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(Hi, HJ; the Cotton Festival got underway; Rika died cause of her unknown killer, Marcile died cause of Rowan, n now we are here fighting each other! ^^)

Edmond observed for a bit, trying to gauge Rowan's power, as he formed a wind shield around himself, combining the wind spells earlier.

10/27/2008 #151

((Oh. Ok. Damnit, I always miss all the fun!))

Summer leaned against the wall, watching her sister.

10/27/2008 #152
Imagination 5

(What Xyphos said. XD Hi!)

Rowan frowned. "I'm outnumbered, it seems." The perky smile returned. "No matter! I'll take you one by one." She vanished.

10/27/2008 #153

Jet stayed close to Yelena, frowning.

Leaf was viciously looking around for Rown.

Seri was on the stage, kneeling next to Rika's body.

Xelos was frowning, glancing around.

10/27/2008 #154

Sumer sighed, blew Caleb a kiss and vanished as well.

Caleb touched Leaf's shoulder. "Forget it. We need to get out of here."

10/27/2008 #155

leaf sighed and nodded "Okay..."

10/27/2008 #156

"Maybe it's too late to get out..." He took out an Ten of Clubs, flinging it into the air. The ensuing gust of wind surrounded everyone in the group, forming a shield around them of air to protect from Rowan's daggers.

10/27/2008 #157

Caleb shook his head. "Never to late to run the hell away."

10/27/2008 #158
Imagination 5

(Time skip to morning?)

Yelena started to cry again.

10/27/2008 #159


Jet sighed and gave Yelena a hug.

10/27/2008 #160

(If you want...boy this' getting hectic XD)

Edmond maintained the shield of wind around each individual member of the group, still keeping his true magic ability hidden just in case Rowan was lurking and waiting to find out.

Rizen had drawn his sword in preparation, his left hand now starting to emit cold mist.

10/27/2008 #161

((Fine by me.))

Philip walked up to them. "Come on, no need for the tears."

Caleb clasped Leaf's hand.

10/27/2008 #162

(Who's gonna do it? XD)

Rizen sighed, dropping his ice magic from his hand, before climbing onto the stage and holding Seri's shoulder with his free hand.

10/27/2008 #163

Seri sighed softly "It wasn't fair for her to die, she did no wrong, and she did no crime...."

10/27/2008 #164
Imagination 5

Rose sighed. "Can we leave?"

Yelena's eyes widened. "Thank you," she whispered to Jet.

10/27/2008 . Edited 10/27/2008 #165

Caleb shook his head, and glanced at Seri. "That's life, Ma'am. One thing you can be sure about life, you ain't getting out of it alive."

10/27/2008 #166

"I guess, the world is quite often like that, Seri..." Rizen said, softly. "But I think we can trust that she will come back as she said...eventually..."

Edmond opened his eyes, surveying the place. "Yes, perhaps it's a good idea to move out now..."

10/27/2008 . Edited 10/27/2008 #167
Imagination 5

Rose sighed and nodded. "Let's move out." She walked towards the inn.

10/27/2008 #168

Caleb sighed and followed her.

10/27/2008 #169

(We go to Valasine now?)

Rizen stayed for a while, waiting for Seri to leave.

Edmond stayed for a little while, before sending some of his wind magic to pick Rika up, placing her body on the ground in front of the stage. He jumped down, and using a Two of Diamonds, buried her with the earth located there. He said a final prayer, before looking at the remaining group.

(I'll need to sleep, another 20 min....T.T)

10/27/2008 #170
Imagination 5

(Yeah. It's ten-ish over there right?)

10/27/2008 #171

((Gots ta go see my Gran. Nightnight Xyphos.))

10/27/2008 #172

(20 past 10 to be exact, but yes, correct ^^. N thanks, HJ ^^)

"Come, Seri..." Rizen said. "We better go."

(N sorry for god-modding a bit there Tori...)

10/27/2008 #173
Imagination 5


(I think she's gone anyway.)

(To Valassine!)

Yelena hesitantly followed.

(Damn, GTG!)

10/27/2008 . Edited 10/27/2008 #174

(Ok then. Cya tommorow!)

Rizen sighed, before following the group. Edmond soon followed suit afterwards.

10/27/2008 #175

[back, sorry I left, had to pick up my cousins fom school.]

10/27/2008 #176
Imagination 5

(Be on in 10. We're in Valassine.)

10/27/2008 #177


10/27/2008 #178
Imagination 5


10/27/2008 #179

Brett looked around, lost at the carnival. He saw some one standing alone by a booth.

"Excuse me, do you think you could tell me where the nearest bathroom is?"

2/9/2009 #180
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