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I just want to know what everyone's/anyone's personal opinion on the topic.

I have a story that is this, but it's written in the only way that I can write it because writing a story the normal way is just to hard for me. If I wrote it the normal way I wouldn't even continue with the story after...two chapters. All the he said, she said, mom said, dad said, friend said thing is to aggervating for me to write for some reason.


the story is Choice, let me know what you think.

11/11/2008 . Edited 11/15/2008 #1
Slight Serenity

There is nothing wrong with those kind of stories, for me personally i just find them hard to be interested in, while on the other hand i am sure there are tons of people who enjoy those kinds of is different for everyone.

7/16/2009 #2

OMG!! This is like- my life. I met a boy, when i was jsut finishing year 7, i met him by chance- i was a maga nerd and he invited me to the science club he ran. Every Thursday we would spend together, we flirted ALOT, we talked alot, and we joked alot- we didnt kiss, we didnt cuddle- coz we couldn't. He was 15 when i met him- year 10. His family would never allow it and our prides also got in the way. In the end he started to go out with a girl in his year who was actually my friend. Everyday i had to listen, listen to how much she loved him- and as much as i respected her- i couldnt help but feel she wasn't right for him. In the end, he left- went off to collage when i was just leaving year 8. No goodbyes, no last words. Then a year and a bit later, when i started year 10, he came back, and he acted like he used to around me. And i was happy for once. Then two days later after him saying he would come back soon i found out he had got a girlfriend- his age.

Its been two months and i havent heared anything from him. Sometimes i wish i could turn back time and never meet him, or just tell him. I've written little bits of it on this site its called "a teenage fairytale" (its a bad title i know- i couldnt think of what to call it!). Im writing the bit where he comes back but everything that is in the story is true. (ive changed the names obviously). I'm pleased someone else has written a story like it- i loved your story!

12/5/2009 #3
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