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Joyful Girl in the Mirror
Self-explanatory I'd like to think... Okay so... I guess this would be the basic layout: Hey, I'm Erika! I mostly write romance stories of non-smuttiness and I've been on fictionpress since it started a few years ago, although my status would tell you otherwise (my memory and passwords are not good friends.)I hope to meet some other writers here and expand upon my writing and maaaybeee my social circle :P Haha ^^
10/28/2006 #1
Hey that's great. What have you been up to? I've been writing a story but I'm too lazy to type it out so.. c:
10/29/2006 #2
Joyful Girl in the Mirror
Uh, a few writing projects that I think I need to develop...but I'm not sure what. And what to start with, ya dig? So what's up with you?
10/29/2006 #3
basically the same thing. what is it about? (the thing that you're starting?)
10/29/2006 #4
Limited Edition
Heh eh tsk tsk guess this is where you actually do introduce yourself. Yeh yeh. My name isn't important. I write rather tragic slash stories, graphic ones and I try to keep them as realistic as possible, if they're not fantasy oriented. But I don't like fantasy along the lines of LOTR. There's so much I could write but I'm not sure anybody is interested in it. Hm I registered here...about a year ago? It was basically then I started writing fics seriously. Before that I'd tried it out a few times, mostly for class and well, my first try was the shittiest thing history could ever produce, mainly because it was excruciatingly long. After that, my stories got short, and now I can't write long stories XD Right now I'm trying to find a balance in my fics; some are humor and others tragedy, and I'm trying to mix em! Yes yes, much love!
10/31/2006 #5
haha. I forgot when I registered but I think that was AGES ago.. but yes, my first story was waaaay shittier than yours probably. It's on ---waaay bad (my story that is). I wrote SHORT chapters. I try hard to make it long.. but I can't really do it. I'm too impatient to go to the next chapter.. haha. That's why I've stopped writing lately. I'm trying to really develop my stories. I'm not the kind of person to write tragic stories since I'm too "happily ever after" with my stories.. but I try to make it as realistic as I can. I'll check out your stories when I get less busy (which is probably on Christmas break coz I have an ISU.) btw, I'm not really sure what's a slash story. The inference I made is like.. its a boy-boy love story and not a girl-boy love story. I'm not sure though. c:
11/1/2006 #6
Hi! My name is Christina. I've been here forever...well like five years. I come and go though, depending on how much writing I'm able to get in. I write mostly poetry lately, but I also write murder mystery/romance and thrillers. Not everything ends up here though. Anyway...Hi everyone! Nice to meet you. ;)
11/3/2006 #7
The Ferrett
Hi i'm wacko and i got converted to chick flicks 7 years ago (family of dominant famales) got introduced to this site cause i was bugging a friend to read my action and ended up also wrtiting a romance. Slightly strange progression but still.
11/3/2006 #8
woot. yeah. that is strange. lol. im basically a more romance person. and yes, my stories still suck. lol
11/4/2006 #9
Limited Edition
[q]woot. yeah. that is strange. lol. im basically a more romance person. and yes, my stories still suck. lol[/q] Ouch my stomach. I'm gonna see if your stories do suck ^^
11/4/2006 #10
haha. lol. tell me what u think then c:
11/4/2006 #11
wow? WE HAVE FORUMS? Mmm. So yea, I'm cathy. My stories stink as far as my opinion is concerned, and need heavy revising :P.
11/6/2006 #12
Simply Cynical
Hi! I'm Kelly, but y'all can call me Cynical. I love writing slash and/or femslash, especially of the, urm, smuttiest nature(What can I say, I'm rather good at it). Currently working on like 87 stories, but since I long hand it, it takes me forever to make myself type it.
11/7/2006 #13
The Ferrett
ok what is longhand/shorthand...
11/10/2006 #14
Lord Pacific
Hi evryone... Im Lord Pacific (Thats really my name)... I write about anything and evrything, and one of my favorites is romance... I look forward to reading some good stories and writing a few myself...
11/16/2006 #15
Hi, I'm Tracy. I was forced into this site because of a story I wrote that my friends wanted me to see what other people think. I have issues with tenses when I write but I think it's cause I just write it and submit it before actually revising. My stories are so-so but, Eh! Anyway, with this new site, are any of you finding that lots of people will read your stories, but not submit reviews?
