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Pull up a chair, sit down and let's chat...

8/16/2008 . Edited 7/29/2010 #1
Lt. Zander

The hell man(s)!?

The day I spend at a friend's birthday party is when you all decide to post like damn rabbits?! Though the lazer tag was fun.......STILL

You always do this! (Directed at God, Karma, and Lady Luck):

Why do you hate me so much......? I've never done anything wrong.......well, really wrong.

8/16/2008 #2

Ooooh. I love lazer tag.

8/16/2008 #3
Lt. Zander

Well, obviously, using common sense, you can probably guess that is a big no-no.

And, it is, or rather I believe it to be.

I see it as when its something unimportant, as in my recent post about hitting Travis, that wasn't going to kill him and he wasn't an actually "Main" Character.

Now if that was a Villian and the ball was replaced with Sigurd's chain throwing daggers, then I bet Angel would be pissed, seeing as how I made it look like a 3 year-old could have killed him and not give the bad guy a response.

Though, when it comes to bad guys, as in Aizen-sama from BLEACH, he doesn't allow you time to react, you'll just get you ass handed to you anyway so why prolong the suffering?

So, if its a main character as in Carter, Autumn, ect, then you'll have to give them time to reply. While if its just Travis, and its not life-threatening, then I bet Angel would be ok with it.

8/17/2008 . Edited 8/17/2008 #4

Good morning. Yep, Zander, I think that's the best way to put it! Anyway, off to eat breakfast.

8/17/2008 #5
Lt. Zander


ANyone a believer in ghosts? Or are you all the "Heaven" thing?

8/22/2008 #6

Absolutely. Who doesn't?

And about Heaven... Well, I believe there is an afterlife. Some spirits go to the afterlife, some stay here on earth and some go to the "Bad" afterlife where all the demons and poltergeists and such live.... Wheather or not it's heaven and hell I don't think so... When you go to the afterlife, you don't have to be absolutely perfect. You can just be yourself...

Well, in a ghostly form.... ^^\\\

8/22/2008 #7

Crap...I think I scared you guys off. Dag, I'm about to go in like 15 minutes...then I might come back. If I do, I don't know how much time I'll have left.

8/22/2008 #8
Lt. Zander

Na, I'm just working on something, you're reply. Well, MY reply know what I mean.

8/22/2008 #9
Lt. Zander

Yes, you can all laugh and call me paronoid if you want. I don't mind because this shit scared the hell out of me when it happened.

My family has a really really uncanny and unnerving history with ghost. I mean seriously, just about EVERYONE has at least one ghost story, (my mom, her brothers, and my grandma all have more).......

I have a current one right now. I haven't seen a ghost but I apparently attract unnatural things.....


Well, today, -as usual now-, there've been things supposedly 'falling and breaking' and yet nothing being there when I go to where the sound comes from. Not all that scary now, though, still a little unnerving.

Lets see......going back a few years......

I'm about 13, 14ish:

It was like 1 in the morning and I was watching the all Star Wars movies. We had the couch against the wall that lead to the kitchen and down the hall, and the tv was across the room in a little corner where two walls connected. Well, about 12, I thought I heard something so I went looking around (Making sure to keep Star Wars playing)

.....Kinda got creeped out, Oh, did I mention its 1 in the morning and my parents aren't home?

So, doing the smartest thing I could think of at the time, I closed all the doors, the bathroom door, my door, both hallway closet doors, and my parent's door. Then I turned on the hallway light and went back to the couch, making sure to turn on the kitchen light as well on my way back. Then I turned on the ceilling fan light and the two lamps in the living room.

Thinking that would be enough, I sat down and started watching again. Few minutes pasted, nothing happened, so I thought my plan worked, my dog crawled into my lap and started to doze off.......Few more minutes pass, and then out of no-where the dog wakes up and starts barking for no reason at all. No parents coming inside from the car, all the lights on, and its one in the morning........

And there is no sound, I mute the movie and tell her to be quiet, she does, and I listen theres nothing and then she starts barking and yet there is nothing making a noise......Ya........I just kinda cranked the volume up and kept looking back at the hallway for the rest of the night.......

Now, a few more years back.........hmmmmmm...........

Oh yes! Creepy doll house........Ya, never got over that one......

When I was younger, around 11 or so, me and my mother lived with my grandma, though my mom had a house of her own, she just liked to stay over there instead.....

