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During the last two weeks of Summer, the Carnival has come to Graysdale once again! It's definitely an exciting time for all; there are many, many competitions to attend, fun to be had amoungst the variety of games and rides and other attractions and there are places to shop. However, it's the final three days people! But, on the flip side, that means the carnival's time slot has been extended from midnight to 2:00 AM!

In that time however, the carnival will be hosting it's best shows and competitions yet! A battle of the bands, a skating competition, a live jazz performance, an artist gallery, a car show, a gun show, a martial arts demonstration, plenty of places to shop and eventually during the last three hours of the final day, a live (and free) performance by All Time Low and Hey Monday!

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Oh the Carnival. It was something the Coen family went to every year, almost every single day. If not that, they did make it to the last three days. And that's exactly where they were now. It was still pretty early, closer to noon than to eleven. Unfortunately, they meant the sun was getting to it's peak right about now, and damn was it ever. In all honesty, it wasn't really as hot as Carter imagined it to be; the tempurature would stay in the 90's and 80's, but because he chose to pack on layer and layer of clothing as always, it felt more like 100's to him.

The hat didn't help matters, either. However, he wouldn't be taking that off unless his head caught on fire, and even then it would be more to save the beanie.

Accompying him and his family were some of his close friends, Travis, Robert, Donald and Shaughn. However, they'd managed to wander off almost as soon as they'd gotten here, just as his parents had done (though, he assumed his Mother had dragged his Father off to the antique sections) which left him alone.


Well... almost alone.

"What do you want?" Carter asked, sighing in irritation as he turned toward his younger sibling. Celina was dressed in a pair of make-shift denim shorts, a purple t-shirt with a cartoon cat plastered on the front which caused many gazes to drift her way, her blond hair tied back out of her face. As always, she had her stupid anime shoulder bag with her.

"Can I get this, Nii-chan? Please? Please? Please?" She was pointing at a bunch of sparkling crystals which looked the same as the ones she already had in her collection.

Carter rolled his eyes. He didn't even know why she was asking him, it was her money to spend as she pleased. "Sure, go ahead."

She let out a loud squee noise and began shattering quickly with the man selling the stones. Carter shook his head and began looking around, trying to find anybody he recognized or a drink stand. The first thing he spotted was a large lemonade stand, which he promptly began walking toward.

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Charolette didn't even like lemonade. The disgusting liquid had a tendency to make her sick and generally an unhappy person if too much managed to slither down her throat. But, when you were as aware as she was of what felt like blinding heat, just about any liquid would work. Not to mention, the small girl found she was craving the poison as soon as she saw the stand - which, she was just noticing, had caused her to wander away from her small group of friends. Meh. Whatever. She tossed her request to the male running the stand with a sort of bounce, smiling when the rather large cup of lemonade was handed to her.

She found, with a bit of disdain, it took both her small hands to keep the cup up safely. My, she really did look like a little kid, didn't she? With a sigh, the mostly-blond girl moved away from the stand to a nearby table, watching people move to and from the drink stand as she took a sip of her own drink. A soft frown formed as the taste hit her, but she did manage to get it down without any spit-takes or gags, so that was a good sign.

"Hey, Char!"

Charolette almost flinched at the sound of the rather whiny voice. Great. She'd been found. She turned towards her raven-haired friend, who had her own friend in tow.

"Mm, hey there, Mags~" She responded with a rather cheerful grin and a halfhearted wave, though it didn't exactly reach her eyes. Not that she disliked the girl - no, no! - but she wasn't really all that excited to have her around at this moment. As odd as it seemed, considering she was at a carnival and all, she preferred walking around alone; so she was grateful to realize their exchange would remain at a passing and there wouldn't be any 'wanna do this?' or 'come join us in that!' and whatnot.

Not to mention Mags was just flat out annoying sometimes.

Charolette returned to her people watching with a chuckle, crossing her legs Indian-style on her bench and propping her chin up with her hands. Maybe she'd manage to find someone she'd like to hold a conversation with, for once.

1/20/2011 #3

The car show was tomorrow.