11/16/2006 #16
Long Goodbye
Hey hey everyone. I'm Jess and I write mostly cheesy, happy, and hopefully interesting and different romance stories. I have an annoying tendency to start stories and then run out of steam. I'm actually attempting NaNoWriMo this year, and am failing miserably. I'm posting it on here, but yeah I think I'm going to lose. Hopefully I'll actually finish it still, though. I haven't actually finished a single story on here yet...oops. I haven't been posting stories here for too long, but I've been writing for longer, and I've had an account here for quite a while. Eeee forums are a good idea...
11/21/2006 #17
Hey yall!!! My name is Tia (sounds like Ty) I love to write the kind of stories where things happen that generally would not. My best ex. of my whole writing however is stuck on my old busted computer that doesn't have the internet so i have to completly transfer the whole thing and at the same time edit it. So far i have finished two stories. But they are on ... you guessed it... the busted hunk of trash on my desk that has the nerve to call itself a computer. lol! ;-)
11/22/2006 #18
Ok. Haha. I never got to introduce myself. So hey, I'm Ayeza and I love writing stories, but I'm too lazy to actually write or type them. I can't write long chapters, and am impatient in getting through with my story (so it doesn't really get developed...) but I'm working on it! I'm working on a new story.. but I haven't uploaded it yet.
11/28/2006 #19
hi all, i'm Lefty. i love writing romance stories (even though i know they'll never happen XD) but i'm also working on other genres as well. i guess that's all i really have to say about myself. ^_^;; (or all you really need to know about me.) nice to meet you all! -Lefty
12/16/2006 #20
Rose of Red
Hey all! I'm Heather. I LOve romance stories! Preferrably ones with happy endings. I have yet to finish any of my own stories satisfactorily. (All I have on here is a one-shot and a poem.) But then, I AM a perfectionist...
12/18/2006 #21
Jennifer H. Westall
HI! I'm Emily West (obviously), and I've been a member for about three and a half years. I'm still working on the same story, trying to get it perfect. Hopefully this will be the last edit since I have a new idea I want to work on. I would love to publish one day, but that's pretty scary. I've had a few people tell me my writing was good, but I still think it sucks, so I am more apt to believe criticism than praise. Anyway, I'm always looking for some advice to improve, so if you like reading, check out my story. I really try to return the favor.
1/2/2007 #22
Happy Mooing Octopus
Hi! I'm Happy! I just moved to the kingdom of fictionpress from the far away land of fanfiction. I'm trying to write nice romance stories.. --but I can't!:] ... i just felt like posting something... i'm bored x__x
1/5/2007 #23
Umm... Hey, I'm Sweet...or Sugar...Depends on whatever you feel like calling me really. I used to write for Fanfiction but due to my short attention span, I moved onto to Fictionpress! I'm a huge Romance Junkie but I don't think I'm too great at writing. My schedule's always crazy and again, because of my short attention span, I have one story out...It's my baby...that's giving me issues because it's feeling neglected. _ But actually, I'm looking for a beta..Anyone know someone good??
1/7/2007 #24
Happy Mooing Octopus
hey!!! O_O i think i've seen you in fanfiction... you were one of the people in so many people's fav authors... but i don't remember what story _ robrae right?.. anyway, *ahem* HELLO!
1/9/2007 #25
Onion Ring
I'm Andrew. I'm a male, surprisingly. I've been here for awhile, but I go on in spurts. My first series is not too great, but the stories I am writing these days I consider good. I like romance because I think love contains the most drama. I try to be funny, yet dramatic, so we'll see what happens. I'm in college now, too. yay.
1/12/2007 #26
Just Breathing
Ello, the name's Steph. So I've been on FP for... lets say a long time. I write for the hell of it, and.. well. I suck at expressing my emotions to people, so I use my stories as an outlet. Um, I'm also a HUGE procrastinator and despite all those complaints out there about cliches, I still love 'em.
1/23/2007 #27
I'd like to think my name is Lily. Sadly however, it is not. I love reading and writing, and started an account here aorund six months ago. I am currently finishing the first full length story i have ever written. I like to think im above all that sappy romance cliche crap, but i'm not, and i'd read about your common dark haired hero any day. At the moment, i'm on the prowl for a good romance, anyone got any suggestions???
2/7/2007 #28
so thats how you started! but hey your stories are pretty good...don't worry i am wacko too...anyway i write romance too. check it out, but as i tell everyone i recommend my stories to i dont think they are very good, but so far nobody has totally hated them! yeah.
2/8/2007 #29
just out of curiosity, what do you mean by ' so thats how you started?' and also, i've checked out your work. very good.=) anywayz, i hope that counts as a review. -L.
2/9/2007 #30
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