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[heya ^^ good morning xD]

"Thank you. Nippa." Rika smiled.

10/26/2008 #61

(Good morning Tori; sleep well? ^^)

He sighed, before closing his eyes. "What is there to do, in preparation for this festival, little Rika?"

10/26/2008 #62

"Well the town's people will start setting up the stands for daytime activities, Nippa."

[yep, thanks xD]

10/26/2008 #63

(That's you want me to go over & post in the medieval forum? XD)

"What kind of activities are there to do during the festival, may I ask, little Rika?"

10/26/2008 #64

"During the day there's lots of food and games! It's very exciting. Nippa!" Rika said.

[Okay, thank you.]

10/26/2008 #65

"That's nice..." Edmond said, thinking of what activities there may be. "When does the activities start? Today or tommorow?"

10/26/2008 #66

"Tommorrow, today is just setting up the stands and the stage and fine tunin. Nippa."

10/26/2008 #67

"Ah yes, I see." He turned his head to Rika. "Do you usually help out in the festival, little Rika?"

10/26/2008 #68

"Earlier today I was hellping but Hanyuu-chan told me to go practice my dance as the Mukai."

10/26/2008 #69

"Ah, I see. Do you still need more time to practice, or should we perhaps help out in setting up the stalls?"

10/26/2008 #70

"Let's help, I can practice later when everything's set up. Nippa."

10/26/2008 #71

"Alright then." He stood up on the gargoyle's head, stretching his arms.

"Where should we head first then, little Rika?"

10/26/2008 #72

Rika stood up, she jumped down and picked up her hoe which had been at the base of the statue, she looked at the blade and saw the blood which was still bright red.

10/26/2008 #73

"Oh?" He began as he too jumped down from the statue head. "I assume that's the little oopsie on the evil woman's neck?" He came closer to have a look. "Would you like me to clean that up for you?"

10/26/2008 #74

"I got it, thank you though Nippa, we can stop by the river on our way to the set-up to get rid of the oopsiie-oopsie. Nippa."

10/26/2008 #75

He smiled at Rika. "Alright then, little Rika."

Less opportunity to show my magic potential at least. He thought silently, but saying out loud; "Where should we head now, little Rika?"

10/26/2008 #76

"Follow me Nippa!" Rika said running towards the main gate but several guards wouldn't let her pass "Let us go through. Nippa!"

they stoo firmly, not scared by the seven-year old menace.

10/26/2008 #77

He sighed a bit. Perhaps I could talk to them first...

"Hello, my good sirs." he said, walking up to them. "Me and my young friend here were just on our way over to help in the setting up of the Cotton Drifting festival. We just came from a quick meeting with one of the palace residents. Could you please let us pass through, so we can help in the festival?"

(Damn you XD)

10/26/2008 #78

"On orders of the King we are not allowed for magic users to live, we have been informed that Furude Riika has magical properties and there for must be eliminated."

Rika stepped back as the uards raised they're scimitars towards her.

10/26/2008 #79

He sighed again. "I guess I just have to do it..."

He closed his eyes as he drew out a pack of cards from his sleeve, and with a flick of his thumb, a card few into the air, the value and suit hidden from the guards views. "Step away from the girl." He said menacingly to the guards. "Or face the consequences."

10/26/2008 #80

The Lead guard suddenly lashed out before Rika could react there was a long thin line running from her shoulder to her wrist which soon started bleeding, Rika closed her eyes, holding her arm as her weapon dropped to the ground, stepping back blood droplets on the ground marked her path.

The lead guard smirked as e ordered the other two guards to captured Rika, the two soon were advancing towards Rika who kept stepping back out of panic.

10/26/2008 #81

"Then so be it." The card that he flicked stilled itself in the air, turning around to reveal a ace of Hearts. A few moments more, and three more aces began to appear, each from a different suit of cards; Diamond, Club, and Spade, each well-drawn, all four hovering in mid-air in front of him. He flicked another card from the pack; this too hovered in the air, turning around and revealing itself to be a Joker.

The Joker card, after a few moments, headed straight to the path between the two guards and Rika, its mocking face directed at the two guards; the four cards began to pulsate white.

"I give you one last chance; drop your weapons and leave your posts, or else I will unleash my own power against you." His eyes were still closed, but his voice grew even more menacing.

10/26/2008 #82

"Your joking? Cards? Like cards can hurt us!" The leader groveled.

Rika stepped back even further, away from the floating card as she winced.

10/26/2008 #83

((Hello? What's goin' on?))

10/26/2008 #84

"Fine then, feel the power of which I control!" He said, his eyes finally open, a silver light shining through.

He flicked 4 more cards, each turning out to be a King of the Four Suits. Each of these Kings began to transform. The King of Hearts turned into a fireball, growing quickly into a giant flame golem, the Ace of hearts turning into a equally giant flame sword. The King of Diamonds turned into a pebble, but surrounding rocks and pebbles flew towards it, congregating into a giant stone golem, the Ace of Diamonds turning into a stone-hard mace for its use. The King of Spades turned into a small ball of ice, the air around it growing cold as water froze, causing it to grow at perhaps the fastest rate, into another giant ice golem, the Ace of spades turning into a long quarterstaff for its use. And the King of Clubs, turned into a ball of wind so concentrated and strong, that it was as if it were solid. This slowly grew again, into a golem with the body structure of a tornado, the Ace of Clubs turning into a double-headed axe for its use.

And as soon as their transformations were complete, they immediately began to advance on the guards.

(Sorry it took so long to write that...I pressed the back shortcut key by mistake & erased what I was writing..had to re-type it all up...T.T)

(N hey, HJ; Rika & Edmond are getting into a fight with palace guards ^^)

10/26/2008 . Edited 10/26/2008 #85

((Oh ... okay. Hello to you too))

10/26/2008 #86

[Edmund's kicking arse! xD[

the three guards, realizing that they were defeated. Fled.

Rika smiled "Good job....Edmund-oniisan....Nippa"

10/26/2008 #87

((*Smiles* Sounds like you two had fun ....))

10/26/2008 #88

(XD...well, they're on their way to help set up for the Cotton-Drifting Festival when they met the guards)

He sighed once. "Now my cover's blown...But I don't really want to kill them either..." He turned to Rika. "I'm sorry about that; you got hurt." He held out his hand to the golems, turning them back into cards which flew into his hand. He kept all of them except the Ace of Clubs. "We can use this to help speed up our jorney to the festival area, little Rika."

10/26/2008 #89

((Right. I'll sit back until an opportunity for an entrance presents itself.))

10/26/2008 #90
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