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Achellis caught up with them. "so *breath* whats goin *gasp* on."

3/16/2009 #31

"No freaking idea."


(not to far off) A several soldiers fired into a demon the creature hit the ground bleeding. A tiger jumped from nowhere pouncing on of the troops his comrade ran in stabbing it with his combat knife. "Damnit these things are everywhere we're being overrun where the hell is the main force." Yelled one of the sound of machine gun fire.

3/17/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #32

Suddenly the solider had shouted for the mainforces was run through wiith a spar by aa lioness anthro who had appeared behined him. She turned to the other soliders. A look of blood lust in her eyes as she smirked darkly "Who's next?"

3/23/2009 #33

"Ahh hell she killed the Sarge, open fire!" The five remaining troops fired at her with their automatic weapons.

((Storm trooper effect time))

Dustin sat in the command tent half a mile away listening to the radio reports as his men were wiped out platoon by platoon. He took the the cigar out of his mouth and blew out a plume of smoke. "Damnit, all my men are getting torn apart out there, COMS officer Percy, recall all units for a regroup we can't fight here anymore." He said putting the cigar back in the corner of his mouth.

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #34

Tala smirked as she teleported behined the troops as trhey were firing and started slicing through the troops like they were nothing "Bring me our leader or face the weaith of the Shadow Lioness!"

3/23/2009 #35

The two soldiers left looked at each other. One picked up his radio, "sir, one of the enemies wants to see you please advice."


Dustin scowled around the cigar, "All right bring em' here." He grumbled.


The soldier put down the radio, "alright follow us." He said walking forward.

3/23/2009 #36

Tala kpt her spear aimed at the two soliders "Alright. walk ahead. I dio not trust you."

3/23/2009 #37

"We follow follow order and those orders are to bring you to our commander." Said the Older of the two soldiers. They approached the camp there were nine tanks in front of it with several soldiers standing at attention in front of them. The soldier walked over to the camp guards, the commander wants to see this one." He said pointing at Tala, the other soldier nodded ordering the guards to step aside. "The command tent's the big one in the center of the camp." He said.


Roy sat at one of the tables with his feet resting on it his cigar held tightly in the corner of his mouth. Two soldiers stood behind him with their weapons at the ready.

3/23/2009 #38

"Thank you." Tala then walked into the big tenrt "I believe you atr the Head Of Operations. Correct?"

3/23/2009 #39

"That I am." he said throwing away his cigar stub, "so what did you come to talk about?" His tone was cold and his eyes looked at her with great disdain mainly for the fact that she was a none human.

3/23/2009 #40

"Your troops WILL stand down." Tala said with a even colder tone "Your troops will stand down to the shadow forces or you all will perish." the lioness smirked "And I ewill be taking command of the platoons." a shadow energy ball appeared in Tala's hand asher spear'spoint was on ther ground as she leaned against the wooden part in a lax position "Or I will take command by force."

3/23/2009 #41

Roy leaned back in his chair shaking his head. "Don't think that you can waltz in here do some magic make a speech and make me nervous. I used pile half breeds ten feet high during the first war with you scum bag mainlanders hell I probably killed some of your friends back in the day." He sat up, "Adapt and overcome that's the motto of the Alastrien Military." He stood up, "you underestimate me." He took out a cigar and lit it, "boys stand down," the two guards lowered their weapons. He looked at her, "come on throw that energy ball I DARE YA."

3/23/2009 #42

Tala smirked and stood up and suddenly tewlewported behined Roy andf attempted to ram the energy ball into the space between his shouldewr bladed.

3/23/2009 #43

Roy side stepped dodgeing the attack, drawing a trench knife as he moved putting it against her throat. "I didn't get this rank for nothing."

3/23/2009 #44

"You underestimatee me." Tala still had thew energy in her hand and then rammed his chest. SDh thre\en back flipped, smirking "I am not famous in Valasine and Halis for nothing."

3/23/2009 #45

His chest protecter took most of the blast making him stagger back a little. "Getting a bit old I guess." He said draw his lever action shotgun, with one hand. He fired it a spray of pellets went hurtely toward her from it.

