Demon Attackes
Has anyone been attacked by a demon before? I have. And so have my friends, and my boyfriend. Tell your stories here.
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Azar Shamira Malak

I have been attack alot, but I know that God is there to protect me. I share my story for those who have been attacked, to say that there is other people out there, so you are not alone.

I will give you a story that has just happened to me, and my boyfriend at around the same time.

I was sleeping, and there is a light in my hallway that is always on for my little brother. I sleep with my door a little open for my cat Belle to go in and out. Anyways. A ghost/ spirit has been bother my boyfriend, and i prayed for him, so he could get some sleep, and for the ghost or whatever it was to leave him alone.

A shadow moved in the hallway, and it scared me, but i started to sing amazing grace in my head to calm me down, and i closed my eyes. When i opened them, blackness surronded me, and i couldnt breathe. Something pinned me down, and felt like it was choking my breath out of me. I couldnt move.

I opened my mouth to sing Amazing Grace, but my jaw froze, and i couldnt say anything. I heard laughter, and an evil voice hissing in my ear, "you cannot do anything!"

I closed my eyes and started to think the song in my head, and when i opened my eyes again, the blackness was gone, and i could breathe again.

I deal with this almost everyday, and i dont give up believeing in god. I also know, that there is something that the devil dosnt like. It gives me strenght that God is looking after me, and he has a plan for me.

8/13/2008 #1
All American Grl

Nothing like that has happened to me but one time I was listening to music and somehow I heard the words sell your soul and there wasn't anyway I miss heard it considering I memorized how long the song took opposed to how long it was supposed to take the one I heard was longer.

8/13/2008 #2


I've never been physically attacked, I beleive that God has protected me thus far, becuase im absolutely terrified of demons, even though I know I have no reason to be. Its something I'm working on overcoming.

The most that has happened to me was in Nigeria. There are blackouts all throughout the day there, and in our hotel during one of these blackouts, me and my cousing were sharing a room. When the power shut off, it was completly black, (like, i couldnt see my hand an inch away from my face, black) I was sitting on my bed when the lights flashed once or twice, and when they did, it was as if something lunged at me from behind them. I jumped about three feet and screamed, but then the power came back on, and whatever presence had been there had faded. I went to my parents room to see how they were, only to be informed that my dad had felt that same evil presence, and had begun to pray. Which I think is the reason that It didnt get any further chances to attack me.

Im proud of you for having so much courage and faith, always remember that Jesus gave you the authority to cast anything not of God, so if the demon should return, rebuke it in the name of christ, and send it away in the name of christ, it will have no choice but to leave, it will be powerless. If your being attacked, its because the devil sees in you a bright light that he wants put out. Satan is powerless, but you are powerfull because you have Jesus.

8/14/2008 #3
Azar Shamira Malak

Its amazing how so many of these attacks worldwide has happened, and people still refuse to belive it. All my close friends were attacked by demons. And I mean all.

One of my friends was also sleeping, on his stomach, and he then he felt like a knee on the back of his neck, pushing him down into the pillow. When it left, no one was in the room. Later that week, his older brother was sleeping, and something jumped on him, and he said that if felt as though all the breath in his body was pulled out.

My friend Candy was sitting in her room reading, when she had the sudden urge to read the bible. She didnt know why, but that night she couldnt sleep without holding the bible.

I have 5 bibles placed around my bed, two crosses, one golden hung on my bedpost, and one around my neck.

I use to pratice like wiccan. I only did like two charms, and I stopped after that. I didnt like it, the feeling and everything. It didnt seem right. From when I quit, I never saw the two charms again.

When I am in the basement of my house, i cant actually see it, but i could see it. If i close my eyes, i could see in my minds eye, something in a black cloak, that is always to afraid to come near me. My boyfriend and i were downstairs, and i just started to cry, and have a panic attack. It takes alot for me to cry, i mean alot! And all i could say to my boyfriend was, "Its here".

A group of my friends, were at one of their house, and this guy that lives in this house has one dog, who never growls. Well, they were sitting in the kictchen, and in this group of friends was the guy that was atttacked ealier in this post. The dog started to growl at the oppisitie end of the room, and the guys told me, all of them, that the hair on the back of the dogs neck was all poofed out, and the dog sounded like it was going to attack. Then the table started to shake, and all three of them were pushed to the ground. They all say the same thing. It was as if something picked them up, and dropped them on the ground.

Candy's bf was driving home one day, when something lunged at his car. He still doesnt know what it was, but he always has a bible in his car, with a cross.

