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I was sifting through the different forums tonight and this was the first one I came across that I liked. Now here I am. My first post. Woohoo! This is probably the part where I say something inventive and original. Hello. (That's the best I got at 1AM) Outside of IMDB and Youtube this is my online home. Ok, bye! =D
12/3/2007 #1

Hello! I was also looking through the forums and fell for the name. That's why I'm here! :)

Um, and noticing that you've gotten no reply, I think it must be due to the "inventive and original" part - though I do think your "Hello" was great! And inviting! haha...It brought out a smile...and a laugh!

1/14/2009 #2

I must be getting better at this social thing. This time it only took a year for someone to reply to me. ;) Uhh... what happens now?

1/15/2009 #3

I laughed like a crazy person reading your lines! Anyone who can get me to laugh is a friend in my book. And anyway, this time, it only took two days to reply to you! A new record? :) Oh...umm...I'm not really sure what happens now either. We're two clueless people, aren't we?

1/16/2009 #4

Oh. I have a question. Your title, of all things, why did you write that? I'm curious.

1/16/2009 . Edited 1/16/2009 #5

Are you asking about the Yoda reference? I think you are... it's cause he says everything backwards, and that's the way I phrased the topic line.

Crazy person? I think that's the only way people should laugh. Ok. Now it's my turn to ask a question. Have you ever fallen going up a flight of stairs?

1/17/2009 #6

Haha! Yes, I have actually! Plenty of times. I can be a total klutz.

Okay. Here's mine. Have you ever tripped on even ground?

1/17/2009 #7

That's common. Except for the whole 'plenty of times' part. jk.

And yeah. It's cause I tripped over my own feet (but I prefer to blame it on my shoes). In school, did you ever get called into the office as a "witness"? And... did you ever taste Play-Doh as a kid? Or anytime I guess...

1/18/2009 #8

Haha! Lol. I really have fallen 'plenty of times'! Minnesota has a lot of snow, and I blame it on the ice. But...I can't always blame it on the weather, as it doesn't occur inside. Damn... :)

I have been called to the office as a witness, for the occasional fights. Three times. Um, and I've never tasted Play-Doh as a kid, though I've been tempted to. :) (for some absurd reason, Play-Doh smells good sometimes!)

And since you decided to double the questions, I'll triple it!

Have you ever gotten into a physical (fist) fight at school? As a kid, did you ever eat yellow snow? :) And...what's the strangest question you've ever asked anyone?

1/18/2009 . Edited 1/18/2009 #9

Minnesota? Seriously? Should I start calling you Rose Nylund? Play-Doh does smell good. They should model something edible after it with the same scent.

I've only gotten into one physical fight. But it was 1st grade so I don't consider it a real fight. The school called my grandma. She told my mom. They both let me have it when I got home =/ No yellow snow for me since I grew up in Los Angeles. The strangest question I can't remember. But there's one that none of my friends ever answer: When was the last time you picked your nose?

You can stop panicking. I don't expect you to answer it either.

1) Have you ever played air guitar?

2) Name the first video game you remember playing.

3) Have you ever successfully tripped someone? (I'd really appreciate some tips)

4) Should the mafia put out a hit on the Jonas Brothers? (Hint: the answer isn't no)

1/19/2009 #10

Yes, I'm a Minnasotan, although I was born in Fresno, Cali. Um, Rose Nylund? I hope not! I don't think I'm that simple-minded, though I do ramble aplenty.

1st grade? roughed the other kid up, didn't you? (this doesn't count as one of my questions!)

I've resorted to air guitar when my real one isn't available! It's just as fun! Air piano is just as awesome, though I do prefer playing a real grand. (I only have an upright) The first video game, I don't remember. Maybe Super Mario Bros? I have successfully tripped many friends, family, and accidental strangers. Tips? Do it when they least expect it and while they're distracted. The best way, swing your leg at theirs! :) A hit on the Jonas Brothers? Well, they're dorks. But so am I, so I'm not sure. Maybe? They're not all that talented anyway. I don't have any beef with them.

Okay. Here are my questions: What's the last thing you think of before you fall asleep? What's the first thing? Kobe Bryant or LeBron James - who's better? Do you believe in magic? What do you do when vending machines steal your money?

1/19/2009 #11

All right. It's settled. From now on I'm gonna start calling you Rose. Nah, I didn't rough him up too much. All I can remember is pinning him into one of the gated fences on the playground.