That fact made Vittoria wonder why she was here at the carnival today. She was interested in showing off her Harley at the carnival's car show tomorrow, not today. Dressed in a tank top, a pair of jeans which were rolled to her knees and her big, clonky boots, she casually walked around the fair again. Again, she questioned herself about why she was here. In the heat. Which was killing her skin. Which was--

A shirtless guy with a body decorated in tattoos and short cropped hair walked by her, sparing her a second glance.

Oh yeah. She grinned, glancing back at him herself. The eye candy.

(( God, this post makes her seem like a whore... xD ))


"Dude, she's fucking hot!"

Carter turned around, immediately laying eyes on his dark haired friend Travis. Somehow, Travis had managed to sneak up on him. How the hell did he always manage to do that? With such a big mouth, Carter thought he would've heard him coming miles away.

"Who?" Carter asked before taking a sip of his lemonade.

"Her." Travis casually spun him around and pointed to a blond girl with a plastic glass of lemonade in her hands that was sitting on a bench about twenty feet away. She was turned away from them, giving them a profile of her face. She was kind of cute, but Carter didn't have much interest in girls at the moment so he merely gave a shrug and gave a simple, "Yeah, I guess."

Travis slipped an arm around his shoulders. "You guess? Dude, look at her! She's hot! Listen to what I say carefully now, Carter. Yooou are sex depraved. Yooou need some pussy. Yooou should go talk to her, work that magic and get her behind a booth or something." Every time 'you' was emphasized, Carter got a poke in the chest.

"Travis, I don't really care about girls at this moment. You remember, Steph, right?" Carter rolled his eyes, bringing up his last girlfriend who broke up with him for some Jock not too long ago.

"Yeah, fuck that bitch." Travis said. "She had a butter face, anyways."

Carter cocked an eyebrow. "Butter face?"

Travis smirked, then explained mater-of-factly. "You know; everything about her was good, but her face."

Carter snorted.

"Yeah, so anyways. You should talk to her."

"What part of--"

"Go motherfucker!"

Without warning, Travis shoved him. Carter lost his footing and toppled forward, hitting the ground and spilling his lemonade all over the hot asphalt. It was only at this point that Carter realized Travis had somehow managed to drag him within about five feet of the Bench Girl and because of this, he landed right in front of her. This probably hadn't been his friend's intention, but now Carter was lying down, nearly in a puddle of his own drink, in front of the girl. What a first impression.

Carter turned to shoot a glare back at his horn-dog friend, but when he did, Travis was gone. This didn't surprise him. Fucking ninja! Now that he'd basically lost his chance at a normal introduction, he resorted to trying to save face by playing the sympathy card. "Ouch..."

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Charlottes' emerald eyes had plastered their attention to the asphalt, a soft little grin on her face. Today just.. was not a sociable day for her, she supposed. But her unsociable day and apparently zoned out mood didn't manage to tune out a rather loud exclamation - so obviously from a boy - of, "Dude, she's fucking hot!" Not that it mattered, but it did manage to make her jump a bit and she returned her attention to her drink, taking a sip lazily. It really wasn't her business to be nosy and eavesdrop on their conversation about some girl, but she was a bit curious.

She glanced up to find the source of conversation from under her lashes discretely, straining to listen in on whoever it may have been to no avail. Dammit. She cocked her head ever so slightly to the left as her eyes located two males conversing, watching them for a moment before just giving up on finding the most-likely entertaining male. However, just before she zoned out again, she recognized the sound of someone falling - yes, it has a sound! - and tilted her head up a bit to see the source and a worried expression formed. Wasn't that one of the guys she saw seconds ago? She removed herself from the bench and moved towards him as his little grumble slipped out, kneeling, rather awkwardly, next to him.

"Mm, are you okay?" Her head tilted again, emerald eyes shining with the mild concern of a stranger.

1/27/2011 #5

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just... tripped." Carter replied, deciding he was going to punch Travis in the stomach the next time he saw him. Sighing, he pushed himself up and brushed himself off, mentally swearing at his friend for doing this to him. Although he'd protested this from the beginning, he decided to go along with it now, seeing no harm in a little chat with a pretty girl. Who knew, maybe Travis was right and all Carter needed was a little fun.

Ha. Yeah, right.

