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Seri smiled "Thank you. I thought you would leave me."

2/25/2009 #421

"Hell, I'm always the servant. best not forget it," Caleb smiled, vanishing.

2/25/2009 #422
The Daniel City Heroes

Calvin looked back into the battle zone when the entire place was quiet all of a sudden. Now, he didn't see anyone there.

"Where'd everybody go?" He said looking around.

2/25/2009 #423

Summer appeared at his shoulder. "Away."

2/25/2009 #424
The Daniel City Heroes

"Huh?" Calvin said when he turned his head to see Summer there. He jumped in surprise and ended up falling to the ground. He quickly got back up. "Where'd you come from?"

2/25/2009 #425

"Over there," Summer pointed, smirking.

2/25/2009 #426
The Daniel City Heroes

"What's so funny?" Calvin said, turning around to look where this person was pointing.

2/25/2009 #427

"You. You're not from around here, are you?"

2/25/2009 #428
The Daniel City Heroes

"Um, duh." Calvin said, rolling his eyes. "Unless this place is anywhere near New York, I'm not from around here."

2/25/2009 #429

"New York? Interesting."

2/25/2009 #430
The Daniel City Heroes

"Okay, how bad is it? Where am I?" Calvin asked.

2/25/2009 #431

Summer shrugged. "Well, you have just stummbled into the end of everythin."


2/25/2009 #432
The Daniel City Heroes

"And that's supposed to mean?" Calvin asked.

2/25/2009 #433

(Ignore meh :P)

2/25/2009 . Edited 2/25/2009 #434
Accron Lyuis

(Crap, that was my alt. Ignore it...)

A dark shadow loomed overhead. An eerie being suddenly dived down, and touched the floor with it's feet. It's black shadow cast quite a scary image, and that was also contributed by its black wings. The wings folded in, and the creature stepped out to the light. It was a boy... Or guy... About Calvin's age anyways...

"Damnit! Bad timing!" he cursed, as he stomped on the ground. He eyed Calvin. "You! Boy. Where did they go?!"

2/25/2009 . Edited 2/25/2009 #435
The Daniel City Heroes

"Where'd who go and how the heck did you do all that?" Calvin said, freaked out about what he just saw.

2/25/2009 #436
Accron Lyuis

Darius eyed the boy a little longer. He then turned his back to him. "Che. You wreak of humans. I barely ever smell that, and I'm glad... Never mind... I seek a girl named Seri. Tell me where she is and maybe I won't kill you!"

2/25/2009 #437
The Daniel City Heroes

Calvin didn't know who this guy was or exactly what he wanted, but he did know that he didn't like his attitude. "I don't know where Sarah or whoever is, so you can just buzz off Sephiroth. Now stop talkin' about me and I won't have to punch your face in."

2/25/2009 . Edited 2/25/2009 #438
Accron Lyuis

Darius looked at the human for a whole before smiling. "Heh, you got guts, human. Fine, I gotta jet anyways... I hope you die soon." With that, the mysterious being spread out his wings again, and flew out from where he came. Which would be the shattered window...

2/25/2009 #439

[Seri's in the dark Forest just so you know. If you want me to post as her in there it's cool. I'm bored anyway Lol.]

2/25/2009 #440
The Daniel City Heroes

"What?!" Calvin said, angry at that last remark. He pulled a hockey stick out of the bag on his back, but before he could do anything with it, the man flew off. "Who the hell does that guy think he is?! I hope someone kills him, him and his mama!"

2/25/2009 #441

Calvin turned arround as he heard an explosion behind him. A figure rose from the smoke and debris. the figure wore a leather vest with brown hair wrapped up in a bandana. He started to brush himself off. "Hey you," he said pointind to Calvin, "did a guy named Darius come by here?' The man stood straight ready to fight, he was about 20 years old. The figure had a laser rifle strapped to his back, 2 pistols at both his sides, and a promonent sword in his hand. "hey i'm talking to you!"

