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To tell you the truth they really don't work out. Why? Because 1. too busy to converse with you and listen to your annoying voice. 2. probably cheating on you 3. people change or vice versa. Don't give me that crap about how people love each other and real love lasts forever even if the distance is worlds apart. Why else would they leave you in your crappy town?
2/23/2007 #1
Midnight In Eden
I was in one last year, I had to move away to live at university in a town roughly an hour away. It fell apart after a few months and we were (and still are) two people absolutely freaking crazy for each other. The distance and horrible timetables just don't lend itself to it being a good situation. This year however, I've moved back because I've gotten a fantastic job back at home and now just commute to uni. We were able to salvage our relationship. (and wow I sound so horribly cliched all the way through that, apologies).
3/15/2007 #2
I was in a long-distance relationship for about five months, and the thing is... We were both really into it at first, really interested in making sure we stayed together even though we hardly saw each other, but we grew apart. She had her s*** to deal with and I had mine. *That's* why long-distance relationships don't work, I think. It's because you don't have room to grow together.
3/25/2007 #3
Lavender L. C
Long distance relationship works if the couple is truly committed. Because you are unable to see each other you have to make a compromise and find other ways of communicate and stick too it. If it's talking on the phone, internet, e-mail. It is not easy, in fact it is down right difficult but if both understand that and are truly devoted it can work out.
4/28/2007 #4
True love or eternal love DON'T exist. That's why I don't write about them. Some people die to be loved and some just don't bother about it. Why? Isn't sex, kisses and helping eachother enough?
6/27/2007 #5
Midnight In Eden
As cliched and crap as it sounds, if it doesn't exist for you fine, but to made a broad generalising statement about all of humanity and their feelings is a touch arrogant don't you think? Especially for those who actually have felt "true love".
6/28/2007 #6
Well, then THAT'S weakness. Love is a weakness, right?
6/28/2007 #7
Midnight In Eden
No, it's a strong emotion rarely felt and too often postulated on.
6/28/2007 #8
I don't really know...My ex-boyfreind lives in a neighborhood that's about an hour by bus away from mine, and neither of us drive, so it was almost long distance, even though we were in the same city (a really big city though). I think the physical distance made it easier for us to stay together as long as we did though, since it made it easy to ignore how little he was there for me, wither physically or emotionally. We broke up becaue I spent a few weeks living much closer to him, and he STILL couldn't get it together to come over.
7/12/2007 #9
It's hard to be long-distanced. No physical face-to-face meetings are always not as strong and all. It lacks obviously. There's a lot of aspects missing. There are a lot you can't do either. It's a lot hard to maintain. A lot of times these relationships fail, but there's always exceptions. Who knows.
7/20/2007 #10
Editing my topic. i actually finished a oneshot (title is : "Hot." )-it's a pretty cynical piece- and i'm content with it it kind of falls into the topic of cynical romances as well as long distance (not really but that's ok!) but the main point is.. it hits the theme of love not lasting forever. basically nothing lasts forever. so share you're pieces and i'd love to read and critique any stories!
11/21/2007 #11
my sister and her boyfriend have an on-going long distance relationship. it started 3 years ago. i envy them.
12/22/2007 #12
My mother met a man when we were vacationing in Ireland. They've been in a long-distance relationship for over six years (him being in Ireland, her in the US) and are about to get married. That's about as long-distance as it gets. Of course, it helps when both members of the relationship are adults who have solid incomes and can travel extensively.
1/12/2008 #13

it all started last two years ago when I was in London,..I ofcourse, reassured myself that it was noting more than a short fling. but I've been in a long-distance relationship eversince.

He lives in Australia and travels a lot,and I am originally from Holland and currently at College. it's true,sometimes we are too annoyed to listen to eachother,especially me. I don't think he's cheating on me,However every couple has their ups and downs.

it's absolutely true that people change,we've broken up last year, for a few months. until he was at my doorstep,unexpected.

we visit eachother every 5 months,simply because that's the only way we can see eachother,... I'm leaving for Sydney in 3 weeks again,and plan on staying there 5 weeks.

I don't know if it's really love,or true love, cuz I don't really believe in such a thing. we just like spending time together,even if it costs me tons of money. it is true that our worlds are so far apart,but hey,...we'll see where we're gonna end up. so far it's still good.

8/8/2008 #14

Well it does all depend on personalities and all - some people can't cope and some can. It's also what you really define love and relationship to be. I mean if you're someone that loves to hold hands all day and have to see each other all the time then it might not be possible.

Technology has kind of helped out these days too with more methods of communication. It doesn't solve everything, but it's a start.

Though, I think in the end, if you really do love someone... regardless of all the negatives, you'll be there with them.

8/8/2008 #15

I'll be the first to admit that I'm cynical over long distance relationships. However, one of my friends has proven that it is possible by managing to have a long distance boyfriend for over a year and keep up with friends. I really admire her for being able to put up with the long drives and everything else just to see each other for a few hours.

12/16/2008 #16

Ohh long distance relationships... I was kinda sorta in one last year, I met a guy on vacation and I saw him about 4 weekends in 6 months. It didn't work out in the end though, because we didn't know how to trust each other well enough. But cause of him, I grew ALOT in the relationship area. I can't help but admit that even though they might not work out most of the time for one reason or another, long distance relationships are quite the experience.

1/31/2009 #17

Ah yes, I've had those. He moved to Utah. Felt like a serious one way connection.

4/27/2009 #18

Long distance relationships usually mean it's over between the two of you. I mean, people are fickle - especially if the person's partner is not there to remind him/her that he/she is not single - so I don't think long distance relationships can really work out.

5/6/2009 #19

I had a long distance relationship with my now husband. Obviously it worked out since we've been happily married for five years.

But I have friends who've had long distance relationships also and those ended pretty badly. Either one or both cheated, grew bored, stopped writing, etc. People do change. You probably wouldn't notice if you see the person everyday, you kind of get used to it. But if you haven't seen that person in months, those changes will be blatant.

I honestly don't know why it worked out for me and not them, but I think it has something to do with luck, and mutual determination to make it work. Most of the time, though, either one person gives up or both do soon afterwards.

7/6/2009 #20
Pig In A Dollhouse

No, he just cheated on me n.n

Whilst I'm here, can I plead for reviews on All Your Twisted Thoughts Freeflow plox? They will be returned.

7/7/2009 #21

a long distance relationship has as much a chance of working out as a regular face to face relationship. The only factor of whether or not a relationship of any kind will work out is the two people in it. If they both want it to work and are willing to make it work... it will. I was in a long distance relationship and it ended up working because we BOTH put in the effort. You have to take the time to show the other person that they are important to you. It's not easy but it's doable. In a normal relationship you have each other around for reassurance and when youre apart a lot, you have to take the time to reassure the other of their importance. Trust me, I'm a testiment to it working out. I was in a long distance relationship and we stuck it out and now we've been together for years. The truth is, with a long distance relationship, you learn faster if the person is serious about you or not and if they aren't then you're lucky because you saved yourself time you could share with someone who is more worthy of you.

1/29/2011 #22
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