"Um, I didn't get any on you, did I?" He asked, turning toward the Bench Girl, refering to the spilt contents of his cup.

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #6

Well, wasn't she the lucky one? How many girls had attractive males fall to their feet randomly? Charlotte scratched her cheek, trying to withhold the little giggle tickling her throat as he spoke. Tripped? Wow, classic. She played with a stray strand of her hair as she continued examining him, eyelashes fluttering unconsciously at him. Hm. This was an interesting situation.

"Oh," she realized he'd spoken to her a bit slower than most people would have and blushed a bit, scurrying to make up for it. "No, no.." She chirped, eyes flickering away from him for a split second before they replanted themselves on his face. Shit, this was awkward now. She contemplated leaving the boy and this now awkward situation to simmer in the sun.

"Mm.. I'm Charlotte." She purred instead, offering him a sugary smile.

2/4/2011 #7

Was she blushing? Carter suppressed a small laugh, wondering why she was embarrassed all of a sudden. He'd thought Travis had been full of it when he'd said "work the magic", but maybe he was onto something. Maybe Carter did have some kind of way to swoon women. Of course, if this were true, would he be single? Once again, he shrugged off his friend's encouraging words.

"Mm.. I'm Charlotte." The girl introduced herself.

Charlotte. Hadn't David's Mom been named Charlotte? The thought made Carter smile, however, he hoped she thought he was simply returning the gesture.

"Um, Carter." He said, still smiling and extended his arm towards her, just as he'd been trained to do from an early age.

2/4/2011 . Edited 2/4/2011 #8

Awh, he had a cute name. Carter. It honestly sounded like a name she'd give a cat - if she weren't allergic to the pretty little beasts, that is - but she figured it'd be impolite to say aloud, so instead she just eased off her smile a tiny bit, making it a little less charming as she glanced at his extended arm nervously. There was another awkward pause before she took his hand lightly, giving it a firm shake.

"Nice to meet you, Carter." Charlotte nodded pleasantly, releasing him as she moved back towards the bench, taking a sip of her lemonade to fill the momentary silence that followed. Maybe if she weren't in such an unsociable mood she could manage to make this conversation last, albeit one-sided as she knew it would probably end up. Not saying she wasn't interested in a conversation with him, she just wasn't in the mood to "make" the conversation. If her was interested he could do it, as far as she was concerned, but somehow..

"What brings you to the Carnival?" Her head tilted slightly as she spoke, a petite eyebrow raising to add a playful tinge to her smile.

Boy, wasn't she just a nosy little bystander today.

2/4/2011 . Edited 2/4/2011 #9

"Oh, um.." Carter stepped forward, sliding into the spot on the bench beside her. "Well... my family and I always like to come here every year, plus their friends with the people who run the carnival and help pay for alot of the stuff that goes on, like the bands that'll be paying the last day, as well as alot of the other events." He explained, instantly wishing he hadn't. He liked to keep his families wealth a secret, but that had just slipped out.

Trying to keep her from asking any questions, he hastily continued. "Personally, I'm here for the Battle of the Bands today and the skating competition tomorrow. Even if they didn't have that stuff, my family and friends would drag me here, so... yeah." Carter stopped, running out of things to say.

2/4/2011 . Edited 2/4/2011 #10

Oh? Well wasn't he just an important little guy. Charlotte was resisting the urge to cross her legs again, as it would probably end up with some part of her touching him, which she was guessing would be undesirable. She instead she distracted herself with more people watching until he was done, then turned her full attention back to him, finally finding her curiosity for conversation.

"Oh?" She tapped her fingers lightly against their seat, deciding she was more interested in him than his family, she picked at the latter part of his explanation. "You skate, I take?" She chimed, glancing back to him as she took another sip of her drink, happy for an excuse to pause. She always hated first meets - they were awkward for the first twenty or so minutes before they became fun.

2/4/2011 #11

"Oh, heh, yeah." Carter nodded, feeling his cheeks tint a light pink color. "I ride my board around all the time, and I've actually been putting off getting my license just so I can use the board to get around. It's kind of inconvenient, but ya know, it's something I love doing, so I don't mind." Again, he could feel the conversation steering into the awkward silence. Quickly, Carter tacked on more, trying to keep away from that scenario.

