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"Keiichi and mion are friends of mine. Nippa. You two are very cute together like them. Nippa." Rika said with a giggle.

Leaf smiled and blushed "T-thanks Rika..."

10/25/2008 #31

Calen smiloed. "Yeah ...."

10/25/2008 #32

"In tw days, there is going to be the Cotton Drifting Festival. I would be delighted if you came to the festival Nippa."

Leaf smiled "We may just take you up on that offer Rika-chan."

10/25/2008 #33

"If nobody tries to kill us in the process,"

10/25/2008 #34

"Only one person will die...another shall dissappear." Rika murmured.

Leaf blinked "What are yuou talking about?"

10/25/2008 #35

Caleb walked up beside Leah. "That sounds ominous ...."

10/25/2008 #36

"Ohysmira-sama is the god of this village....when there was a Daam Project the main construction worker was found dismembered..the suspected culprit of the crime dissappeared. Nippa. Then the next year a couple who had been supporters of the Dam had fallen off a waterfall to they're deaths....the next year a priest dropped dead from a heart attack...then the next year a woman was found...beaten to death....everyone calls it Ohysmira's curse....this all happens on the night of the Cotton drifting Festival for four years...."

Leaf was holding Caleb's hand, pale from fright.

10/25/2008 #37

Caleb shuddered. "It ounds like a seriel killer .. but O've been wrong before."

10/25/2008 #38

Rika nodded "Yes...and I fear that the same thing is gunna happen again this year...." Rika murmured.

10/25/2008 #39

"The 'save the world complex we seem to have sould prevent that ..."

((Byebye. I gotta go sleep!))

10/25/2008 #40


"Save the world complex eh..." Edmund whispered.

He was standing atop one of the gargoyles, outside of the palace, but next to a window in the hall where events were taking place. His eyes were closed and his hands were crossed, a smile on his face as he thought about what he just saw, and heard. He was masking his magic signature as well.

"I guess Hanyuu wasn't just a normal imaginary friend...Well, I kind of suspected something anyway."

10/25/2008 #41

"Edmund!" Rika squeaked!" Hanyuu whispering to her that he was here as she ran up to the gargoyle and climb up the statue "Hi Edmund-san! Nippa!"

[its kay.]

10/25/2008 #42

(I'm sorry....T.T)

He opened his eyes, seeing Rika climbing up the statue.

"Ah, hello again, little Rika!" he said. "Do you need any help?"

10/25/2008 #43

Rika shook her head "No, it is okay. Nippa. Sorry i abandoned you. Nippa. A evil woman was threatening the city and I wouldnt allow that Nippa!"

[It's okay. xD]

10/25/2008 #44

Edmond smiled. "It's alright, little Rika. You had to do what you had to do." He looked out again over the city landscape.

(Sorry, I'm just like that...whoops, said it again...T.T)

10/25/2008 #45

[xD It's okay, it's okay xD I'm going to ee HSM 3 tommorrow ^^]

"I kind of....made a big...oopsie in her neck....Nippa" Rika looked down.

10/25/2008 #46

(HSM 3....????)

"As I said, little Rika, you had to do what you had to do." He sat down on the gargoyle's head in front of Rika. "How long have you known Hanyuu, little Rika?"

10/25/2008 #47

[High School Musical 3]

Rika sat down and closed her eyes "'s a very LONG time since Hanyu has a special ability. Nippa."

[Time reset ^^]

10/25/2008 #48

(Ah, i see...Wait, so you won't be around to RP tommorow...T.T)

He leaned back slightly so his back was resting on a wall. "Can you tell me about it?"

10/25/2008 #49

[I will in the morning.]

"Well...Hanyuu-chan...resets time....back a few days...before I'm...." she looked down "Before I am killed sO I can try to change the past for a better future...."

10/25/2008 #50

(Ah well, have a good time there then Tori)

He was quiet for a few more moments, thinking. "Before you are killed...Does that mean, during the Cotton drifting festival?"

10/25/2008 #51

" see I am the Mukai for the festival so I do the cerimonal dance...but the next day after the festival....I shall be found, covered in blood, de-clothed and barefoot...soaked in my own blood with crow's picking at my remains....upon the steps of the shrine...."

[thanks ^^].

10/25/2008 #52

"The Mukai for the you then, litte Rika..." he looked at her closely now, between barely-closed eyelids, ,studying her calmly.

"Why would Ohysmira-sama target you, do you know?"

10/25/2008 #53

"Because of the mother was beaten to death and my father...the priest had a heart attack...I believe he wants to finish what he started. Nippa." Rika explained.

10/25/2008 #54

"Well then, little Rika." He stood up, and moved in front of her, before kneeling down in front of her, looking at her face. "Perhaps you would like someone to accompany you for the next couple of days, perhaps?"

10/25/2008 #55

"I believe that would be okay...Nippa." Rika nodded slightly with a small smile.

10/25/2008 #56

(Would you like another pact maybe? XD, just a temporary one...)

"Then perhaps I shall accompany you then, little Rika, to assure your safety for the next few days." He too was smiling slightly.

10/25/2008 #57

[xD no thanks, eough pacts...btw my medieval RPG died 'cuz you left xD]

"Thank you Edmund-oniisan...Nippa"

[^^ Rika has offically dubbed Edmund her big brother ^^]

10/25/2008 #58

[i g2g, bye.]

10/25/2008 #59

(What....I'm that important........oh dear......T.T)

He smiled at her, before around and sitting next to her, placing a hand gently on her shoulder. "I'll do my best little Rika, to keep you safe."

(XD this'll be interesting....ok, cya tommorow, n have a good nights sleep)

10/25/2008 . Edited 10/25/2008 #60
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