Nice. What kind of guitar do you have? And... lol who the hell plays air piano? I thought only pianists did that when they were warming up for concerts. I've tried but I must suck at it. Only once I managed to trip one of my sisters but it wasn't on purpose so I guess that doesn't count. Fine, fine. The Jonas Brothers can live. For now, anyway.

Based on tonight's earlier game, Kobe. But I don't give a crap about either of them. Steve Nash and Chris Paul are better in my opinion. They're excellent passers and selfless players who work to make their teammates look good. Kobe and LeBron are neither of those things. Wait. Do you watch basketball? Cause if you do, you deserve a gold star. What kind of magic are we talking about? Disney or David Blaine demon magic? Disney, yep. Blaine, hell no. Before falling asleep: scenes from movies I've seen so many times I can quote the dialogue. It helps cause I've always had a hard time falling asleep. Waking up: 'Gah, that light is blinding.' Uhh. I haven't used a vending machine in years and I don't think I've ever been gipped by one cause I'm awesome and stuff. =D jk.

How did we advance to 5 questions, Rose? (You love the new nickname. I can tell)

1) Harry Potter or Twilight fan?

2) Ever squirt lemon/lime into your own eye?

3) Have you ever been caught eavesdropping?

4) Favorite brand of shoes.

5) Did you ever have to wear braces?

1/20/2009 #12

The new nickname doesn't bother me. I could tell you not to call me that, but who's gonna stop you? I have a Yamaha APX500. It's an Acoustic-Electric 6-string. I love it. It sounds awesome and it's small enough for me (I'm petite). And I play air piano! I do it when I'm guessing the notes of a song. It helps. I don't play air piano to warm up. Usually, I just bend and stretch them to loosen 'em up. For warm ups, I key some notes or short catchy tunes. Yes, Kobe was better yesterday, but I laughed at LeBron's commercial (that was irrelevant). Deron Williams and Dwyane Wade are pretty good, too. And I like Kevin Garnett (because he's on the Timberwolves). Oh, and did I mention I watch basketball? It's a habit I inherited from my family. Football is just as good! Does that mean I get two gold stars? :) Sunday's game was awesome. The headbutt incident hurt.

I'm a fan of both, though each new addition to the Harry Potter series lost its charm. I've squirted lemon and lime into my eyes a few times, you now, lemonade. I've been caught eavesdropping, and in the most embarrassing ways. I once tripped and fell out in to the open while attempting escape. Try not to listen and usually just leaves so I don't hear anything I shouldn't. Nike is my brand. For heels, I love The Highest Heels (Which brand of heels do you prefer to wear? :D j/k) Yes, I've worn braces. My parents gifted my siblings with perfect teeth, looks, and the height. I'm the outcast. (crooked, nothing special, short)

Forgot the questions...

1) Have you ever fainted? Where?

2) Are you a nail bitter or a leg shaker?

3) What's the best sport - in your opinion?

4) How many bones have you broken so far?

5) Paint ball, hunting, or archery? (I prefer all three)

I'm only sticking with 5 ?'s because there's already too many to answer. (#1 is a cheater)

1/20/2009 . Edited 1/20/2009 #13

Your name is Rose until we think of something you like better. Fancy guitar. I get the feeling you're sorta in love with it in all it's small-proportioned glory. How short are you exactly? (You probably shouldn't answer cause I'll make fun of you) Dude... where've you been? KG plays for Boston. Football could be just as good if you're playing... do you?

Lemon and lime. Eavesdropping. You're just a walking disaster aren't you? lol That's ok. You more than redeem yourself with Nike. They've got the best stuff. You've just earned your 2nd gold star in less than a week. Impressive skills you have. I'm 100% all about the hooker heels. You should see my super sexy collection. ;) jk

Never fainted. Just blacked out multiple times. Including once on the school playground.

Leg shaker so much that I'm told I look like a spaz. That's why a couple of friends call me Zippy.

Basketball all the way.

0 broken bones.

I've only gone paint balling. I've yet to live. (What have you hunted?)

1) Are you one of those people who laugh at inappropriate times?

2) Morning person or night owl?

3) Last bought book. Or movie watched.

