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Rika laughed too "T-that's Hanyu-chan!" she laughed.

10/26/2008 #31

"Ah, so you are both Ancients then!" He laughed a bit longer, before calming down.

"If you want to summon the King, just toss the card into the air; he'll know that it's time to fight. The same with his sword, the Ace."

10/26/2008 #32

"Alright." Rika smiled.

[omg, creepy thought, what would people thinking if they saw a girl n a 7-year old body kissing Edmund? xD Lol.]

10/26/2008 #33

(....I will NOT let Edmond be branded as a pedofile XD)

"How long have you known Hanyuu then, Rika?"

10/26/2008 #34

"Ive known her all my's been here even before I was born..I am the only one that can see her it appears...."

10/26/2008 #35

(I g2g sleep dad's gonna behead me if I stay up any later.....I'm sorry...T.T)

"Ah, I see." He smiled at her, not continuing any more. He turned again to look at the sky, watching the stars come out.

10/26/2008 #36


Rika looked up aswell "Maybe there is hope....that this world is not a dead-end....."

10/26/2008 #37

((Anyone around?))

10/26/2008 #38
Imagination 5


Rose sighed.

10/26/2008 #39

Rika looked over at Rose "Hello Rose. Nippa!"

10/26/2008 #40
Imagination 5

Rose smiled weakly.

(I'll be on in an hour, K? I posted in your medieval forum.)

10/26/2008 . Edited 10/26/2008 #41

Caleb appeared behind Rose. "No fights now, ladies."

10/26/2008 #42
Imagination 5

Rose frowned. "I wasn't fighting."

10/26/2008 #43

"Didn't say you were. Just said don't."

10/26/2008 #44

"We won't! Promise! Nippa." Rika chimed.

Leaf appeared, smiling.

10/26/2008 #45
Imagination 5

Rose sighed and nodded.

(Can Elizabeth be the one who dies at the festival.)

10/26/2008 #46

Caleb smiled. "Good ...."

10/26/2008 #47

[Alright....because it's a curse and no one enforces the curse, we can just find her body sometime the next day after the festival ^^]

10/26/2008 #48
Imagination 5

(Sure. I only brought her in to have an Ark of the Cosmos and I tried to make use of her, but no luck.)

Yelena smiled and looked at Philip. "Feel like a dance tonight?"

10/26/2008 . Edited 10/26/2008 #49

((Sounds good to me ....))

Philip shrugged. "Don't mind. None of the guys are good looking enough."

10/26/2008 #50
Imagination 5

Yelena smiled and nodded.

Rose looked at Xelox. "I hope you're taking me," she smiled.

10/26/2008 #51

Rika smiled, closiing her eyes "This world...isnt a dead end world after all...."

Leaf walked over to jet and said, seeing jet glaring at philip "Someone jealous hm?"

Jet glared and shoved Leaf to the ground "Bug off girly."

Leaf stood up "Oh so now YOU wanna start?"

Xelos smilwed as he kissed rose's nosde "Of course I m taking you Mi'lady."

10/26/2008 . Edited 10/26/2008 #52

Caleb appeared behind Leaf. "Just cut in if you wanna dance with him that bad. Speaking of which, Leaf? May I have this dance?"

10/26/2008 #53
Imagination 5

(Does Jet like Yelena? And can you respond in your medieval forum?)

Yelena smiled and nodded at Rika.

Rose laughed. "That's what I wanted to hear."

10/26/2008 #54

[Jet hate/likes Yelena, he just dosent notice it yet xD I will in a few, i'm watching Higurashi.]

Jet glared at caleb "Oh back off flame boy!"

Leaf smiled at Caleb "You may Caleb."

10/26/2008 #55

"Touchy ..." Caleb grinned. "She's a wee bit young anyway."

He took Leaf's hand.

10/26/2008 #56

Rika watched the group with a smile, this was going to be a good world....she could feel it.

10/26/2008 #57
Imagination 5

(K. Will we skip to the festival?)

Yelena moved between them. "Calm down, Jet," she smiled at him.

Elizabeth moved into a secluded spot for a breather. She was exhausted.

10/26/2008 #58

Jet huffed and looked away from Yelena "Whatever."

[Okay, who wants to timeskip?]

10/26/2008 #59

Philip pouted playfully and stood on Jet's other side, pushing his hair behind his ear. "Calm down, flyboy. You know I don't like girls."

((Good idea!))

10/26/2008 . Edited 10/26/2008 #60
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