Its rare to have so many close friends all attacked. I think about everyone of mine has, but my bf's attacks scare me.

It taunts him. It will try to lure him to fight it, and we both know that nothing good will come of it. It tries to lure him out into the kicthen. For what we do not know. Everynight it use to play the same nightmare, over and over again. The nightmare of when his great-grandfather died. Everything is the same as he remembered it. Nothing is out of place, nothing is different. Everything is the exact same. One night it had laughed at him, saying that my bf wasnt strong enough. Enough for what we do not know. But we are afraid that whatever it is, it is going to attack the people that my bf cares for the most.

there is something strange with all my friends being attacked. And most of them starting when we first started to hang out. All i know is, is that we are doing something right.

8/14/2008 . Edited 8/14/2008 #4
Brendan Aurabolt

You said yourself you used to practice Wiccan. I don't know how "dedicated" you were to it but I believe you're finding out firsthand WHY God forbids those who believe in him to practice witchcraft, magick, the Dark Arts, Spiritualism, etc. You can consider the fact that you haven't been seriously harmed to the fact that you've put your trust in God. You can consider it a warning from God as to how dangerous such practices are and what could happen to you if you return to it.

A few years ago, I read an article about a brother and sister who were Spirit Mediums. The sister had a "bad session" and decided to become a christain afterward. Her brother was with her when said episode happened but didn't become a Christain with her. In the months immediately following her conversion, horrible things began to happen to her friends and family. When her brother nearly died in a car accident, he took the hint and become a Christain herself. Now they travel aroud America and share their story with others in the hopes that people will learn from whar happened to them.

What's happening to you is you are being attacked by vengeful spirits who are not happy you've turned your back on them. Are you and your friends still being plagued by these vengeful spirits? If so, here are some useful tips:

-Demons and Spirits should flee from you when they realize they can't get their desired reactions out of you. The sole purpose of Satan and is followers is to prey on the fears and emotions of the people they victimize. If you are firm they should back off under normal circumstances.

-When you feel the presence, close your eyes and pray out loud. They hate it when you talk to god in their presence!

-If they come to you in your dreams, simply rebuke them in the name of Jesus. Tell them they are not welcome in your presence because you are one of God's Children.

-As for your friends, (if possible) get together and pray together as long as these things keep happening. There is strength in numbers and this holds especially true when it comes to prayer. Upon seeing your collaboration, the enemy should flee from you.

I seriously hope this helps you. If they're not enough, speak to the pastor/clergy/minister at your church.

9/27/2008 . Edited 9/27/2008 #5
CS Waters

Aah, if you read Bil Meyer's series called Forbidden Doors, you'll see just how powerful the 'dark side of the Force' they can be if you let them. Their power writhers away once you make it clear who you serve. Death doesn't have its final word, and Satan has no control. God will allow things to happen, but when we call out, He will answer. Just remember, singing songs of praise, or just talking to Him will remove the demons from your presence. THey may try to hurt you more, but merely take that as a complement. After all, they see you as a threat. It's like with a snake. They're probably more afraid of you than you are of them. They know you can cast them into the pit, and they're running scared. Just keep that in mind, along with the all important Jesus is with you, and you've got nothing to fear or worry about.

9/28/2008 #6

I have never been attacked personally, but I would love to get some more input on what has happened to people who have been attacked. I am writing a story about kids who fight demons. Let me know if you are intrested in talking to me.


4/3/2009 #7

Me too, I've never been personally attacked. But I think I almost was. My mother is a truck driver, so she was out on the road alot, and I was left alone at home. We were having a few problems, and my faith in god was wavering. I noticed now and then at night whenever i would go to sleep, there would be this loud scratching noise, like some thing was trapped in the wall and was frantically trying to get out. It happened more frequently, and i seriously got freaked out. Tried to tell her, she didn't believe me. So I called my friend, and she got concerned, and just told me to pray. So I did, and soon enough the scratching noise went away. Yes, I have considered if it was an animal, like a mouse or something, but we've had mice, squirrels, even cats stuck in the walls and floors of our house. This don't know, sort of sounded like fingers on the windows, scratching really fast. It really scared me.

4/17/2009 #8

Well, um, idk if what attacked me was a demon, but I think it had to be. I found the right forum for this! I'm glad there are others who've went through what I have. ^^ I hope this doesn't sound too stupid, either, I'm not a good journal writer, but this happened to me.