All right, Rose. That's all I've got today. =]

1/21/2009 #14

How come you refuse to call me by my alias? It is my alias for a reason...Fine! Call me what you will. Then I get to call you Zippy. :) Um, I wouldn't mind telling you how short I am because I'm used to the jokes about my height. But, I'll keep that a secret for now! And of course I know that KG plays for the Celtics now. He's been with them for about 2 years! I was just explaining that I he's one of my fav because he played for the Timberwolves. Oh, and did you watch tonight's game? KG was awesome against Orlando. Ah...and football! My family is big on that also. We played in the rain once. It was so ridiculous and fun! Mud was everywhere. Oh, and you must show me your hooker heels collection some time! Maybe I can borrow some? :)

Basketball. Do you play for a school team? Ah, and I've only hunted deer and squirrel. Squirrels are fun, so tiny, fast, and plentiful. And I'll tell you now, I've never actually killed a deer.

I'm not sure if I laugh at inappropriate times. I usually think they're during the right times. I'm definitely a night owl, though I always have to get up early. My last book bought? Easy. Secret Desires of a Gentleman. Romances are yummy! ^^

Here are my questions Zippy:

1) What are you listening to at the moment?

2) Smoker? Or do you prefer to breath?

3) What was your last book bought or movie watched?

4) What is one thing that can always tempt you? (mine's chocolate!)

1/22/2009 #15

What fun is a nickname if I don't know the meaning behind it? Now I can add you to the list of people who call me that. Nah. I wasn't home to watch the game. Last time I saw the Magic play was when they beat L.A. at Staples Center. That was hilarious. [I'd lend you a pair but I'm afraid you might stretch them out w/your big feet.]

I played in middle school and a little in high school. But I quit after freshman year cause I didn't get along with some of the guys. You've never strapped Bambi's mother to the back of your truck? That's a damn shame.

Listening to Benny Goodman. I've never smoked anything which doesn't add up since half my friends are stoners. Last book: The Sorrows of Young Werther. I don't have a big sweet tooth, but I'm a sucker for brownies. Oh yeah. And girls.

1. While driving, have you ever hit a person or animal?

2. What's the big deal with Axe?

3. Have you ever hung up on someone on purpose?

Til next time, Rose.

1/23/2009 #16

Damn, I have to agree with you. A nickname would lose it's fun if it didn't have a meaning behind it. And I do NOT have big feet. You just have really tiny ones. Oh! My brother's favorite saying, "You know what they say about big feet, big..." [I'll keep the last word to myself :)] I've never personally killed a deer, but I've definitely strapped Bambi's mother, father, and any other siblings the young doe may have to the truck. My family hunts and camps a lot. Benny Goodman? The King of Swing? He's a legend. Half of your friends are stoners? Wow...well, some of mine could fall in that category as well so I don't have the right to judge. I've never heard of The Sorrows of Young Werther. Is it any good? Recommend it or not? How the heck could you not have a big sweet tooth? I'm in love with chocolate and [almost] anything that has to do with it! Lol. I could've predicted you would say something like "a sucker for girls" thing. I would say "All guys think alike" but I have a few homosexuals on my list of friends so I know it's definitely not true.

Um, have I ever hit a person or animal while driving? Damn, I'm not that bad of a driver. Sheesh. I'd be horrified if I hit another person...on accident. I'm not sure what the big deal about Axe is either. My brother uses it, so I don't think it smells all that great. I think the commercials are funny. I've hung up on people a few times. Prank calls only. :) I tend to listen to everything a person has to say no matter how mad or irritated I am. And if I'm busy, I'll tell the person so. I hate being hung up on, so I don't do the same. I like to follow the Golden Rule as much as possible.

Let's see:

1) What's your favorite game console?

2) How many times have you been pulled over by a cop?

3) Where's the furthest you've ever been?

4) Bilingual, Trilingual, or are you untalented?

1/24/2009 #17

My feet only look ginormous when I wear bowling shoes. You gotta love that tacky look they have about them. Given the brand, I bounce around between sizes 11 and 12. XD Your family is full of mass murderers. How do they sleep at night? [I can't wait to hear your comeback] It's more poetic than an actual book of fiction. All of it's written in letter form. If you don't mind those things, then yeah, I recommend it.