"Mom hates it though. She's always afraid I'm gonna break my neck or something which... in all fairness isn't totally misplaced." He let out a soft laugh then opened his mouth, pointing to his left canine for a few seconds, showing her, then closed his mouth. "Fake, along with a couple of other teeth. I landed a little less than gracefully going down a set of stairs and smashed my teeth on the ground and shattered a couple of them. I've also broken my wrist, arm, dislocated my shoulder and shattered my kneecap."

2/4/2011 #12

Charlotte tried to keep her expression mildly entertained, but she couldn't quite catch the steady widening of her eyes as he began listing injuries. She was pretty sure her jaw would've hit the ground if her mind wasn't burnt with the need to be polite to strangers. Not that, stereotypically speaking, it was something that should have surprised her. If anything, he fit the part of a 'skater' perfectly in appearance.

"That.. is pretty fair reason to dislike something." She finally chimed. "Jeez, you'd think you'd start to hate it a bit yourself if it hurts that much." She giggled, shaking her head. "I cant ride those things. The few times I've tried have ended less than beautifully, to say the least. Though, I've never taken that kind of abuse from a crash." She added, giving him a quick look over.

"For me it's more entertaining to watch than attempt." She shrugged.

2/4/2011 #13

A laugh finally managed to slip past his vocal defenses after the words she spoke and the way her expression changed. It was the usual reaction; people wondered why he could continue doing such a dangerous thing when he'd hurt himself so badly in the past. However, it was just the way an Author liked to write, or an Artist liked to draw. It was the thing he loved, and he couldn't help himself any more than they could.

"Yeah, I know, I sometimes wonder myself and when I busted my face, I swore I'd quit. Not even a week after I got my teeth fixed, I was back on the board, trying the same stair set." Carter shrugged his shoulders. He decided to be a little bold, and asked, "If you're entertained by watching, you wanna come and watch me hopefully not bust my teeth on the course today?"

2/4/2011 #14

Charlotte just shook her head at him, soft grin stuck on her face. It seemed her new-found friend was a bit stubborn, unsurprisingly. Most men couldn't give up on something that they failed at, it seemed. Emerald eyes slid across his face curiously, trying to determine if she should tag along or not, before she widened her grin at him.

"Sure, why not?" She shrugged again, trying to act mature even though her bubbly little mind wanted her to pounce to her feet in joy. Not that it was a big deal, but it wasn't often Char managed to catch enough attention to meet someone.. tolerable - someone who seemed to be more thought and less appearance. A tiny hand began twirling a stray strand of hair again as she changed her attention back to people watching.

"Sounds like fun~" She paused for the tiniest of seconds. "About what time would this be?"

2/5/2011 #15

He could see that she didn't understand his determination. He didn't really blame her, though. A couple of his old buddies had quit for the same reasons they were talking about; they'd just fallen and broken something one too many times. The reward was worth the risk, or at least, that's the way Carter saw it.

"Sounds like fun." Charlotte paused briefly. "About what time would this be?"

"At about..." Carter reached into his pocket and pulled out a Pantech Ease cell phone, tapping one of the buttons at the bottom. 11:36 AM. "in about three hours. They first round starts at 3:30, but I'm not up 'till 3:45, or so. Every skater gets five minutes to do tricks and then the judges rate them."

2/5/2011 #16

Charlotte had never really cared to much for watching the skating competition before he mentioned it. Funny how the females urge to have something in common with a guy would lead her to suddenly take an interest in it. She probably shouldn't say anything though - after all, she didn't mind the attention her attempt at conversation had gotten her. As he reached into his pocket, the mostly-blond girl subconsciously crossed her legs Indian style, catching her action as it completed itself. Meh.

"Well, since we seem to have plenty of time until then, is there anything you'd like to do, Carter?" She propped her chin in her hand, elbow falling against the side of her knee.