Anyway, my grandmother has this 'thing' with dolls, so thinking it was a good idea, she bought a doll case the size of a wall and filled it with dolls........I'm not lying, oh, the case was as tall and as wide as the wall, and the dolls were as tall as a 6 or 7 year-old would be, just to clarify that.

Ya, SHE PUT THIS THING IN THE LIVING ROOM RIGHT NEXT TO HER DOOR. So, I did the smartest thing I could think of, close the door to the living room, lock it, and dig into her movie collection and find the loudest, most violent (Not Scary) movie I could, and watched them until someone got home and then I would come out.

I'd only come out when I went to the bath room across that was down the hall from the living room or when I went to the kitchen for something that was just across from my grandmother's room. AND I RAN. I was like a Olympic sprinter, I just FLEW out of the living room to wherever I was going and then I quickly flew back when I was done.


Damn, that was long.....

8/22/2008 . Edited 8/22/2008 #10
Lt. Zander

Little cliche, though I have to say I get that feeling if I don't have music playing in my house, EVEN WITH the dog right next to me. The feeling like something is just there.

Heh, I sleep on my side though I can't sleep facing the closet, strange because you'd think that someone who can't sleep with it open would like to keep an eye on it ya know?

8/22/2008 #11

Heh, it's probably just paranoia. But who could blame you?

8/22/2008 #12

I'm not exactly sure if i've had a paranormal experience before, but I love to play with Oujia Boards and stuff. I have one in my room, but it's in my closet with a cross on top of it.

Oh, btw, does the name Baal ring any bells?

8/22/2008 #13

Nope, never heard of it. Or them.

8/22/2008 #14

Though, he spelled it Bael to me, it's safe to assume it's the same person, or demon....

8/22/2008 #15

OOC-Hm... Just for the hell of it...

{---Scary Shit right here X3

{--- Really bad choices here, folks...

{--- FSN!!!

{--- My personal favorite XD

If ya wanna see all of the ones I got...

8/23/2008 . Edited 8/23/2008 #16

As yes, this rule.... I realize what it says, but it doesn't mean I want anybody making a weapon that is purely for firing projectiles attached to chains. Like I said, if it's in the hilt of a sword or something, then it's fine, but no, not if it's the main weapon.

9/6/2008 #17

Real life troubles mostly, he hasnt been on for a while now.

1/30/2009 #18

(Well...I certainly hope it isn't what I think it is...I guess we can only hope the best for him though.)

1/30/2009 #19

4got this was the chatroom...oops. Well, w/e.

1/30/2009 #20

Yeah, but hes a tough kid. I think he'll pull through fine. I am a little worried however, as he hasnt replied to the PM I sent him a while back.

Lol ^^. So, what you been up too?

1/30/2009 #21

Yes he is ^^

I recently invested in my frappucino (or however you spell it) addiction. I drink it in the morning, and at night, and I am still able to fall soundly asleep. I guess stress over rides the caffeine. You?

1/30/2009 #22

Still looking for work, still going through college. My apartment however is now free of the horrible purple paintjob, so thats a plus ^^.

Oh, and IDK if you still Rp online, but FX and myself have started another rp away from Bleach and anime for a change.

1/30/2009 #23

Yes...the economy is very retarded nowadays. And yes, unfortunately, purple is a very lame color. :P

Sounds promising...but I have to focus on other things right now, joining another roleplay will probably get me addicted to something other than crack. I mean coffee.

1/30/2009 #24

Si si.

Lol, I know what you mean. I got it lucky. My only class is from 9-9:45 am, and the rest of the day is mine. And whats going on? Job search, college got you worried, whats up?

1/30/2009 #25

You're life seems like paradise compared to mine right now...

1/30/2009 #26

Whats wrong?

1/30/2009 #27

One of my boobs is bigger than ther other one.


1/30/2009 #28

Okay, I'm going to bed now...really tired. Peace

1/30/2009 #29
Lt. Zander

I am deeply sorry for my disappearence, all. Between school, a wedding, two (close-friend's) funerals and slipping slightly into depression, I kinda' just disappeared on you.

While I believe it to be understandible, the elongated disappearance without an explaination is not. I am sorry again.

I will not be returning to the RPG, sadly, I do not have the time to write two (Original) stories (That are going to get published) and participate in the several forums/RPGs that I am currently in. I have already dropped all my browser-based games and I never played download-required games.

I do not mind losing my Mod powers if you wish, since I will not be needing them. I do though, want to continue speaking with you all, as you are quite good friends (In my mind at least).

2/28/2009 #30
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