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I took a long time deciding the title topic for this thread! Geez...too many hard choices (at least for me). It was a tie between "Mumbo Jumbo" or "Shoot the Breeze" so I chose this. There is only one rule (the title) so follow it!

3/3/2009 #1

Oh! And Zippy, it's your turn!

3/3/2009 #2

xD "Mumbo Jumbo" made me smile.

Babble Time: I need to stop roaming the forums and actually write something. x) Considering we're on a writing site, writing something is probably a good idea. But your Mumbo Jumbo distracted me. Heh.

So anyway, I'm new here. :P Call me V. Or Socks. Which ever seems more entertaining to you.

What's happening with you?

7/17/2009 #3

I know what you mean. I should write something too. LOL, I tend to distract people a lot. Especially because I'm accident prone and I just seem to attract danger and embarrassing moments.

I'll call you Socks. It turns more heads. :D

Actually, I've been off this site for a while. Too many things to do for the summer. Just came back from Wisconsin Dells!!! Kyaa, so fun! And I'm sporting a purple foot from the very first slide too. Everyone just shook their head when they carried me to the First Aid room. The slide was AWESOME though. What have you been up to?

7/22/2009 #4

Socks it is. ;o

I still need to write something. I've written up a 3/4 finished piece, but I still need to give it an ending and edit it. Not to mention, it's depressing piece. Dx And I really want to start out with something a little more, I don't like, giddy I guess. Lighthearted. Something of that sort.

Bah. Anyway, until then (whatever/whenever "then" is), I'll let you distract me with your purple feet. :D Baha.

I've just been doing the usual stuff this summer--camping (which was a blast. When ever you can, I recommend going camping with complete idiots. You will never laugh harder. :P) did some redecorating, worked a bit, and am now putting off homework until I have no option but to get it over with. :) So it's been good.

At the moment, though, I'm trying to pretend that I can write comedy. xP What about you? Any amazing ideas struck?

7/22/2009 #5

A lighthearted story? That would be a good way to start...but why not choose an AWEsome way to start and just use that depressing piece? I think a great author can write any genre as long as he/she has skill, good imagination, originality, and heart.

Haha! My purple feet IS quite distracting. I only have a ghost of it left, but man, when it was fully colorful, people just didn't look at my face anymore when they talked! ^^

Camping with idiots is all fun and games when the sun is up...dinnertime and sleeping bags, not to mention putting up the tent, does not go well at all and is not funny when you have to sleep with the dew. Ah, but it really is a long as you remember to bring someone useful along as well.

I say! I've found a kindred spirit in you! Procrastination really should be my first name...not middle. :)

^^ I like pretending too. Are you any good? How's the comedy coming along? Many ideas have struck this brain and I'm not sure it's working any more. I'm not sure if they were amazing. I'll get back to you on that...

7/29/2009 #6

Baha. Putting up tents is /always/ the best part. Except when the people you're camping with people who think they're "above" tents. :) One of the people we went camping with slept under his truck with only and axe to "protect you softies for those man eating bears around here."


Alright. So I'll admit, I'm a terrible person. Really, not replying to this message for 5 months? Ack! In my excuse, well, there is no excuse. Life is terrible and man eating (more so than the bears. ;)) I haven't finished writing any fan fiction either! Goodness. I don't suppose I can blame this distraction on your purple socks again?

Anyway, the comedy is up and coming. I do have several half written pieces lying around. Sadly, I'm not as clever and witty as I first thought, but I'll figure it out. =)

How are the ideas going?

11/27/2009 #7
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