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Tangled Kites

Hello there! I've loved FictionPress since forever (but just recently made an account). I miss reading well-written stories with non-stereotypical characters, if you know what I mean :)

I want to read about characters not falling into any stereotype like the 'bad boy', the 'playboy', the 'nerd', 'shy one', and the like.

If it is not too much to ask, can you recommend a good novel/short story with beautifully written characters? I want something worthy to read on a 4-hour road trip.

Thank you so much! 3


7/10/2011 #1

Hey ")

I absolutely LOVE this story.

It's really dramatic and pretty much amazing..[lol]

It is kind of cliched because Kellan is a bad boy, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying it ")

8/1/2011 #2
Open your eyes Chopstick

ummm how about my story? ;)

It's called Cecilia. It's a romantic fantasy, though the fantasy is not hard core or you ont have to worry about characters with strange names. haha.

Here's the summary: What happens when Alida, a blind girl, escapes from her tower prison? She gets teleported to an unknown area, gets hunted by everyone around her, falls in love, and finds her missing dark memories as she gets used to the freedom of the outside world.

Longer summary: Alida has no memories. She doesn't know how she got stuck in a tower, she doesn't even remember what her real name is. All she could recall was flames and the outline of a boy holding a cloth to cover her eyes with, so the sparks won't blind her. When Prince Adrian convinces her to escape her tower, she jumps, only to be teleported by a witch to an unknown area. Blind, alone, and afraid, she journey's to find Adrian and to find her lost memories - which changes her perspective on life, love, and everything she thought she knew forever.

Pretty well written, and with the help of the reviews and PMs i got from it, there's only a few grammer and spelling mistake, but they all said that it oesnt take away from the story. And None of my characters are stereotypical (though, the story is a light retelling of both Rapunzel and The Lady of Shallot).

Or, you could look at my friend's story, Victoria_Stoke's "Tower of Dove." If i remember right, she finished writing it, so that way you dont have to wait for an update during your 4 hour round trip.

8/3/2011 #3
A Fire Rose

The Hunger Games trilogy comes to mind.

11/13/2011 #4

Maybe try some classics or at least novels that have stood the test of time. I suggest trying Atonement by Ian McEwan, but in a way cliches and stereotypes are really hard to avoid when writing on the internet simply because nobody will read your work if you put some different up.

7/27/2012 #5

How about some Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. Those stories are kinda refreshing when you read them...

If you looking for a graphic novel, Try Kimi ni todoke. The characters are mostly non-stereotypical. You might enjoy it

8/4/2012 #6

This is my story! It's about a seemingly normal girl, but she's actually depressed and a lot of stuff is going on, because her brother committed suicide, and she has a bunch of secrets. She's a fun character.

Also my other story is "Society Killed The Teenager" it's actually about a girl who wants to fit in, and seems stereotypical, but has to find individuality in a cruel world.

11/28/2012 #7

My stories tend to be heavy on the archetypes; the whole "guy falls in love with nerdy girl" bit. However, I have a new series out called Rematch!, where I'm trying out some different things. The main character Ricochet McKnight is a teenage kickboxer with a passion for the Rocky movies and for writing bad, amateurish fiction. He's very different from my other protagonists, and he has a interesting (I think) set of friends, so I'd encourage you to take a look.

Also, I'll return reviews you sent me. As long as your story is PG-13 or lower, I'll give your story my best look.

12/12/2012 #8

Hmm, I'm in the process of writing a story (2 chapters so far) and I think the characters are a little unconventional (firstly because it is a homosexual romance and most books I come across feature heterosexuality predominantly). Vincent is a powerful vampire who loathes what he is and tries to ignore his power and status whereas Deimos is a power hungry witch with a terrible sadistic streak. Aside from the doomed romance between the two main characters there is also a larger plot arch featuring the war between witches and vampires and their respective covens.

I don't know if you'd be interested but if you wanted to check it out, 2 chapters are up, the first introductory chapter is short and a bit to wade through sicne neither character are named directly, I was trying a strange style for the first chapter, the second follows a more conventional style of writing but the characters are as off the wall as ever!!! hadows

Hope you enjoy it if you read it.


6/8/2013 #9

You're getting a lot of "check out my story," so I might as well have a go, right? It's only fair. ;)

I used to frequent fictionpress back in the day, and I agree with you about the quality of stories just not being there anymore. Everything's either a lemon or a bad yaoi manga rip-off. Which is what some people want...but if you want a fun story featuring a snarky heroine with an awful name then look no further and click the link, my friend.

10/16/2014 #10
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