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"Alright...though the villagers hate magic...." Rika let go of her injured arm with a ince, her hand was covered in blood as she picked up her hoe.

10/26/2008 #91

"We can either set ourselves down somewhere out of sight...Or I could do something else again." He fished in his pocket for one of his decks again; taking out a Two of Spades. This quickly turned into a small ball of ice.

"Here, use this; it'll help, little Rika. Unfortunately, I don't have any proper healing magic with me, & my improvised healing will take some time to finish, even for such a small wound.." He held the ball of ice to her.

10/26/2008 #92

[If I dont respond, I'm watching Higurashi ^^]

"Thank you, and putting us down somewhere sounds good onii-san. Nippa."she held the ball of ice to the cut.

10/26/2008 #93

(Higurashi again...XD)

"Alright then, little Rika." He smiled, placing the card face-up on the ground in front of Rika. He then stood next to her, as the card, generated a platform of wind beneath them, slowly growing stronger and stronger.

"You ready, little Rika?" Edmond asked her.

(Should someone make another topic for this perhaps?)

10/26/2008 #94

Rika nodded "Yes."

10/26/2008 #95

"Alright then." The platform of wind beneath them began to rise gradually, hovering in the air for a few moments as a shell of wind surrounded them.

"This will ensure that noone'll see us by mistake." He said to Rika. Then, the platform rose even higher still, into the air and carrying them to the festival site.

(Where should we go now...)

10/26/2008 #96

[Ill make a topic.]

Rika closed her eyes then opened them again, the faint silhouette of Hanyuu appeared beside her, but was invisable to Edmund "Do you think...Hanyuu-chan...we'll....get through this time....?"

"I do not know....the time we can go back is gradually getting shorter and shorter....."

Rika nodded "Ahh...."

10/26/2008 #97

(Ok. ^^)

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