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Feel free to discuss things here in a non-roleplay way.

10/19/2010 #1
Lt. Zander

Just a random post to let ya' know I plan to get in on this. I'll have a character sheet up by tomorrow as I've got ta' sleep and classes start early.

10/20/2010 #2

Sweet :D Now we just need Jess to come back, and Talon to acknowledge this forum, and we'll be set to restart the original roleplay xD

Hopefully we can get a new one up and running though n.n Which'll hopefully run smoother than the first

10/20/2010 #3
Lt. Zander

Dude, man, Jess' gone, eh? Ha, maybe this'll turn out a bit differently than our last attempt...

10/21/2010 #4

I dunno, I liked the way it was going last time o.o More or less, I'm hoping it goes a similar way this time too, except, better prepared.

10/21/2010 #5
Lt. Zander

Eh, true, true.

10/21/2010 #6

Do dee doo...Angel, inviting anyone else to this game?

10/25/2010 #7
Lt. Zander

Talon, man, ya' screwin' this up....

Anyway....Hm, we should probably try at least some of the cast from Push. Assuming anyone is there.

10/26/2010 #8

Well, most of them anyways... o.o

10/27/2010 #9

We definitely have to invite Red and Jade! Blu too!

Also, two things xD

One: How do you guys like the new stuff i.e. rules, profiles etc.?

Two: You gonna make a profile Talon?

10/27/2010 . Edited 10/27/2010 #10

Meh, Matt is pretty much exactly the same, so Im not going to put him in the new CC, no point, neh?

10/31/2010 #11

Well, for everybody else to see. I doubt they'll go back and look at the old characters sheets o~o You can just copy and paste everything like I did for the most part

10/31/2010 #12

Lol, alright.

10/31/2010 #13

Sweetness. However, I do have a simple request. Perhaps you should take the speed augmentation away for now, just until he gets his Rubix Evolution. Strength's fine since Matt mostly depends on his hands to fight.

Also, added race to the character sheets again. I think it's important to have that information for future storylines. I'll be putting up a notice shortly, and everybody should read it.

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/1/2010 #14

Notice added. Everybody, please read it!

11/1/2010 #15

Dood, wtfh!?!? Why did everybody besides Zander make older characters!? xD I feel so young!

11/2/2010 #16


Anyhoo, posted to show you all this xD

BAM! YEAH! Got my (and Rick's and Eloy's) paranormal experience published online! I feel special! Though, I should point out it's PARTRICK road, not Patrick D: I don't know why he spelled it that way, I fixed it when I re-sent it.

11/3/2010 #17


11/8/2010 #18

I'm alive... o~o Not sure about anybody else though D:

11/9/2010 #19
Mending the Sky

Hi, I'm new here . . . :)

11/13/2010 #20

Hello Mending o3o Welcome to! I don't really see anything wrong with your profile, but using a keyblade kind of bugs me honestly... o~o

Besides the, it's time for a complaint: O EM GEE... Bus and train routes are so FAWKing hard to figure out Dx

11/20/2010 . Edited 11/20/2010 #21

Lol, I hear ya there Angel. Thats why I drive my car :P

11/20/2010 #22
Mending the Sky

@Angel: I can change it if you like, I don't mind. I just didn't know what else to use :P

And for some reason my subscriptions aren't working -_- I'll check back every day or two.

11/21/2010 #23

Well, there are plenty of other choices, just look around xD Here's a few examples of swords (which I assume you wanna use?)

11/23/2010 #24

First or second is my recommendation.

11/23/2010 #25
Mending the Sky

Thanks for the recommendations, I think I'll go with the second one. It looks the coolest :P

11/24/2010 #26

Coolio. That one looks like it'll be easy to make something up for when your character gets his Rubix Evolution. Go ahead and switch out the keyblade link for the sword link on your profile, and your character's good to go.

I suppose we should get this roleplay started, huh?

Hm.... And I'm not sure about whether or not I wanna bump Carter's age up a bit since everybody else went off and made their characters in their 20's...

11/24/2010 . Edited 11/24/2010 #27

Yosh! Start her up there Angel!

11/24/2010 #28
Mending the Sky

Well, my character's only 14 XP

11/25/2010 #29

True... Hell with it, I'll keep his age xD

11/26/2010 #30
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