2/5/2011 #17

What would he like to do until then? He glanced over and opened his mouth. "Well, we could--"



His younger sister waltzed over, her bag bouncing against her side and she strolled toward them. Her cheeks were puffed out in a rather amusing way, signaling she was annoyed. Celina stopped infront of them, putting her hands on her hips. "Nii-chan, why did you leave so suddenly!? You scared me, I didn't know where you went! I thought I'd lost you!"

Carter sighed, shooting her a glare. "You're fourteen, I thought you could take care of yourself."

She didn't seem to hear him. For the first time, it seemed, Celina noticed the girl sitting beside her brother and looked over. "Oh." She said, blinking curiously. "Hello, I'm Carter's younger - and much more interesting - sister Celina!"

He groaned, rolling his eyes. "Yes, shadowing your older brother whenever you go places is sooo cool."

Celina turned toward him, stamping her feet. "Shut up, Nii-chan!"

2/5/2011 #18

Charlotte resisted the almost excessive need to squeal a very obnoxious, "Awwwwwwwwhhh~!" as they were joined by an apparently very annoyed teen. Their little banter was only adding to her desire as she giggled. So. Carter had a little sister. Interesting.

"Yes, you do seem interesting.." Charlotte muttered, grinning a bit. "Nice to meet you." She said, quickly following her comment up with a sip of her lemonade as their banter continued. It really was precious, but that was probably because the elder girl didn't have any siblings of her own. She wished she would have been graced with the presence of a life-long companion.

"Awh, aren't you two cute." She teased them both, shaking her head as a bubbly little laugh slipped out.

2/5/2011 #19

Carter rolled his eyes again, mumbling something under his breath.

"Well, I knew that I alone was cute, but not him." Celina let out her own giggle, before sliding into the seat between them, throwing her arms around her brother's neck. "I'm just kidding, Nii-chan! You're too nice to me, I love you!"

A light scarlet color painted Carter's cheeks as Celina hugged him. Reluctantly, he slipped his arms around her, returning the hug. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Don't you have some friends you could go hang out with? You know everything the hosted by the fair is free for us, why not go and exploit it?"

"You're just trying to get rid of me so you can get some alone time with your new girlfriend!" Celina said accusingly, poking him in the chest.

Carter grunted, then said sarcastically. "Yes, Celina, you're cock blocking me, now beat it."

"See?" Celina looked over at Charlotte, giggling. "Told you so."

2/5/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #20

Charlotte wished she wouldn't have taken a drink right that second as she tuned back in on their little conversation, almost coughing her drink back up as laughter tried to escape her occupied mouth. Girlfriend? Nice, kiddie. His response made it that much more comical as she tried to regain her composure and pretend she hadn't almost preformed a beautifully surprised spit-take.

"See?" The girl looked at her laughing - hopefully not at her. "Told you so."

Truthfully, she wasn't sure how to respond. It seemed like her best course of action would have been to stay out of it entirely - which she would have done if Celina hadn't purposefully attempted to prove a very moot point.

"Hah, right." Charlotte chuckled awkwardly, grinning at the pair as she chose to ignore her own blush in hopes they would as well.

2/6/2011 #21

Giggling, Celina leaned over and gave her brother a kiss on the cheek before standing up. "Alright, I'll leave you two be then." She turned and took a step forward before spinning around again. "Oh, and don't forget to meet me at the artist's gallery later, Nii-chan!"

"I won't." Carter said, rather unconvincingly.

Celina caught it, and smiled. "I'll text you so you don't forget." And with this, the girl turned and skipped away, humming some unfamiliar tune.

Carter sighed, shaking his head. He glanced over at Charlotte, offering a smile. "Annnd that's my little sister, Celina."

2/6/2011 #22

Charlotte grinned in response to the girls actions, watching her curiously before allowing her attention to wander yet again. Such an odd little girl she was. As they exchanged what seemed to be their final words Charlotte glanced back at them, only returning her full attention to her companion as he spoke to her.

"Annnd that's my sister, Celina." He smiled.

"Cutie," The blond replied simply, giggling a bit. She didn't want to be rude and say-so aloud, but the idea that the girl she'd just seen was only a year younger than her seemed unreal. "She's pretty friendly, I take?" It was a bit of a sarcastic comment rather than the question it sounded like, but if her friend chose to actually answer she wouldn't mind.

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