((Hey accron *waves childishly*))

2/25/2009 #442
The Daniel City Heroes

((Okay, I hate to burst your bubble, but two things. One, you can't control someone else's character. I know, it's somethign small. Two, did you submit your character? 'Cause I'm sure the mods won't let you use them if they're too powerful, and if my character is supposed to interact with him, I'd like to know more about this guy besides him obviously idolizing Major Chip Hazard. Also, that part where you wrote out where Calvin seemed to be ignoring him, that didn't really make sense.))

2/25/2009 . Edited 2/25/2009 #443
Accron Lyuis

(Sorry Daniel, my friend is kinda new at RPing... I'll teach him the ropes tomorrow at school. He should have his character up by like tomorrow or something...)

Darius continued his flight until he landed on the ground. He folded his wings back and eyed a small cottage that hung out in the woods. He closed his eyes, and for a brief second, white flames engulfed his body. When he opened his eyes, he no longer had his wings, and his claws were once again nails. He walked into the cottage. "Hey Simone," he said enthusiatically.

"Darius! You're back!" A small girl with pointy ears tackled Darius' legs, squeezing them tightly.

"Yes," Darius laughed. "So what's for dinner?"

"Salad! Again. With onions, crisp lettuce and cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, radishes, turnips, potatoes, red and green peppers, bamboo shoots, and just a liiiiittle bit of cheese." It was official. She was a health-freak that didn't believe in meat.

"Sounds delicious," Darius said with a smile as he sat himself down. The girl had long since removed herself and she carried out two small bowls and a bigger bowl full of salad. "Wow, did it take you long to grow it?"

"Nope," Simone exclaimed, as she set down the bowls and served the salads.

"Thank you m'lady," Darius said, as he took a fork. Simone giggled, as she too started to dig into her own salad.

2/25/2009 #444
Imagination 5

(No worries. Just put up your character whenever and you're welcome to the RP!)

2/26/2009 #445
The Daniel City Heroes

Calvin turned around after hearing an explosion, then when he turned around, he saw some sort of militaristic looking person. The person then asked him where some guy was.

"No, Sargent Brick Bazooka, I don't know or care about where this Darius guy is." Calvin said. "Why does everyone think I know everything about everything?"

2/27/2009 #446

(( daniel Srry about the confusion i caused. As accron said i am a noob, but i got everything under control now))

"Sorry," said Achilles, "didn't mean to sound so agitated. It's just hurtling through the sky at 850 mph and landing so that none of my human parts get damaged isn't all a joy ride." he said as he rubbed his robotic shoulder.

Achilles stuck his sword back in his sheath. he pulled out his phone. "Ya, Rider I need transportation... no, no one here seems to know anything about darius." at that moment on the horizen a cloud of dust appeared getting closer and closer. Achilles started waving. a minute later the dust cload was seeable as a motorcycle. Rider pulled up in front of Achilles. "Hey, Boss." Achilles hooped on Rider and the two drove off into the sunset. *riding off into the sunset music plays*

2/27/2009 . Edited 3/1/2009 #447

*Somewhere in the middle of the woods*

“So, are you sure that’s the same heat signature we found earlier.” Achilles asked rider as they waited outside a cottage strangely located in the middle of the woods. “Yes Achilles I’m sure,” rider started to sound agitated, “there are no other readings like that one.” Achilles tightened his lips and started to move towards the strange cabin.

3/1/2009 #448
The Daniel City Heroes

"Man, I should've asked him to give me a ride." Calvin said as he saw Achilles take off. "So now, I'm back to square one; being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no clue what's going on or what I should do next."

He then looked out where the makeshift exit was.

"Well, I've got nothing better to do." Calvin said, as he put his hockey stick back in his bag and took out his skateboard. He then went out of the hole in the wall and started skating away.

3/1/2009 . Edited 3/3/2009 #449
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