A very secret and deadly competition was started over 50 years ago... Will you be apart of it?
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Over 50 years ago a competition was started.

The competition was called Rubix. Four-hundred crystal objects, known as Rubix Items, were spread all over the world and awaited to be found and wielded. The year is now 2011 and the competition continues...

Upon discovery and completion of a Rubix Item, you will be introduced to your assistant and given a weapon, the tool that will lead you to victory if you prove yourself worthy.


There were at least three known types of objects scattered throughout the world.

Rubix Cube (Rubik's Cube) - The most common object found. The weapon released is usually has a short reach.

Rubix Tetrahedron (Pyramnix) - Another object, while less common than the Rubix Cube, it is still more common than the other. The weapon released usually has longer reach than one's found in Rubix Cubes.

Rubix Octahedron (Skewb Diamond) - The rarest of all objects and could be considered the most powerful. The weapon released can be either long or short reach and it is common to release duel weapons.


When an Item is solved and unlocked, it will open a portal, from which your Rubix Assistant, a miniature, winged person, will come out and introduce themselves. They will explain the situation and the rules.

"Greetings and Salutations, my name is (insert name of Rubix Assistant), and I'm here to assist you in becoming the Champion of Rubix! You may not be familiar with the game of Rubix, so allow me to explain; you, along with three hundred and ninety-nine other people, are competing for victory in this game. The object of this game is to fight and defeat every other competitor. The rules are very simply: (rules are explained, see below). Now that you know the game, reach inside and claim your newly formed Rubix Weapon, the torch that will light your way to victory!"

Upon this, the competitor will reach into the portal that opened and retrieve their Rubix Weapon. When they have extracted it, the portal closes and the assistant will continue.

"This is your most important tool, competitor. There are two commands you need to know when utilizing your Weapon. The first is 'Rubix Repression', which will revert your Weapon back into it's default Puzzle form and can be done even if the Item is not in close proximity. To reverse this effect, you simply say the command, 'Rubix Release', or you may solve the Puzzle again, both of which will turn your Puzzle back into it's Weapon form. The Item will only remain in it's Weapon form if you're conscious, so be sure to not allow an opposing competitor to render you unconscious. In it's Puzzle form, you must be very careful with your Rubix Item so try to keep it with you at all times. If, for any reason, should you lose possession of your Rubix Item, the simple command 'Rubix Recall' will return the Item to you, in it's Puzzle form.

"Under certain circumstances, you will be awarded an advanced level of your Rubix Item which can only be used in it's Weapon Form. When obtained, your Weapon will transform after I, your assistant, fuse with it, evolving into a better form which will allow it to do more things and do more damage. While in this form, I will be able to communicate with you from the Weapon itself. Additionally, you will be granted an article of clothing, which can be just about anything. In this new form, your Weapon will become more powerful and durable, as well as granting you, the wielder, augmented physical abilities. When the circumstances are reached, your Item will call to you, and only you. The circumstances relate to you, the wielder, and are unpredictable. After the circumstances have been met and the transformation has been achieved once, you may activate this form at any time using the command 'Rubix Evolution'. Beware, this form can only be obtained if I am conscious."

(This, or a variation of such, depending on your Assistant and their attitude, will be explained when the Rubix Item is solved. And yes, before anybody asks, the assistant is basically a fairy. Their wings are transparent, translucent and intangible.

Also, please note that unless we are pretty late into the roleplay, nobody should start-off with the Rubix Evolution unlocked.)


The rules of Rubix are simple.

1.) When you find a Rubix Puzzle, you are not entitled to keep it or finish it. You may pass it on to another or simply leave it wherever you please. However, on the other hand, if you do solve a Rubix Puzzle, it is your duty and responsibility to participate and compete in the competition to the best of your abilities.

2.) You may only have one active Rubix Puzzle at a time. If you find another and manage to finish it, the Puzzle will simply disappear and reappear somewhere else in the world, uncompleted once again, waiting for the next person to find it.

3.) If you lose the competition, you are not allowed to join again. However, you will retain the ability to see and communicate with all other Rubix participants and their assistances and may choose to help participants if you please.

4.) There are multiple ways to lose the compeition: if your Item, regardless of their form, is broken, you lose. If you admit defeat in battle, you lose. If your assistant is killed, you lose. If you, the wielder of the Item itself, are killed, you lose.

5.) You may use any and all tactics nessecary to win the competition. There is no such thing as cheating.

