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Joyful Girl in the Mirror
How many of you have potentially-amazing story ideas that you won't expand on for fear that if you write about it, it won't come true in your own life? Or am I seriously just that pathetic? -_-'
10/28/2006 #1
Limited Edition
Heh eh hun, no matter if you write it or not, it won't come true cause life sucks XD Nah, if you make it happen, it does come true. And also, things you visualize and wish for more are more likely to happen aren't they? Or how do you mean?
10/31/2006 #2
Joyful Girl in the Mirror
I dunno,perhaps you're right but it's sort of like....excuse me for being odd but it's like, if I write it down I'm pretty much ripping the possibility of it in reality out of the stiches of my own destiny. Or something. Like, if you take a picture, it steals your soul? (haha)
10/31/2006 #3
Limited Edition
Your thoughts are like someone who feels like they always have to wash their hands three times in order for them to be clean, or that if they hit their right leg they have to hit the left one too. But it could be like that, and it could be the opposite too. I think it depends on what you believe. If you believe it's like that, then it is! At least for you ^^
11/1/2006 #4
I persoanlly like to let my characters live out my dreams. I guess sometimes I get so deeply involved in them that they become very real to me. I want them to be happy and the best way I see that happening is by them having what would make me happy.
11/3/2006 #5
Limited Edition
Hm really? That can be dangerous because it can turn the character into a perfect mary sue. My characters are all parts of me somehow, and I mostly do the opposite of what you do; most of the things they do are my own experience, but I also have two aspects to most of my stories that's my dreams: one is the intense passion they feel which I also want to feel, and the second is the slash-part actually XD
11/3/2006 #6
Well, some of the things are my own experiences too. Or they voice my own opinions. And when it comes down to it I don't know where some of it comes from at all. It's like the person is living in my head, sometimes, telling me a story. When I fudge it up I can swear they're in my head yelling at me to fix it. lol... I try to keep reality there avoid creating that perfect barbie doll world.
11/3/2006 #7
The Ferrett
well you both have interesting techniques and i hope you continue (will try to read your stuff). Me personally i take 50% me (75% for joe) and let the other part come from what i feel life would dish up to them. Anyway life is crazy (fun annoying great) sell it on ebay. I mean what else but life can take an aussie girl and make her a danish princess or throw a plane into a building. Life imitates art and art imitates life and were all screwed, hehehe.
11/3/2006 #8
Sally Can Wait
Holy poop! You are totally not being weird. It's not just stories, either. Everytime I see an interesting guy, I start thinking of all of these possible wonderful intricate ways in which we could potentially fall in love, but then I mentally slap myself and force myself not to thinking that the more I think about things, the less chance they will have of coming true. And I was wondering why I have writer's block. And insomnia. -Sally Can Wait
11/9/2006 #9
The Ferrett
you do realise though that nothing that happens in fiction affects real life... except when you show someone your stories.
11/10/2006 #10
I have issues with showing people I know, my stories... Usually they kind of stare at me with a "Woah, you're messed up." look on their face...Except for like 2 people.
11/12/2006 #11
The Ferrett
i'm slowly winning people... wait i'll look at yours too :)
11/13/2006 #12
The Ferrett
i'm slowly winning people... wait i'll look at yours too :)
11/13/2006 #13
Lord Pacific
Wow... Well... Its kinda crazy to write something and wish for it to happen... But its OK to wish for something and then write about it...
11/16/2006 #14
Long Goodbye
Hahaha I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. But in my mind, once I even develop the idea in my head, THAT rips away any possibility of it happening in real life, so I think I might as well just write it down and share it. Believe me, you are so not the only one who thinks like that.
11/21/2006 #15
Personally I think that someone has put a curse on my so that all my best friends turn out to be back-stapers and romance just ain't even showing its head. So some of my characters have to feel that pain as well and others get a little more than they should so at least someone gets a little romance. The whole thing may have something to do with me being an intimadating (sp?) red head. But who knows? *sighs*
11/22/2006 #16
The Ferrett
Your story isnt bad. I like it ::))
11/23/2006 #17
Ahhh ur such a sweet Ferrett *crushes in big hug and kisses all over face* Well I have a new forum! it is Romance RP wher everyone can go and try out some of their characters' romantic side. so go try it out Laugh Always, me
12/7/2006 #18
haha, i KNOW it won't come true in my own life, so i just write it anyway. actually, writing it makes me feel like it's happening, even though its not... i just get that into it. XD when i create a character, i make them kind of like me, so writing about their love life is ALMOST like writing about myself, if you know what i mean. basically, writing makes me feel good. ^_^ -Lefty
12/16/2006 #19
I write stories FOR that reason. I fear it'll never happen to me, so I come up with a happy story with a happy ending.
12/18/2006 #20
oh i totally feel that way, and many times people have asked me if my stories are based off of real-life events. i mean if you write about a totally wonderful romance that everyone wants to have, it is really opening you heart to the world, especially if you want or wish your story could come true.
2/8/2007 #21
I have no doubts that my fic's CAN come true. Mainly 'cause I don't write fantasies. They're mostly realistic which I want them to be. Why should I hit for fantasies when the reality is so awesome?
6/28/2007 #22
Well, I personally had stuff forbidden that I promised not to touch, though I have recently broke the rules. In fact, it's because that I know it won't come true in real life that I try to make up for it in my fantasy world. It's better than nothing :(
7/20/2007 #23
Ligeia de Valois