3/23/2009 #46

Tal gasped and quickly side-stepped the pellets and frowned "You are making this much more difficult then this should be Head. If you give up now. I will let you go. You have my promise." Tal said, bending down and taking a feral stance. [If you have Brawl, think of WQolf's stance only holding a spear XD]

3/23/2009 #47

"Surrender to you half breed scum? Hell no, surrender my entire country to you freaks, you must be out of your mind." He fired at her three times with the shotgun.

3/23/2009 #48

"I am not a half-brreed. I am a anthro true and true. You humans are all alike. Idiotic and igporant." Tala side stepped andf swerved bhined Roy and jumped on his back. Her spear's point pricking the back mof his neck "Give up. you have lost." if she pushed her spear any deeper theen the spear would dig into his neckj and into his windpipe and collapse it in on itself.

3/23/2009 #49

Roy raised his hands in surrender making sure they were at her neck length. "Alright you win." He grabbed the back over her leaning forward and yanking her down on her head. "When hell freezes over."

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #50

Tala aimed the spear head nd it hit the ground before her so she used that to do a back-hand spring away rom Roy. Bringing the apear with her "Nice try. but not good enough,."

[xDF I do gymnasticxs. Brute power wont win ^^]

3/23/2009 #51

((I do MCMAP, and Tae Kwon do it kinda depends)

He drew both trench knives. "Your not gonna win, trust me." He snarled taking a fighting stance.

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #52

"You may think what you wish but I will be going to destroy the rest of your troops. i will come back for you." Tala then turned away and walked out of the tent. She hid in some near by shadows of some trees so he would not see her coming if he followed her out.

[Yeah. true but you must have strategy before you apply force.]

3/23/2009 #53

"Put the camp on high alert I want that freak dead. Better yet, all my men have gas masks on, gas the camp." He said grabbing his own gas mask. A soldier saluted. A foul toxic gas was relised into the air killing anything that wasn't wearing a gas mask within two minuets, birds began to fall from the sky and animals began to roll over and die. The heavily armored convoy trucks began to pack up as soldiers prepared to move out.

3/23/2009 #54

"Crap. This isnt good. i need to get out of here.....hmmmm. I know!" Tala held her breathe as she snuck inro the back of a truck, making sure no one could see her tail, earsd or her face as she sat in a corner "Hello. May i have a gas mask since you gassed the air foer the pest?" she asked as a solider walked by the truck. The solider. who had fallen for her hiding skills gave her a gas mak wqhich she put on but she continued to hide in the truck.

[She sat on her btails and she used animal skills to keep her ewars flat and she was face the wall of the truck xDI am thinking it's one of thoes trucks that the soliders sit in the back witgh benches in the trailer so yeah xD]

3/23/2009 #55

((Yeah that's basically it)) Several helicopters flew over head. Roy sat in a Jeep at the front of the convoy. "This is General Dustin with the tenth Battalion Guards, we're falling back to defend Taris from that monster." He put down the radio he hoped this wouldn't come the nuclear option.

3/23/2009 . Edited 3/23/2009 #56

Tala looked up at the grate to the front so the driver could talk to the soliders, she disguised her voice "Captain, sir. What if the lioness lives?"

[Okay. Just clarifying ^^]

3/23/2009 #57

"Doesn't really matter this is a suicide mission." He said looking forward glumly. The rest of the soldiers looked at their feet glumly.

3/23/2009 #58

"for you guys that is. I wont fight. ill stay back and protect the city's people as you alkl go fight." Tala said 'Hah! they've fallen for t! Excellent. now I can eliminate him from the inside!' she thought.

3/23/2009 #59

"You'll do what your told soldier." Said a Sergeant.


The massive city could be seen in the distance the towering metroplis would normally be standing proud but today it was burning. The helicopters flew ahead of the infantry toward the monster attacking the city. Roy took out a loud speaker.

"Alright men, this is it, this is what you trained for this is war. Many of you may not come back alive but understand that this is a war for our very surrvival as a race the pure the race the untainted human race. We will eliminate this scum from the face of the earth you will end your fathers war this will be our final war. Over come and adapt this is our motto this is our way of life we will emerge from this battle victorious, we will not go out without a fight, we will not dissapearing into the darkness WE WILL KILL THEM ALL!" He yelled into the loud speaker there was a cheer from the infantry as the trucks entered the city gates.

3/23/2009 #60
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