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Imagination 5

A medieval town.

10/17/2008 #1
Imagination 5

Rose, Elizabeth and Yelena appeared, landing hard on the dusty ground.

10/17/2008 #2
Imagination 5

At long last I willbe on, in two hours for an hour! YAY!

10/18/2008 #3

Leaf, landed on the ground next to rose along with Seri and Xelos

"Ow....where are we?" leaf asked, looking around.

10/19/2008 #4
Imagination 5

(I just joined Bebo!)

Rose looked up. "I... don't know," she replied, surprised at the answer she spoke.

10/19/2008 #5

Xelos stood and looked around "Strange place." he held out his hand to Rose "Need a hand mi'lady?"

[what's Bebo?]

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #6
Imagination 5

"Thank you." Rose took his hand and got to her feet.

It was clear that Yelena was panicking; her eyes darting in fear.

(A worldwide chat site.)

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #7

Somhow Jet came flying through the rift, landing on the ground "Bah! Where the hell am I?" he stood then looked at yelena "What's your problem?"

Leaf glared at Jet "Hey! Leave her alone!"

Jet smirked "Make me Girly!"

Leaf cracked her knuckles.

10/19/2008 #8
Imagination 5

"Enough," Rose muttered, clenching Xelox's hand.

Yelena whimpered.

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #9

Xelos held rose's hand and said sternly "Listen to rose and stop."

Jet and leaf stopped bickering but they were still glaring at eachother.

10/19/2008 #10
Imagination 5

Yelena looked at Seri. "Where am I?"she whispered.


10/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #11

"We don't know, just stay with us." seri murmured, looking at Yelena with a small smile.

10/19/2008 #12
Imagination 5

(Still here?)

Yelena shuddered as a hot flash moved across the area.

10/19/2008 #13


Seri frowned "What should we do?"

10/19/2008 #14
Imagination 5

(You should join Bebo.)

Rose shook her head. "I don't know."

Yelena gasped as a ball of sparks appeared and danced before her eyes.

10/19/2008 #15

((Anyone in?))

Caleb glanced at Yelana.

10/19/2008 #16
Imagination 5

Yelena cried out as sparks flew everywhere before vanishing.

10/20/2008 #17

Jet stared at Yelena "Interesting powers." he said.

10/20/2008 #18
Imagination 5

Yelena gasped and began to cry.

10/20/2008 #19

Jet cringed as he walked over, e was going to hate himself but Leaf and Seri were glaring at him to do it as he hugged Yelena with one arm "Don't don't need to." he said.

10/20/2008 #20
Imagination 5

Yelena stopped crying after a moment. "Thank you."

10/20/2008 #21

"I just can't stand tears." Jet released his hug and turned away, looking around "What to do now...." he picked his gear up off the ground, frowning.

10/20/2008 #22
Imagination 5

Yelena nodded.

"Monsters!" yelled a woman, pulling her coat tightly around herself. "You... used magic!"

10/20/2008 #23

"Magic? Please lady, magic is for fools." Jet snapped.

10/20/2008 #24
Imagination 5

"Dark things! The king will have your head!" screeched the woman, running into the crowd.

10/20/2008 #25

"Ill catch her." Jet sqwuwaked, dropping his gear and getting on it and almost immediately catching up to the woman and grabbing her "Be quite, let us explain before you go telliing your so called 'King' okay?"

10/20/2008 #26
Imagination 5

(Let her go. Tis part of my plot.)

The woman struggled, bringing her foot down on Jet's.

10/20/2008 #27

"Ow! That hurt!" Jet growled, etting go of the woman to grab his foot causing him to get off balence and fall off his board, landing on the ground on his backside, cursing words together that never seemed possible.

10/20/2008 #28
Imagination 5

The woman glared once more scathingly and was gone.

10/20/2008 #29

"DAMN IT!" Jet shouted, getting up an furiously looking around, he saw the woman was gone and cursed again, picking up his gear he dashed back to the group "I Lost her!"

10/20/2008 #30
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