Not at all weird. Honey, you haven't seen weird until you've peaked into my life! I use to have my whole life planned out. I was going to marry a handsome Jewish man around age 30 (after I had established myself as a best-selling author and actress. yeah. I'm that good.) and start having kids around 36. (Twins biologically. London and Benjamin. Jett and Eden we would've adopted.) It all progresses from there, but I don't quite remember all of it. I wised up and realized that while I might have the drive to achive, I can't plan everything out like that. You just simply can't. But I think wishing is a bit more healthy than my little five point plan for living. lol

4/7/2008 #24

I totallly agree with Golgoth; reality is awesome, and if you can write a love story/romance, or just fiction all together that is believeable and realistic, then kudos to you.


4/8/2008 #25

How many of you have potentially-amazing story ideas that you won't expand on for fear that if you write about it, it won't come true in your own life?

Or am I seriously just that pathetic? -_-'

I believe that it is not the fear of expanding the story that is the problem; it think it is the prospect of embarking on a journey that makes us scared. You see, many people write to get away from it all and expand their horizons on unknown subjects. Others do it to put themselves in situations that they would never experience. You shouldn't write just to put yourself in a situation because you have never or will never have the chance to get that far; you should write because you know it will make a difference to somebody, and if not yourself. If you are willing to embark on the journey, then go for it by all means. Don't let a stories reality hold you back, because you can't always count of your writing to be true. And chances are that if you are writing something meant to be or realistic then it probably has already happened or will happen.

I personally don't avoid writing something out of fear that it won't happen, I avoid writing about things because:

A. the topic has no meaning to me

B. If I don't see the potential in a plot then it is not worth it

And C. If I can see the realism in a situation ad believe that it can happen that is enough. No story is perfect, and no life is perfect, so how cna you expect something you write to be right on the dot on how real it is?

4/8/2008 . Edited 4/8/2008 #26

Heh, well, this may sound a bit odd, but sometimes I'll write crazy love stories that I wouldn't usually write in hopes that they do come true. ^^

7/17/2009 #27
Anti-Christ's Angel

Here's an idea! Write a really tragic or depressing love story so that you can make sure it doesn't come true. Or does that principle only work with happy stories? LOL

7/19/2009 #28
Just Silly Me

Well I wrote a one-shot that's depressing but I write happy romances... haha... -JSM

9/10/2009 #29

i've got a new story on here called -Ashes In The Snow- definetly one of the best i've ever written, very romantic and gripping, but no one will review.... no one will tell me if they like it................................(weeps quietly in a corner)

11/3/2009 #30
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