I was 15 and it was the summer. I was tired so I thought I'd take a nap, even thought it was only 5 in the evening. When I laid down I heard this voice and it said: "You'll fall asleep in five minutes" and wallah, I fell asleep in five minutes. I had a normal average dream about going to a coffee shop. There was this guy there, like realy old and he sat down with me and we talked about ridiculous stuff until he told me: "I know you're dreaming, I made you fall asleep." I was kinda freaked so I told him to go away, and he did but he told me that he'd see me again in a couple of minutes. I woke up then and it was like 9, so I went out of my room and got a drink. When I came back, I started to take a sip but I fell over, like I fainted right there and landed on my bed and my drink spilled all over. When I started dreaming, I was in a feild and there was that one guy again, I turned to run, but he grabbed me and then it all went black. When I came to again I was in this room and there was nothing but a mirror in it. I started to walk around, and noticed that I could FEEL everything. And the time passed minute by minute, as if I was in real life again. Once I turned around and that guy was there again. I was really mad, so I started to beat him up, but he took my arm and twisted it so hard that I cried---because it really hurt. He REALLY HAD done that to me. He kicked me in the stomach and it seriously hurt so I just sat there on the floor and cried for like five minutes. Real-time minutes, like you could count the seconds. He started saying: "You don't belong there. You belong here and you know it. It is true that life is just a dream, because people can't own up to their own expectations." I had no idea what the hell he was saying, so i started cussing him out. He just dissapeared. And I was left there. For hours and real real hours droned on and I had to count the seconds for entertainment. I started thinking it was real because I felt him hurt me and I could feel the floor and myself. No matter what I did, I couldn't wake myself up, so I decided it was definatley real. Much to my annoyment, a few hours after I decided that, I managed to wake myself by hitting my head on the wall. I was in my bed, and the juice was spilled all over me. I felt a fire in my throat and mind and a voice say..."What do you think you're doing? Your jail time is not up." I started to get up, scared, and make my way into the living room where my dad was so he could see me, but I passed out and fell on my face before I made it there. I woke up in that same room and had to stay there for about three more hours. This time, I couldn't wake myself up. When I finally woke up, I ran into the living room and read the clock. It said 9:00. That's when I realized I had slept from 5:00 the day before to 9:00PM that day, which was more than a day's worth of sleep. Yeah, I know that's hard to belive, ridiculous maybe. But it really happened to me.

5/27/2009 #9
Monochromatic Stains

I've tried to summon demons before but it never worked, but still I try.

7/26/2009 #10
Azar Shamira Malak

Why would you?

In the end you will never get what you want, and their side of the deal is so much worse then what yours was. Only pain, suffering, and misery will come of it.

7/27/2009 #11
Monochromatic Stains

Pain, suffering, and misery, are a part of everything, theres no way to avoid it.

7/27/2009 #12
Monochromatic Stains

None of this matters anyway since there is no God or Jesus.

8/4/2009 #13
Lord of the Foxes

Tell me, if there is no God and Jesus, then how did you come to be? And do you even know what you're doing, trying to summon a demon?

I will warn you once, and this is a sincere warning, to protect you from things you cannot ever comprehend; do not summon or call forth a demon. You will regret it.

8/5/2009 #14
Monochromatic Stains

I actually don't care how I came to be probably from apes or something.

Well I did it and nothing happened, so I guess I don't regret it.

8/5/2009 #15
Monochromatic Stains

Theres no such thing as demons or possession or anything like that.

8/6/2009 #16
CS Waters

There have been cases. Perhaps you've just kept your eyes closed.

8/6/2009 #17
Monochromatic Stains

Don't talk to me like I am a child.

There has never been concrete cases of ghosts, possession, or demons. Everything has been debunked, but people refuse to listen to reason.

8/7/2009 . Edited 8/7/2009 #18

I've never had an experience with a demon nor has anyone I know, but I do find the world of demons and possessions very interesting. Personally I don't know if they're real or not and I don't want to find out.

8/7/2009 #19
Monochromatic Stains

that one movie we saw was pretty good though.

8/20/2009 #20
Splendour of the Machine

Hmm...I'm more of an atheist than anything else, but I'm generally open to the idea of 'supernatural' beings. Maybe it's possible to be possessed by 'demons of your mind' - the darker parts of yourself, which may or may not be purely metaphorical beings. Even in this day and age, we as a race still know little about the human mind and its nature. The average person uses such a small percentage of their brain...I mean, books in general are fascinating things: they force the reader to visualise entire worlds... The power of imagination is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and not to be underestimated.

