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Serebii frowned "Me and Shemini are now true royalty of the dakness. What are you doing here?" Serebii asked.

Xelos frpwned and looked at Leaf who gave him a evil grin. Xelos shuddered.

2/14/2009 #121

"I had to come ... the pact. Seri, you own me. I love Leaf. I had to come. You should know that ..."

2/14/2009 #122

Serebii smirked "A prince of darkness to Shemini?"

Shemini looked slightly shocked "A additional ruler? Interesting."

Xelos twitched and whispered to Caleb "They end up making you become Leaf's spouse since you said you loved her! You'll have inside connections. So just go along with ity."

[XD I'm feeling evil XDXD]

2/14/2009 #123

"I'm not a prince. I'm a servent. I said I loved her, and, if I remember right, she said the same."

2/14/2009 #124

"Is this true Shemini?" Serebii looked at the shaymin'mortph "Indeed, I believe so."

Xelos then added "You two love each other, so if you are in love. I believe that princeship for Caleb should conquer?"

[Leaf and Seri only remember key points of before they were brainwashed, like Leaf remembers major ewnjoyments with Caleb nd Seri remembers plogting xD]

2/14/2009 #125

((So ... does Seri remember owning Caleb?))

Caleb glared at him, then looked back to the two.

2/14/2009 #126

[no xD]

Xelos sweat-dopped"sorry, I was trying to help since if you are a prince, and around leaf, she'll remember and you'll break the spell. Seri's going to be harder though.'

Serebii looked at Caleb "We shall think this over, for now you may wander this room." suddenly the wasteland appearence of the room became lush and full of life with fruit trees, grass, and waterfalls. It was like a bproffesional basket ball court/arena-sized Utopia

2/14/2009 #127

((Oh man ...))

Caleb stared at them. "Don't either of you remember ...?!"

2/14/2009 #128

[xD yep. Oh man indeed xD]

"Remembwe what? I do not understand." Serebii asked "Can you explain please?"

2/14/2009 #129

"The pact ... Seri, you have to remember! You own me! You have to remember that!"

2/14/2009 #130

"" Serebii asked, un-certainity in her voice.

[Why would he want Seri to remember she owned him? He would be free if she difnt remember.]

2/14/2009 #131

((He still feels the bond. Besides, he only knows being owned, no matter how much he hates it. It's like suddenly being completely on his own. Even in the years Summer wasn't there, he still felt the spell.))

"Yes. Just ... don't you feel the connection?"

2/14/2009 #132

[....I'm stupid XDXD]

Serebii paused then nodded "Yes...I do..."

Shemini turned away "I will be in my quarters Serebii."

Serebii nodded "Unerstood Shemini." then Shemini dissappeared.

2/14/2009 #133

((No you're not ... my logic's just screwy. ^^))

Caleb watched her go, suddenly pained. "You took ownership so Leaf and I could still have a relationship. That's not a 'dark' thing to do."

2/14/2009 #134

[xD, or its a mixturew of both XD]

"Then why don't you join us Caleb? You shall have a relationshiip with your love, and we shall not have to eliminate you." Serebii asked.

2/14/2009 #135

"Because this isn't you."

((Nah, don't think you're stupid.))

2/14/2009 #136

"Your right. I am much more powerful. i am now the stronger between me and Shwemini." Serebii chuckled darkly.

[If I dont Ill be lying to myself DX]

2/14/2009 #137

Caleb shook his head. "That's not a good thing."

((Don't think like that!! *Scowls at Tori*))

2/14/2009 #138

[Random question: Do you have a ds?]

[....Fine -sits down, huimming-]

"Why is it not a good thing to be powerful?"

2/14/2009 #139

((ds? I ... dunno ....))

"Because it ruins things."

2/14/2009 #140

"It's makes you more capable. Shemini isnt very powerful. The thing holding her back is love right's like she feels something missing. That is what she told me."

[...? Do you not know ehat a Nintendo DS is?]

2/14/2009 #141

"If I'm the missing link, it'll stay missing."

((Oh! No, I don't have one .... and it's half one in the morning! Gimme a break.))

2/14/2009 #142

"But did you not say you loed her? Why make her suffer like that?"

[one in the morning? Are you insane?!?]

2/14/2009 #143

"I do. But that's not Leaf."

((Very probably.))

2/14/2009 #144

"How do you knopw? Perhaps this is the true her?" Serebii questioneed "What if this oisnt the real Shemini though? what would you do to get your Shemini back?"

[Yay for insanity and confusing questions!]

2/14/2009 #145

Caleb stared at her. "Anything ..."

((On the subject of insanity, I'd better act like I'm not and go to bed. Nightnight.))

2/14/2009 . Edited 2/14/2009 #146

Serebii smile warmly "How about you go spend some time with her then?" a portal opened beside Serebii "This leads to Shemini's chamber."

[Bye HJ seer you later xD]

2/14/2009 #147

"Wait who what?" Said Guant.

2/14/2009 #148

Caleb stared at her, just as Summer burst in. "Well now, this is interesting."

2/15/2009 #149

"Who am supposed to be shooting?" Asked Guant.

Rin and Grif jogged down to the arena place. "Damn this is a mess." Muttered Grif picking up an empty shell casing.

2/15/2009 #150
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