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She bought a ripped version that viewed like an actual good quality DVD. I was impressed because the volume or picture are typically crap on bootlegged movies. Jonas Brothers. Hell no. Nuh uh. Nope. I might be ashamed of one band in particular but my taste isn't that horrible. That wasn't mean because I set myself up for that one. At least it's not true. I am one sexy beast. ;)

You could hate me more. I went to the beach yesterday too. Dude I had to go. It was over 100 degrees over here. I didn't go to the Laker game...does that help?

4/22/2009 #91

lol. Alright, alright. So, it's not the Jonas Brothers. Oh! Is it Hannah Montana? :D Okay, I'm kidding. Which band is the one that you're so ashamed of admitting to liking?

Hmm...I'm not so hateful today. :) The weather here is coming out nice! I'm sitting in 60 degree weather here and the sun is shining, the birds are singing. Tomorrow's gonna be in the 80s!! YAy, beach time here too! Whipping out my bikini! And saying goodbye to my snowboard. Ah, the Lakers game. It helps. It helps. But I feel for you, too. It sucks to not go.

4/22/2009 #92

Dude. 60 degree weather is nice? You need to be thrown into a straitjacket. Actually...that's not such a bad idea. It'll make the snatch and grab easier when I finally get around to kidnapping you. [You'll be baking me brownies during your hostage situation] I'm starting to think that you're a diehard fan of the Jonas Brothers. Oh Rose. Say it ain't so! Band of shame: Hellogoodbye. Yeah. Shh. You have a snowboard? Did you need to have it specially made on account of your midget-like height? =D

4/24/2009 #93

60 degree weather is nice if you've been getting 20 degree weather for weeks after spring. 20 got jealous of 60 for stealing two days and came back with a vengeance, bringing along with it rain, some sleet, lightning, winds, and dark gloomy clouds. [I find it incredibly funny that we're talking about weather!] I don't think a straitjacket will do the trick. I could probably wiggle out of that thing. Oh shoot! I can't believe I told you that. Now I've lost the element of surprise. Ah well, you probably couldn't kidnap me anyway. I may be short but I have powerful lungs. And don't forget my attack combinations. :) [I'm a pro at tripping, remember?] But you know, I just might let you take me away from all this dreary Minnesota weather. Me and the Jonas Brothers? HA. Only when you start dating men...damn, that's not too hard for you to do. I'll stick with the "when pigs fly" statement. XD [that's for calling me a midget] Anyway, Hellogoodbye? That's your band of shame? I love them! Funny, 'cause I'm listening to Baby, It's Fact. Huh. Yes, I have a snowboard. And no, it's not specially made. They have many sizes for height ranges. I love mine. Worked hard for it too. Do you snowboard? How about surfing? [since you're always at the beach, damn you.] Ah, and one more question. What song got you hooked on Hellogoodbye?

4/26/2009 #94

Talking about weather is reserved for people with nothing better to say. We're different. We need to talk about your crappy weather cause it makes my weather look that much more better. Now I know that I should knock you out before I put you into that jacket. Would you prefer a blunt object to the head or being drugged? This way you can't yell for help during the assault. [I picked up a few skills from 'Taken.']

You worked hard for it? Why? Did you make it? I haven't been snowboarding since I think I was 14. Surfing is my favorite thing to do (other than to laugh til I can't breathe). 'Dear Jamie...' was the first song. This girl I liked many moons ago practically shoved that song down my throat.

4/27/2009 #95

Sure, sure but really, MN weather has been crappy of late. It's cloudy one minute. Sunny the next. And then, what do you know? It's pouring. If you really do plan to kidnap me, I'd rather just come willingly. I could do without a headache and I'm not sure I trust you with drugs. You might overdose me on accident. Picking up skills from movies is wayyyy more dangerous than just being an amatuer.

Yes, I worked extremely hard for it. I built it out of tape, cardboard and glue. It has a great paint job too! No, actually, what I meant was that I got a job as a busgirl and cleaned up tables so that I could save up and buy a snowboard. Huh. Getting something shoved down your throat will make you like it? I know.

5/6/2009 #96

Cardboard and tape LOL. Don't try to shove anything down my throat. You'll regret it. I'll bite off your hand...or a finger at least. 'Taken' came out today on DVD. Rent it. Pronto. You'll love it. I promise. How was Mother's Day? Did your 9 children smother you with hugs and presents? And what about the other 3 you abandoned down in Florida? For me it was a great excuse to see my sisters and mom again without looking like I missed them so much.

Please tell me you saw the Lakers get slaughtered on Sunday. I was laughing my head off. I made sure to rub it in to all the fans in my family (which is everyone). I'm sure they'll win today out of anger and embarrassment. The Cavs swept AGAIN. Woo! How's the weather treating you, Rose?

