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"Well its not that we don't beleive in it its just that we suck at it." Said Grif, "so we use science. So how do you stop this guy?"

"How do YOU stop him." Said Guant, "I have no reason to be here."

2/24/2009 #331

"I don't know ... he controls Leaf the same way Seri does me ... to kil him we'll have to kill her and I on't do that ..."

2/24/2009 #332

"Oh, well Guant here can probably beat the s*** outta him without killing him."

"Why do you people keep bringing ME up. I'm not being paid to hunt this kinda s***." Yelled Guant.

2/24/2009 #333

Caleb rolled his eyes. "It wouldn't work anyway. Trust me, I've been the puppet before."

2/24/2009 #334

"Oh, well it was an okay idea anyway. Any idea how to win?" Asked Grif.

2/24/2009 #335

"Rose'll know ... She'd better anyway."

2/24/2009 #336

((I have to read to my little sister I'll be right back))

"Sounds good, Rin get us outta here.....hold that thought." Grif turned to Caleb, "do you know how to make portals Rin here is kinda new at it."

2/24/2009 #337

"No. Fire yes, but I never recieved the training for things like that."

2/24/2009 #338

Grif sighed, "okay Rin give us your best shot." She nodded concentrating hard on making a portal. "I should warn you that the reason we're here is because we were trying to get to the Sandy beaches hotel resort that's how off this can be."Said Grif.

2/24/2009 #339

"Get it that far wrong and you're all dead."

2/24/2009 #340

"Trust me kid they get it wrong and I'll bash their skulls in." Growled Guant. Rin finally ripped a portal.

"I hope it worked." She said.

2/24/2009 #341

Caleb sighed. "If we screw up here, we're all dead."

2/24/2009 #342

"Who goes first?" Asked Grif, looking around. "Fine I'll go." he said stepping through.

2/24/2009 #343

Caleb sighed, glancing back once more. "Leaf ..."

Thyen he turned sharply and stepped into the portal.

2/24/2009 #344

Guant and Rin followed him.

((Where should it lead??"))

2/24/2009 #345

((Umm ... back to the roomn with Rose and Rowan I guess ...))

2/24/2009 #346


Grif looked between Rose and Rowan, "hi, I'm alive still right?" As he said it Guant and Rin came through.

2/24/2009 #347

Caleb nodded, looking terrified.

((We actually need Imagination and Tori now ... don't we?))

2/24/2009 #348

((I guess)) "what you so freaked out about kid its not like its the end of the world." Said Grif.

2/24/2009 #349

"It is! If we lose Rose ... love and loves bearer!"

2/24/2009 #350

"Oh right, its kinda funny there are so many apocolypse stories and I've never heard this one. I mean there's the machine take over story, the bomb, but I've never heard about this."

2/24/2009 #351

Caleb sighed. "This. Isn't. A. Story!"

2/24/2009 #352

Seri grinned at Caleb "Hello Caleb, Leaf is getting married as we seak within the place where she proved her love for you in blood."

[think back, way back HJ xD, like near beginning of this rpg back XP]

2/24/2009 #353

"huh?" Grif cocked his head to the side looking at him. "And Caleb the Machine take over is not just a story okay maybe it hasn't happened but it WILL." Guant slapped the back of Grif's head.


2/24/2009 #354

((When Leaf cut herself?))

Caleb stared at her. "What?"

2/25/2009 #355

"Okay so what do we do? I mean according to him if we want to kill that guy we'd first have to do some weird mombo jumbo to Leaf or something." Said Grif.

2/25/2009 #356

[Yep. Your right HJ! ^_^]

Seri nodded "Yep..." with a evil chuckle she said to Grif and Guant "And it's your fault tht he lost her. Caleb. Attack them for what they have done."

2/25/2009 #357

"He would've left anyway, besides Grif could've shot him before anything happened but Caleb told us to wait." Said Rin

2/25/2009 #358

Caleb tossed a fireball at them. "Get out now!" he pleaded.

2/25/2009 #359

Guant managed to block it with his metal hand. "Cool it, I want to get outta here so don't worry I will as soon as there's an exit."

2/25/2009 #360
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