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For those of us who write about love for fear that it's becoming nonexistent in the real world. Come chat, drink cybercoffee, discuss...
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for me it's if i day dream about it. so a lot of the time ill be day dreaming about something and in the middle ill try to stop so it could possible come true and in the end i end up day dreaming about it anyway. whatever happens happens. just one of the mysteries of life.

1/5/2010 #31
Damned to heaven

I think we all- or most of us- write romance because we want it so bad or we want it that way. I know whenever I see or interact with a goodlooking smart guy I'll go home and start planning our possible relationship right up to our wedding (yeah yeah I'm sad I know) which I think ends up jinxing any possiblities, sucks eh?

I think the cynic in me doesn't believe in love but the optimistic (the hidden optimistic) in me does very much so.

3/24/2010 #32

I have to confess that it does sometimes happen. But it's actually quite the opposite with me. I write my stories because I want it to happen. The situations I create in my stories are never far from things that could possibly happen to me, firstly to make it more accessible to my readers and secondly so I can bathe in the fantasy notion that it might one day happen to me.

I believe in love, and even in love at first sight, which is why I write about it. I never write what I'm unsure about.

3/31/2010 #33
Vinko Ravindra

There is no love at first sight. There are no angels. There are no gods, nor goddesses neither. There is only what two people make themselves. All else is delusion, illusion, and elusion of the truth.

5/3/2010 #34

Okay mega harsh. But sadly I'm incline to agree.

I'm as much a hopeless romantic as the next romance writer, but that doesn't mean my stories are going to be built on a foundation of 'the instant I saw her I knew I loved her'. Please, that's not love that's attraction, infatuation, lust. These things do not make love, they make sex.

I'm tired of reading romances that work off attraction and make it sound like it's love. Sure it's easier to start off that way. But really, can someone please tell me when in real life has some a hunk come up to us plain Jane's for a date, and not juicy tidbits on some hoty you may be friends with.

Now I'm not nay-saying attraction entirely. It can be brought in, in small ways. The way the hair falls, a certain something about the eyes, lips, hands, skin. How they think, speak, move. And have them notice one at a time not all at FREAKIN' ONCE! This is annoying of mine and I will stop reading a romance all together if I think the relationship is being created this way.

9/9/2010 #35

Someone once said that if people wanted to read about real life, they would read autobiographies. When people choose a fiction story, they aren't looking for real life. Real life is dull and boring and most of them have been there and done that. People want fiction to be exciting.

11/6/2010 #36
Natalie Ann

I agree with this assessment (mostly). I think that yes people are looking for fiction and escapism, but to some degree there must be plausibility to a story of no one can relate to the characters and the plot meaning that they have to be able to see themselves in the characters.

12/7/2010 #37

I actually know exactly what you mean. As in, exactly. I've had plenty of good ideas in my head for romances... lots of different types of romances, and some of them even feature an alter ego of "me" as the main character. But I've never expanded on them, because I'm not sure if I'm willing to let my personal fantasies into the world-- or on to the internet, but in this day and age, it is relatively the same thing.

Also, those potential stores are like very good dreams. By realizing them with a pencil and paper, or black pixels on a computer screen, I'm afraid that it might be the same as telling someone your wish that you make on dandelion seeds -- if you tell, it doesn't come true. What wouldn't I give for the hero of these stories to come and save me from this monotony? Even if it means I can't tell about it.

So, no, you aren't that pathetic. Or, if you are, then I'm right there with you. xD

2/11/2011 #38
Abyssal Sky

I know it won't come true. It's not true that love could conquer all obstacles either. Look at the world, does true love still exist in here? I don't think so. But that's why I write romance stories. People really believe in the impossible and I wouldn't want to spoil their happy ever afters. (geez did i just sound like a total cynic?)

3/13/2011 #39

I'm agreeing with you. Few people actually believe in true love, outside of a movie or book. But relax your not a cynic, you're a realist whose hopeful for more this world. In my opinion that makes an excellent writer because your going to think more on the story and not just shooting for a happy ending.

3/13/2011 #40

Hi you guys! :)

I do have a few stories I've never written because they felt as if they are too real. You know, the type where you don't know the line dividing imagination and reality? I've tried feeling that when I've written something about me and a crush a long-time ago. When I started to think he really does pay attention, he got himself a girlfriend and that's when I realize I was just putting my male protagonist into his shoes.

From then on, I try my best not to include my personal experience in my stories. Still, I always put a part of me on the female protagonist :) I can always wish to meet someone like the guy in the story can I?

Unfortunately though, I haven't got that chance so I'm putting all my efforts in writing and giving my characters a better world that the one I'm in :)


7/5/2011 #41
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