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Imagination 5

A luxurious palace full of splendour.

Rose and Elizabeth walked briskly through the entrance hall.

10/25/2008 . Edited 10/25/2008 #1

Rika and Xelos followed.

Rika walked on ahead, the King was never fond of her presense in the shrine, she knew that.

10/25/2008 #2

Caleb headed after them, nervously clutching Leaf's hand.

10/25/2008 #3
Imagination 5

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Rose strode into the courtroom, where Yelena sat, bound and gagged, in a chair, tears streaking down her face as the King looked contemptuously down on her from his large red throne.

10/25/2008 #4

((That's random ... of course you are.))

Caleb growled and started to take a step forward, letting go of Leaf.

10/25/2008 #5

Rika stormed upo to the King "Let her go! Nippa!"

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Imagination 5

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Two guards locked their spears.

The King looked at them. "This girl has been accused of illegal magic use," said the King gruffly. "She must be punished."

10/25/2008 #7

"Well what about me eh?" Rika growled "I use magic and yet you are un-able to touch me." her hand that didnt hold the hoe glowed white.

10/25/2008 #8

Caleb growled again and started forward. "And if you touch her, your guards won't have time to charge me!" he spat, fire dancing on his finger tips.

10/25/2008 #9
Imagination 5

Rose formed her staff, white magic blooming as Elizabeth created fire.

Marcile glared at them. "Bind," he whispered. A purple mist settled over the room, sealing all magic. Elizabeth's fire died and Rose's staff vanished.

10/25/2008 #10

Caleb blinked as his fire died also.

10/25/2008 #11

Leaf tried to summon leaves but growled.

Rika raised her hoe "Let her go before I call Hanyuu-chan!!"

10/25/2008 #12

Caleb took a step closer to Leaf. "I ... hate feeling helpless."

((I gots ta go eat dinner. I'll be back later tonight.))

10/25/2008 #13
Imagination 5

(I GTG. Just free Yelena. T_T)

Marcile stood and drew his scimitars.

10/25/2008 #14

[Aww damn, bye guys T.T]

Leaf nodded and while Rika kept the King distrcted went over to Yelena and murmured "Don't worry I'm getting you out of here." as she un-tied Yelena and un-gagged her.

10/25/2008 #15
Imagination 5

"Stop!" Marcile leapt down and jabbed his red cimitar at Leaf.

(Got a few minutes. Are you on vacation yet?)

10/25/2008 #16


Leaf gasped as another girl appeared and pulled Leaf out of the way.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

Leaf nodded "Y-yes...who are you?"

"I am Hanyuu..." Hanyuu smiled and looked at Marcile "You stop right now!"

Rika watched Hanyuu with a soft smile.

10/25/2008 #17
Imagination 5

(When are you? I can get on earlier from Monday.)

Rose gasped. "You!"

Marcile spun and slashed at Hanyu in an uppercut.

10/25/2008 #18

Hanyuu vanished and appeared behined Marcile, aiming a punch at the back of his head just to knock him out.

[ill be on all day on monday because my classs is on a trip Im not going on.]

10/25/2008 #19
Imagination 5

(Aw, too bad. I'll be on from 5.00 am- 9:30am ffn time on Monday. Where does the trip go?)

Marcile fell unconcious to the ground.


10/25/2008 . Edited 10/25/2008 #20


Hanyuu smiled as she walked over to Rika and the duo high-fived before Hanyuu dissappeared.


10/25/2008 #21


Caleb grinned. "And Rowan said I didn't love you!"

10/25/2008 #22

Leaf looked at caleb "Random outburst much?" she laughed.

Rika giggled "You two are cute together. Nippa!"


10/25/2008 #23

Caleb shrugged, blushing slightly. "Well .... I .... never mind!"


10/25/2008 #24

Leaf chuckled "By the way, what's you name?" she asked Rika.

Rika bowed slightly "I am Rika Furude. Nippa!"


10/25/2008 #25

"Rike .... interesting name. Sorry for Rose eariler."

((Nothing much. I'm a bit drunk and listening to power metal. You?))

10/25/2008 #26

[You've been drinking?!?? -smacks HJ with rolled up newwspaper- BAD!]

"It is alright." Rka smiled "Sorry aboutkilling that woman...." she looked down.

10/25/2008 #27

((*Covers head with hands* Why does everyone do that to me! I'm of age!))

"She was bad anyway," Caleb shrugged,. "Nobody misses her."

10/25/2008 #28

[Yeah but drinking is BAD!]

Rika looked up "Okay. Nippa." she smiled at Leaf and Caleb "You two are like Keiichi and Mion, so cute together. Nippa."

Leaf blushed slightly/

10/25/2008 #29

((In moderation it's grand. I've yet to puke/ So there. :P))

Caleb blinked. "What?"

10/25/2008 #30
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