---------------------------------------------- RULES OF THE ROLEPLAY ITSELF ARE BELOW THIS LINE ----------------------------------------------

Note: I take absolutely NO CREDIT for making this set of rules ._.

First and foremost, this is a literate Roleplay. This means that all posters must have the concept of basic grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Another important thing: this is not a one-liner RP. This is a RP for people interested in a story and fleshing out original characters.

Q: "What do you mean by one liners?"

Basically, I do not want post after post of "Sandy giggled" "Sandy looked up and sighed" Or "Sandy smiled in bliss"...and that's it.

I want to encourage all members to make well-rounded posts that include a bit more. I'm not asking for novels, but this is a story, and your posts should reflect that. Treat this RP as a more relaxed version of the stories you write. Characters react, have motivations, have fears, doubts, hopes and use all five senses. Dialogue scenes aren't just talking heads, there are environments to interact with, expressions to convey; the surroundings should play a part as well.

Not every post should be some detailed TL;DR, but something more than just one line. (Unless of course, the one liner has merit, or delivers a strong point).


1) Be literate. I think I covered that already, but it's a rule as well. No, my mods and I won't kill you for a misspelled word or garbled sentence here or there, but take pride in your posts. Consistent one-liners (one after another after another) will earn you a warning to beef up your posts. If that doesn't work, you cannot play.

2) No Godmodding. No super duper golly wow OMG! that character is the shit! Characters must have weaknesses - and in fact - weaknesses are what makes most characters interesting. No last minute tricks or additions in a fight unless for good reason, and no killing another character unless he or she agrees to a death match.

And since we're on this topic, godmodding includes autohitting. Autohitting is when you hit your opponent and DO NOT give them a chance to block/parry/defend. I cannot stress this enough in a forum like this. YOU DO NOT DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT YOU HIT YOUR OPPPONENT AND/OR HOW MUCH DAMAGE YOU DO.

However, on the other side, you cannot dodge all and every attack. Unless your character is obviously heavily superior to one your fighting (such as a character using their Evolution form against someone who's not as one example), chances are, it's going to be a pretty fair fight.

Please try not to go for fatal shots unless you're given permission to kill off the character you're fighting.

3) Please, for the love of all that is good, holy, benevolent etc., WAIT FOR OTHERS TO POST. Geez, is that really a difficult rule to follow? You cannot and will not continue a fight unless the person(s) you are fighting responds. This is a very, very, very important rule in a forum like this and disobeying it will have very dire conscequences...

4) Respect all posters. I think we all know what that means. When in character, do what you like, but treat the person behind the name as a person - not a block of text. Any issues with this and it's a warning. Twice, it's a ban. I will enforce this and so will my mods.

5) I have no real limit on how many characters you can or cannot have. However, I don't want you posting a profile for every single character you make, just for the ones you truly consider important to the plot.

6) Really, I don't care much about censors. We (hopefully) are all mature and can handle deep gory details, passionate romance and other such. However, this does not mean I'll allow sex scenes. If you REALLY want to do one, you may start one, like this...

Ex: He quickly removed her shirt (or bra) before quickly retunring his lips to her neck. After a few moments, he even began to work his way down...


Ex 2: She unbuckled the belt of his jeans as quickly as possible, fumbling with the stupid mechanism only thirty seconds before managing to open it and remove it from around his waist. She then began to work on his zipper...

But after that, I would perfer (if you wanted to anyways) to take it to PM's please. And perhaps pick up directly afterwards on the topic, hm? Anyways, just throwing that out there.

7) Please, no sues. I can tell a sue; I can smell them from miles away. If you post a sue, I won't demand you delete him or her, but I will suggest some things to balance him or her out. If you insist upon the sue, you cannot play.

8) Activity. If you make a character and then disappear, I won't delete you, but I'll edit your post and label you inactive. PM me if you plan on posting again and I will lift that status. If I notice you're MIA for months, I will label you inactive. Exceptions are vacations, holidays, Real Life issues, etc. But let me know if you'll be away for a extended period of time.

9) No autoing. Autoing is when you engage in combat you DO NOT give them a chance to resply before you hit them.

10) No power playing. If they aren't you character, don't control them. It's that simple.

11) NO PROJECTILE RUBIX WEAPONS. This means no guns, no bows, no ninja stars etc. Extending weapons and chains and such are okay, but no projectiles.

12) Try and have fun!

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