Dude. I hate the phone. The thing that annoys me the most is when the other person is paranoid that you're not listening. "What did I just say?" Gah. Why can't they just come out and accuse you of being a bad listener? I'll tell you this much... the most updated system I own is a Super Nintendo. The 360 is sweet. I'd buy one for myself, but I figure I already do an excellent job of wasting time. I don't need the assistance of video games. Pulled over once. But it was one of those sobriety checks. It's random, so I guess I looked like someone they could nail with a ticket if nothing else. Mexico. I was 2. Not sure if that counts. Bi. [English/Spanish]

1. Any strange phobias?

2. What's your sign? [Hey. Don't laugh. It's a serious question.]

3. Favorite cereal. [I know it's tough, but you can only pick one. One. And don't try to cheat, Rose.]

1/27/2009 #18

:) How do we sleep at night? Overdose on Ambien or a few shots of whiskey. Seems to work quite well. Kidding. I honestly think it's the same as catching and gutting fish, cleaning chicken, cooking steak. Trust me, being stuck in the woods is fun and all, but you wouldn't want to end the day eating leaves. I like poetic books, and I looked up the title. I don't think I'll read, considering I hate (HATE) tragic, sad endings. Totally ruins my mood. And I think taking your own life is selfish...not at all selfless. I also hate talking on the phone, but they're useful little gadgets. I like to talk to a person face-to-face. 8X I also use that line sometimes when I get irritated at my sibs or friends, but that's only when I know they're not listening as they start speaking to someone else. The Super Nintendo is an awesome game system! Don't look down on Nintendo. I prefer the Wii. Mexico? Have yet to go there. You went there when you were 2? Damn...potato couch. I'm also Bilingual. Trying to learn more languages though. Studied Spanish for 3.5 years and remembered very little. Probably because I never use it.

I don't have any strange phobias myself (or any phobia for that matter), but some grown men in my family definitely have arachnophobia. It's hiliariously funny seeing my uncles rush behind me screaming like a little girl and crying for me to kill a tiny spider the size of a penny. You could probably imagine. :) If you're scared of spiders too, I'm so gonna make fun of you. What's my sign? Lol...Sorry, I do have to laugh! Ahem, I'm a Libra. You might as well ask me for my birthday. It's Sept. 23. I'm also curious, what's yours? You're evil. I don't have just one favorite cereal. Damn...guess I'll have to go with Cinnamin Toast Crunch. But I can't rule out Kix!...I didn't cheat! Honest!

1) How do you waste your time?

2) What's your all time pet peeve?

3) Have you ever hitchhiked or picked one up?

1/27/2009 . Edited 1/27/2009 #19

Your comeback was better than I expected. Oh. You're one of those phone people. My opinion of you just dropped a little. XD Wait, wait. I thought it was couch potato? I'm not against traveling. I just never had the urge to do much of it. The last time I 'traveled' was last summer to see the Grand Canyon. It was a spur of the moment drive with some of my friends. I heard German is easier to learn once you know Spanish.

Not scared of spiders. Just terrified of the ferris wheel. Leo: August 8. GAH! You cheated. I'm taking back one of your gold stars. Now you can only be the sheriff of one town. You'll have to supply yourself with your own cowboy hat.

I waste a lot of time on AIM, re-reading books, watching TCM, walking aimlessly in unfamiliar neighborhoods, sleeping... nah. I love my sleep, but I hate doing it knowing I could be doing something else during that time. Pet peeve: couples openly groping each other out in the open. If there's a couple making out in front of me in a movie theater, I kick the back of the guy's chair. It's a miracle I haven't been beaten up yet. And double nay to your last question.

1. Today's flicks or classic movie fan?

2. Have you ever slapped someone?

3. Last song you listened to.

1/28/2009 #20

It is couch potato. Flipping the words is due to a joke in my family. There's A LOT of hilarious jabs in my family that we won't let the other live down. I sometimes use it even though others don't know the reason. I want to go see the Grand Canyon! My family planned a trip there, but we never got the chance because various things happened that summer. I was bummed.

You fear the ferris wheel? Seriously?! Ah, well, I'm deathly scared of rollar coasters. I think I was tramatized due to two horrible incident which happened one after the other. Lol, I think it's funny how people diagnose themselves. You can go ahead and take all my gold stars. I'd rather be a villain than a sheriff. It's more fun and I can choose two instead of only one. :) And I can always steal a good cowboy hat...or boots! They're cute.

