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Joking. I know there's an 'A' in there. Just can't remember if it's before the 'E' or after. Consider this a bashing/ranting/attacking thread on the subject of L-O-V-E. Or if you feel differently about it, feel free to defend the hell out of it. Either way the floor is open to lovers and haters alike.

These things are like dance floors so I'll give it a go...Is it real? I say yeah. Does it exist in ways portrayed in movies and books? I say not a chance in hell.

3/4/2009 #1

I second the notion. It's kind of really sad...we are all individual beings, and we all search for that one moment that we might jump out of our isolation--that one moment is called love...and it's only a moment.

Oh woe, ahaha.

3/16/2009 #2

Zippy, you are so lying! You didn't know how to spell dead at all!

Love? (sigh) It exists. Although it's not as great as the romances in movies or books. I'd rather have it than be without is so much more interesting. Fights, drama, arguments, jealousy, anxiety, just sounds so exciting! :] But hey, joy and adoration trumps them all, right?

3/18/2009 #3

Eh. I think jealousy is a wasted emotion. And drama is more fun to watch from the sidelines.

3/19/2009 #4

I concur!

Jealousy is a wasted emotion, but it's also very fun to watch from the sidelines too...(i think i'm evil) :)

3/19/2009 #5

I know you're evil.

3/20/2009 #6

:D I am!

A friend of mine dubs me "Nef Imp" (nefarious imp)

Notice the definition on imp: a small demon

Get it? He thinks he's a genius on account he was able to diss me on my height while giving me this nickname. Anyway, this is sooo way off the topic. Sorry!

3/20/2009 #7

Definitely after. Whatever.

All right, finally there's someplace to talk about the object of love.

I. Love. Dancing.

Love is real. Just not romantic, movie, book, story, whatever-else love. Absolutely not. In my opinion, not that it matters any, but Ima scream it anyway, love is just a word for another crush. Maybe a bit stronger. But love is essentially just an adrenaline rush, unless it's used in terms of God, in which case yes it exists. Otherwise? Love=lust=What.Ev.Er.

4/20/2009 #8

XD Love is that tingling sensation in your pants. LOL. I can't agree or disagree because I've never gone gaga over anyone. But I think a lot of people probably do confuse lust with love - being that it's just a temporary state.

4/22/2009 #9

Oh yes, that tingly...ahem...uh...nevermindthat. But, in your opinion, is love a temporary state? Or is it permanent--real love, that is, not just "love"? (If that made any sense.) Lust is sort of a temporary in, it's kind of like Mormons? Marry (read: lust) [after] anyone, anytime, but different people? so it's kind of permanent, just with different people a lot of the time, am i right?

4/22/2009 #10

lol, funny...

Love, in my opinion, can't be a temporary state. I think it just changes. I mean, love exists in any shape, type, or form, but too many people can confuse love with other things (as said above). Lust or infatuation, or other things. I don't think these are love, though they are a possible factor contributing to love...or at least leading to it., strange way of thinking (but I like it!). It's hard to say. I don't think "love" can be focused onto only one person. I mean, you love your friends and family (and pets), and your significant other(s) [consider widows who remarry]. It really depends on a person. I just think Mormons are greedy. There's nothing wrong with being greedy, but Mormons are just TOO greedy.

I'm sorry if I offend anyone.

4/22/2009 #11

I meant that when people do confuse love with lust, it's temporary because that feeling doesn't last. As far as real love is concerned, if it does exist, ((knocks on wood)) I'd like to think it's permanent. Rose said it - Mormons are greedy. And if I offend anyone...well...take it out on Rose. She said it first. =D

4/24/2009 #12


4/26/2009 #13

All I know is that love is a pain in the a**. It's blinding, and keeps you from seeing the reality of certain things and people, but is always almost worth it. It seriously takes a lot of patience, and determination. All in all love sucks. lol

4/27/2009 #14

Ah, I knew it!

4/27/2009 #15

Don't believe everything you see in the crappy two star rated romance comedies.

4/27/2009 #16

You mean other than Disney? ;)

4/28/2009 #17

no freakin' duh. *rolls eyes*

4/29/2009 #18

Careful. They might get stuck that way.

4/30/2009 #19

I think I'd definitely live tale. The 'rents might have to sue, though.

4/30/2009 #20

Show...the tail...Is...was that supposed to be a...pun?


Is soooo stupid right now. 0o

5/4/2009 #21

Um, no...but now that you mention it......I guess it could be, eh?

5/4/2009 #22

Maybe. *rubs chin in thought*

5/5/2009 #23

Why is Disney considered movies for children? They present the scariest case scenarios for little kids.

5/6/2009 #24

Sorry, just wanted to throw that out there.

5/6/2009 #25

lol no problem.

You mean like when they try to burn the gypsy at the stake in the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Yeah...well, it sort of explains a lot, though, doesn't it?

5/6/2009 #26

Or when the sea monster ate a soldier in Sinbad?

no no wait, he spat him back out. But the soldier was pretty pissed off though.

But what was up with the innuendo? Like when he was about to say something about hiscrotch, but they interupted with some dude yelling Pickles and Eggs?

5/11/2009 #27

Exactattackaly! Wait, you mean like this?

PICKLE SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/11/2009 #28

*flails and tosses a pickle*

Oh mai.

5/14/2009 #29

*thunk* *squishing sound*

AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU TOSSED A PICKLE INTO MY EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PICKLE ACIDICY JUICE STUFF!!!!!!! OW, OW, OW, OW, OW, OW, OW, OW...............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/14/2009 #30
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