us in your games!"

10/5/2008 #248

Seri sighed "He's right, let's just leave 'em lovebugs to themselves."

Xelos nodded "Couldnt say it better myself."

Leaf was listening and murmured "Xelos.....Seri.......bug off...."

10/5/2008 #249

Philip smiled. "We're just going."

((Speaking off which. I g2g too. :( ))

10/5/2008 #250

[okay, bye.... T.T]

Leaf smiled as she laid her head on Caleb's chest, eyes closed, just resting, listening to the rhythm of his heart was soothing to her.

10/5/2008 #251


Caleb sighed. "Past is the past my foot."

10/6/2008 #252

Xelos chuckled "You know, if you said 'my butt' I think leaf might of blushed."

Leaf twitched and muttered "Seri.....slap him."

Seri gave Xelos a hard slap on the arm,

Leaf relaxed again.

10/6/2008 #253
Imagination 5

Elizabeth sighed. "Shall we go?"

10/7/2008 #254

Caleb shook his head. "Not without the girl ..."

10/7/2008 #255
Imagination 5

(Yay! My forum's not dead yet! ^^)

Elizabeth glared at Edwardo. "Let her go."

10/7/2008 #256

((Nope! Haven't seen you in a while.))

Caleb shuddered at Edwardo's smile.

"Sorry?" Edwardo simpered.

10/7/2008 #257
Imagination 5

(Yeah. I was grounded, but now I'm back! This forum is almost at no.7! Pity Xyphos had to leave.)

Elizabeth's eyes narrowed. "You heard me you obnoxious little runt!"

10/7/2008 #258

"Yeah, I heard you. But I'm not holding her. You lot have interesting conversations ..." he smiled, his eyes lingering on Leaf and Caleb.

10/7/2008 #259
Imagination 5

Elizabeth drew her knife.

"Watch it, pimp."

10/7/2008 #260

Edwardo held up his hands. "Now now, little lady. Somebody could lose an eye. My my, we are protective."

((Yeah. I'm sad Xyphos had to go.))

10/7/2008 #261
Imagination 5


Elizabeth didn't lower the sharp weapon. "Will you let her go?"

(Despite Xyphos leaving I'm in such a wonderful mood! And I read that your birthday was soon! Happy birthday if I'm not on! ^_^)

10/7/2008 #262

((Thankies! But man I feel so old! I'm in a good mood too, dispite the fact it's raining cats and dogs ...))

"Like I said, I'm not holding her," Edwardo smiled.

10/7/2008 #263
Imagination 5

(You're as young as you feel! And I feel six! *Eats cookie*)

"So you'll allow her to leave?" asked Elizabeth, lowering the weapon a fraction.

10/7/2008 #264

Caleb stood up, dislodging Leaf.

Edwardo smiled wider. "I never said that."

((It depends .... All my friends say I'm mature for my age. *Pouts*))

10/7/2008 #265
Imagination 5

(What are you planning on doing with Edwardo later?)

(Still, nothing wrong with maturity.)

Elizabeth's eyes narrowed. "Then you are holding her."

10/7/2008 #266

((I dunno ... this was your idea! Where do you want this to go?))

((Guess not.))

Caleb touched her arm. "Don't ..."

10/7/2008 #267
Imagination 5

(I was thinking Rowan could do a little experiment on Edwardo, then Alison will start her final storyline.)

(Yep! ^_^)

"But I can't just sit here and do nothing!" cried Elizabeth.

10/7/2008 #268

((Oh. Okay. Will that start soon?))

Edwardo smiled at them. "Maybe the boy's talking sense, little lady."

Caleb put a hand over his eyes. "I don't like this and if you keep pushing well ...." he glanced at Yelena.

10/7/2008 #269
Imagination 5

(When Yelena get's onto the Drifter. If you want me to leave Edwardo alone it's OK. Alison will die soon.)

10/7/2008 #270
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