I'm not sure. If I had to pick, I'd say today's flicks, but I can't say for certain because I'm not really exposed to classic movies. Some I have seen, (that I consider classic anyway) were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mary Poppins, and Marty. I loved them! I've slapped my two brothers for being idiots, a few friends and family when they're drunk and I have to revive them, but never a stranger. Would you like to be the first? Lol, kidding. I've never had anything dramatic happen in my life, so I've never actually had any reason to slap someone in all seriousness. Would playing my own song count? I mean, I am listening to it! If it doesn't, I guess it'd be Jason Mraz's I'm Yours. The guitar is fun to play.

1) Can you dance?

2) What's the weirdest thing about you?

3) Do you play an instrument?

4) Sporting any tatoos?

1/28/2009 #21

You should go see it when you get the chance. It looks like an enormous painting. I saw it at sunrise, so it almost didn't look real. That's the thing. I love the crazy coasters, but there's no safety on a ferris wheel. That doesn't scare you? Even a little? I invite you to try and slap me. But I remember you mentioned your lack of height so good luck with that. =D You know... I've never heard a single song by Jason Mraz so we'll just go with your song. What was the name of it?

I'd like to think I can dance, but I've seen the way Fred Astaire moves and I'm ashamed of myself. I play the sax sometimes, the drums (barely), but I'd wanna learn the cello. Last year I gave myself a temp tat that said, "I'm A Jedi." Does that count? Randomly I like to hop up and down, or go on hugging sprees when I have bursts of energy. [Those aren't the oddest things, but there are too many to mention.]

1. Are you good at impersonations?

2. Ever sneak into a friend's house after hours? OR Snuck a person into your house after hours?

The Suns play the Spurs tonight. Woo!

1/29/2009 #22

Ferris wheels are fun! I love heights and I've always wanted to go on one that's really really big! I'll take your invitation! Remember, I'm a pro at making people fall down unexpectedly so my small size won't matter in this case. :) Ah, and another thing, I rarely name my songs unless I crazily create lyrics for them or I just have a feeling that the song's name should be "this" or "that" so I don't have a name for the song...yet. It's still in progress. I wanna learn how to play the drums! But the violin is more tempting and I think I'm starting to fall for the flute. I was referring to a real tattoo, not a temporary. I also go on hugging sprees. And kissing sprees at my little brother. He's 11 and cute!

I'm not good at impersonations at all...or I don't think so. Are you? I've never snuck into a friend's house after hours, but have snuck a friend into my room. She had a fight with her parents and had no where else to go. My parents found out and heard the story, so they allowed her to stay. Why the question? Did you do something bad and snuck into a girl's room after hours?? xD Tsk tsk.

1) Do you have any pets?

2) What's the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

1/29/2009 #23

You're gonna do a combo by tripping then slapping me? Ruthless. lol I know you meant real, but that's the closest I've come to a tattoo. I'm limited when it comes to impressions. Sneaking friends in my house I've done a lot. [Get your mind outta the gutter.] I only asked cause I've been doing it a lot the past couple weeks. My mom would get pissed if I had anyone over that late so I have to be ninja sneaky.

0 pets but I like dogs. That's not an easy question cause I find nearly everything funny. But I'll tell you one story. The last time I went to Six Flags with my friends, we were walking toward a line for one of the rides. You know... there's always people passing you by from every direction. Too many to really take notice of. Outta nowhere one of my friends grabbed my arm and started laughing. Everyone stopped talking and I asked her what was funny. She said I had just been checked out. I got all excited, looked around, and asked who. She pointed backward to a group that looked a little younger than me and my friends. The girls were pretty cute but I wondered why she was laughing so much. So, she said I had been thoroughly checked out by one of the guys. The end.

1. Are you one of those girls who own 97 pairs of shoes?

2. Ever had a crush in school who took things too far by following you around?

The Suns lost =(

1/30/2009 #24

Combos are important for one such as me! They're extremely useful and should be perfected. You should become my practice target. :) I'm never ninja sneaky, more like knocking-everything-over sneaky. I've already told you I can be a total klutz. And I'm also strangely forgetful sometimes. I often leave my keys where the milk carton is supposed to be. I like dogs, too! My parents won't allow them though. Always wanted a husky. Or a malamute. You find everything funny? You're very laid-back huh? Oh, so you attract those kind of people. I see. Maybe I should introduce some of my friends?? :) Lol, kidding. If I was there, I'd be laughing, too. Maybe rolling.