9/4/2009 #21

I've never been physically attacked by demons (I don't really believe in physical demons anyway) but who can deny to've at one point at their lives been attacked by the Demon of Rage?

10/28/2009 #22

personally i have never been attacked by demons, but i have read about things like that. have you ever heard of a book called baptize by blazing fire? some pretty powerful stuff there. the best part is that when they're attacked by demons, they actually fight back using the armour of God mentioned in Ephesians and WIN. it's a true story, and it's Christian. you know, since you're interested. :)

10/24/2010 #23
A Fire Rose

We can drive away demons with the name of Jesus. It almost cracks me up that whenever we have a sermon on this, the microphones start failing at random intervals. But it works.

2/26/2011 #24
A Fire Rose

While you summon demons up there, I rebuke all evil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Evil, you are not welcome here and you are not welcome around any of these people, myself included.

2/26/2011 #25

We can drive away demons with the name of Jesus. It almost cracks me up that whenever we have a sermon on this, the microphones start failing at random intervals. But it works.

You know... that kinda reminded me of a scene in the documentary Jesus Camp in which they pray above freaking everything in a room!

3/4/2011 #26

It is funny, not in a good way, as I am reading this I got down to the girl who doesn't believe in god, shaking my head no. As I shook my head the clock above me became immensely loud when it ticked, it seemed as if everything else was blocked out. Now I have a weird feeling on the side of my neck and if someone if holding it, and a feeling in the back of my head as if someone is playing with my hair? XD I know this sounds crazy but it is true. Maybe I am just being paranoid.

6/30/2011 #27
Alyx J Pierce

I have had a few experiences with demons.

The first was at my first year of church camp. I used to be terrified of spiders. I was desperately trying to get to sleep, and this dark presence just overwhelmed. All I could see where spiders, everywhere. All of me, all of the bed, the walls, everywhere. I could feel them too. I began to panic. My camp counselor and I prayed, and the moment she said Jesus' name it all dissapppeared. I was still pretty terrified though.

I've walked into a few of my friends' houses and literally felt the dark presences. I pray, for the house, and protection. And it usually leaves me, but I still feel a little uneasy in those houses.

A few years back, at church camp, we were in Cabin 13. I believe Satan uses superstitions to his advantage. That year, three of our campers got hurt - two of which had to go to the hospital and get a cast. And eerie things happened the whole time, it was pretty terrifying. But we never really prayed against the dark forces like we should have.

I think those are my only real physical encounters with demons, I've had feelings and lots of friends who have seen/been attacked as well. The fact that I know demons are real is exactly why I will not mess with a Ouija board, spells, charms, witchcraft, etc. I also don't watch a lot of scary movies because they are desensitizing us to the real supernatural world.

5/23/2012 #28
Brendan Aurabolt

...I have to admit I'm glad this thread's still going strong.

I had something that can only be described as an experience last weekend. I was taking a nap when I suddenly felt another presence in the room. This presence did not feel natural and it felt very hostile toward me. Involuntarily I began to pray and almost instantly the presence vanished.

One thing I learned over the years is the devil doesn't pull punches. When he targets someone he goes about it in the most painful way possible for his intended victim/target. He knows he lost the war and wants to take as many people down with him as possible. His favored targets are new christians, those who spread the gospel, those questioning their faith, those with little to no faith and those who doubt his existence. I've little doubt that last one willl surprise many. While God will of course be disoppointed to know people doubt his existence, Satan takes offense to the idea people doubt his power. Make no mistake the devil is real. You don't have to fear him but you should NEVER underestimate him. He'll make you pay for it when you least expect it.

5/23/2012 #29

Have I been attacked by Demons? In a word, yes. I could and just might write a book on my experiences over the last twenty years. I am of a firm belief that there are no such thing as Ghosts; only Demons impersonating the spirits of those that have departed. In the Bible is states that after death there is the judgement. No mention of Limbo or getting getting trapped here on Earth due to unfinished business. BUT folks would rarely invite a spirit into their home if they knew it was a demon. If a person feels "Comforted" by the spirit of mom or dad, grandma or grandpa around then that gives the demonic spirits an opening. I have aided many over the years that have only realized their mistake after they realize that that cute spirit of a little boy or who ever actually were not as benevolent as they thought. They were the "Gateway" spirit. The one that got them to open the door way into the home so to speak.

8/7/2012 #30
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