5/12/2009 #97

Someone stole my wallet. So I have no way of renting DVDs from the Redbox!! DAmmit...I think I attract disastors. Mother's Day was fun. Had a big cookout and potluck with fam. The three kids I abandoned in Florida tracked me down and tried to kill me...with kisses and hugs too. I'm telling your mom and sisters the truth.

I saw the Lakers get slaughtered on Sunday......that's what you wanted me to say, right? I did see them. And it WAS hilarious! Me and my bro made fun of them the entire time...and my dad was upset...he lost $100 to my bro and $20 to me. (curse my spinless betting habits! should have followed my brother's lead and bet $100 too.) LOL...Lakers got killed again!!! GO ROCKETS!! They did it without Yao.

The weather...ah...I think the sun hates me. But I love the rain anyway. Got drenched while walking my dog...How's your weather? Awesome as usual?

5/15/2009 #98

I don't think you'll read this before the game starts, but I thought it was awesome.

Don't you have a tracking device in your wallet? What kind of spy are you? Beg someone else to rent the movie for you. If that doesn't work, bribe them with your cooking. If all else fails...well, I don't know how good you are at threats...

You gotta go all in dude. lol Otherwise, gambling isn't fun. Expecting to rock 87 degrees today. You should bet on the Celtics too [I did]. Both sides have a great chance. Is the dog bigger than you? Enjoy the games, Rose.

5/17/2009 #99

I just bought a tracking device but had forgotten to put it in my wallet. :( I'm a forgetful, klumsy spy so I rarely get hired for jobs. I didn't have to beg anyone to rent the movie for me. Nor was there any bribery involved. And threats are always the last option. I like having people on my side. All I did was merely suggested that Taken was out at the redbox and my sister rented the movie. Aren't I awesome? I'm a good manipulator...but a spy's job is not for me.

I'll only go all in if I didn't have to pay for gas. Sometimes, fun isn't worth a potientiality of being broke and miserable. You're expecting 87 degrees? Me? 80 baby! With wind to boot! We totally skiped the 70's and went from 56 to 80 degrees. Actually, I betted on the Magics 'cause my dad wanted the Celtics. Lucky! I was having a seizure in the third quarter but the Magics got the lead. All thanks to Hedo, Rashard, Dwight, Turk, and the others. I was lovin me some three pointers. I did enjoy the game. It was good.

No, the dog is not bigger than me. I'm not THAT small!!

5/19/2009 #100

Read the Game 7 pep talk. was hilarious! Yoda...gotta love Yoda. Comes in at the right time to save everyone. I laughed so hard on this:

" I think he's a friend of Yao Ming's -- if only because they have similar patterns and tendencies when speaking the English language. He is a wise man and a warrior (though wars do not make one great). He has seen the Dark Side and defeated it. If there's anyone who understands the task facing the Rockets on Sunday... it's this man. He's even so awesome he goes by one name. You know him simply as:


Oh my god, it was just too funny. "I think he's a friend of Yao Ming's..." !!! LOL!!!!

5/19/2009 #101

Whoa, whoa. You didn't tell me about the movie. What kind of Rose-rating did it get? Denver won. Another 7 game series, without a doubt. Everyone I know is rooting for LA, but I hope they choke in the end. Cleveland's game tonight should be good. Damn people with cable. If a newborn waves at you when they're only a few days old, that means they're a genius. Right?

Not THAT small, huh? You gotta be at least 5ft. If you're not, I could make you some stilts. No charge.

5/22/2009 #102

LAME!!!! My post didn't go through. No wonder you weren't replying back to me. The movie...uh...Taken right? Yes, yes. I give it one thumbs up for great action. One thumb slightly turned for the story. Don't ask my gut just told me I didn't like the story so much. But all in all, it's 9/10 stars so it's still great.

About the newborn, if he/she is blond, doesn't count. It was probably accidental. Just kidding, just kidding!!! Actually, newborns shouldn't be able to see all that great yet if they're only a few days old. If the newborn waved, either he/she has superman eyes, or he/she's just flexing things out.

I'm really not that small. I'm at least 5ft. No worries! And I already have stilts. Women are very smart creatures and just renamed them and changed their designs a bit...stilts are now called high heels, my friend. Or in your case, you like to call them hooker heels.

7/29/2009 #103

Dude. I thought the clowns had come to collect you to join the circus...

They're all hooker heels. Eventually there'll be no subcategories or classifications. Just wait for it.

8/19/2009 #104

Yes, the clowns came and asked me to play the midget in their circus act. Btw, have you ever been to a circus? I've always wanted to go to one. Another thing on my list. ((Clowns are a little scary though)).

Since school started a few weeks ago for me, how's everything going for you?

9/7/2009 #105
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