No. I'm one of those girls who own five pairs of shoes. Shall I list them? Nike, puma, chucks, uggs, and a pair of hooker heels. :) In second grade, there was a kid who followed me around, but not because he had a crush but because I wasn't...Caucasian, like him, and he thought it very strange. I later pushed him into the snow because he called me a "c***" in fifth grade and told me to go back to China. Come on, I'm not even Chinese! If anyone followed me, as in stalker mode, I'd stay away from them or do something about it. Okay, so this question made me wayyyy way curious. Have you ever had someone do that to you?

1) Have you ever fallen for a good friend?

The Suns lost. I know. 114-104. Tim Duncan was awesome!

1/30/2009 #25

Oh right. Clumsy Rose. Guess I have nothing to worry about. I'd be happy to be your "target." [That is if you can land a punch.] I take life seriously when I have to, but for the most part, I'm lax about a lot of things. XD You wouldn't be the first trying to set me up with another dude. Yeah. Everyone was laughing at me. It's funny now. At the time...not so much.

Ah, hooker heels... ((daydreams)) You should've pimp slapped that punk after you shoved him. Good combo, right? It happened to me during that year I played on my school's basketball team. But as soon as I quit, she stopped following me around. Sounds like a real gem, huh? I've never fallen for anyone - it sounds dangerous. That game was Gah-Worthy. They should've had it but Nash tripped over Stoudimire's foot. Duncan? Psh.

1. Who are you rooting for in the Superbowl?

2. How good are you at staring contests?

1/31/2009 #26

I can totally land a punch. I'll show you...I know a perfect place to land one. It doesn't necessarily have to be above the waist, right? ^^

I was 7-8 at the time. I probably didn't think of slapping. Why be nice when a punch would bruise the kid? Lol, kidding. Wow, so there really was someone who followed you? Creepy. Got the chills just thinking about it. Ah, and she sounds so in love with you. Stopped the minute you were no longer cool, huh? :]

Rooting for the Cardinals only because they have the disadvantage and no one else will choose them. If they win, I'll really believe in miracles...and I'll get $20 bucks from my dad. :) I'm a pro at starring contests against those with irritated eyes! I win every time.

1) Have you ever played a joke on a teacher?

2) What was your senior prank?

1/31/2009 #27

You fight dirty. =/ You're a gambler too, huh? I guess that's another reason why you shouldn't be sheriff. Not much of a prankster. But in elementary school I'd steal (sometimes) minor things from the teachers desk, then put them back a few days later. I just liked watching their puzzled confusion. 'Where'd my stapler go?' I went to two different high schools. The one I graduated at didn't do a senior prank. What was yours?

1. Longest time you've stayed awake without any sleep whatsoever. [No naps. Nada.]

2. Favorite childhood book.

2/1/2009 #28

DUUUDE!!!! The game....INCREDIBLE!

2/1/2009 #29

OMG!!! The game was AWESOME! Even though I wanted Arizona to win, I was cheering and screaming for the Steelers when James Harrison ran those 100 yards after the interception! And the last 4 minutes of the game was gut wrenching. A great, GREAT, game played.

Actually, I'm not a gambler. I only made the bet because my dad bullied me into it, and like a child, I took the bait. Uh, and I thought about going into the law enforcement career to be a cop and all, but being small and petite, my family decided against it. Or rather, they made jokes of it so I didn't. My senior prank? We had three, all on different days. :) The first one, all seniors gathered with about 4,000 water balloons and totally bombarded the staffs, teachers, and students with them. That was extremely fun! The second, we released white rats everywhere. A pair of twins had connections to animal shops. The third? We soaped the stairs and spread marbles. That one caused some damage. After that one, Mrs. Principal called home and if another prank was thrown, then we all couldn't walk. So all seniors stopped and had a BBQ at a lake instead. I totally loved my high school years!

The longest time I've stayed away was three days without any naps or exploration of the insides of my eyelids. This was because me and my sister had a road trip to CO and I drove most of the way. That was one day. I was too happy for the next day meeting everyone I hadn't seen for years and we girls stayed awake karoaking. The third day a party. The Rainbow Fish and The Giving Tree were my favorite books. They're good...even to this day!

1) Do you still watch cartoons?

2) Are you a chef or do you usually burn your eggs?

3) What was your favorite Halloween costume that you wore?

2/1/2009 #30
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