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Rp set in a fantasy world. Races and what not are up to you. Enjoy yourselves, that is the main rule. I already have a main plot in mind, I just need you people to come .
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Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea smiled back and kissed his neck

Rikki smiled and blushed

Calamity continued on in silence, the hood casting a shadow over her eyes.

Tai smiled at Seth as he kissed her softly on the forehead.

Fray walked up beside Alexander and stood close to him 'accidentally' brushing her hand against his.

5/12/2009 #511
Rowan Salder

Archaemon smiled and pulle dher close.

Cain brushed her cheek.

Merrik walked beside her.

Alexander chuckled and held it. He turned and whispered. "Are you willing to stick just with me?"

5/12/2009 #512
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea smiled back and snuggled into his chest

Rikki smiled and blushed

Calamity smirked slightly "What do you want?"

Fray didn't look at him "I can't do that."

5/12/2009 #513
Rowan Salder

Archaemon smirked. "Do you want to..."

Cain touched her hand.

MErrik chuckled. "I just want to spend time with you."

He let go. "Then I cant be with you."

5/12/2009 #514
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea blushed and shook her head slowly

Rikki smiled and held his hand

Calamity snickered "When did you become a clingy little boy?"

Fray grabbed his hand and pulled him into a kiss, putting him under an enchantment, "You promised yourself to me long ago Alexander"

5/12/2009 #515
Rowan Salder

Archaemon kissed her.

Cain smiled back. "I love you."

Merrik chuckled. "I just have nothing better to do."

Alexander smirked. "Ah, how interesting. MAgic doesnt work on me, but you have got me interested. What exactly are you?"

5/12/2009 #516
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea kissed him back

Rikki kissed him slightly "I love you too"

Calamity smirked and disappeared in a flash of fire.

Kharma was kneeling in front of a gravestone, her head bowed.

Fray smiled slightly "Ah, that i cannot tell you Alexander, you will have to figure that out on your own" she kissed him again and walked out of the room

5/12/2009 #517
Rowan Salder

Archaemon kissed deeper.

Cain laid down with her.

Merrik stared blankly. "Fine."

Alexander shrugged.

5/12/2009 #518
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea broke the kiss and tucked her head into his chest.

Rikki smiled and fell asleep

A single tear fell down Kharma's face.

Tai slept

Seth watched over her

Fray smiled at a young doctor, and he began following her. She approached him and asked flirtatiously if there was any available rooms. He showed her to one and she pushed him onto the bed. A while later she walked out smirking. The doctor walked out a few minutes later, disoriented.

5/12/2009 #519
Rowan Salder

Archaemon held her softly.

Cain smiled at her.

Merrik sighed. "Your time brother." He closed his eyes, and when tey opened, Jakes eyes looked outward.

Alexander sighed. He had an idea of what Fray was, he hoped he was wrong, he didnt want to have to kill her.

5/12/2009 #520
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea smiled and fell asleep in his arms

Rikki slept soundly

Kharma sat on her heels, her face in her hands, crying.

Tai woke much later.

Seth smiled at her and kissed her hand lightly

Fray smiled at their love, she was standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame

5/12/2009 #521
Rowan Salder

Archaemon fell asleep as well.

Cain smiled at her sleeping form.

JAke began walking in some random direction.

Alexander chuckled. If she only knew who he was.

5/12/2009 #522
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea woke from her fake sleep and moved away from Archeamon, careful to not wake him. She walked outside and climbed onto a roof. Arachnea lit a cigarette and began smoking.

Rikki smiled in her sleep, she dreamt of Cain

Kharma lay on her side on the ground in front of the gravestone, exhausted from crying. She play with the grass in front of her face.

A man walked up behind Fray and rendered her unconcious. He caught her as she fell and put her into a chair. He walked up to Alexander and introduced himself "Lucifer" he said.

5/12/2009 #523
Rowan Salder

Archaemon chuckled softly.

Cain held her all night.

Jake wandered into the graveyard. "Oh, sorry, I didnt realize you would be here. I'll just be on my way."

alexander smirked. "I know who you are, I am surprised you dont remember me."

5/12/2009 #524
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea sat on the roof, she smoked slowly

Rikki woke at dawn and kissed Cain's neck

Kharma didn't move "You can stay if you want, i don't care"

Lucifer chuckled "You have changed."

5/12/2009 #525
Rowan Salder

Archaemon appeared next to her. "you know I dont mind if you do this."

Cain smiled at her.

Jake sighed. "I dont want to annoy you."

Alexander smirked. "Your lucky I am in a laid back mood, or the last of your sins would be dead. After wrath, she would be easy."

5/12/2009 #526
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea laughed slightly and blew smoke in his face. It wasn't regular tobacco smoke.

Rikki smiled back

Kharma looked up at him and smiled slightly "You wouldn't"

Lucifer chuckled "I wouldn't underestimate her, she got you in bed, twice as i recall"

5/12/2009 #527
Rowan Salder

Archaemon chuckled. "You are a bad girl." He poked her.

Cain kissed her.

Jake smiled ack softly. "HAve you been crying?"

Alexander smirked. "She got this body in bed, not me."

5/12/2009 #528
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea smiled and laughed slightly.

Rikki kissed him back

Kharma nodded slightly

Lucifer laughed "Just don't underestimate her" he turned and walked out.

Fray woke soon after and began walking out of the hospital.

5/12/2009 #529
Rowan Salder

Archaemon chuckled and kissed her.

Cain smiled and held her tight.

Jake sat next to her. "Wanna talk about it?"

Alexander chuckled and walked next to her. "Hello."

5/12/2009 #530
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea kissed him back slightly before passing out

Rikki smiled back

Kharma intertwined her fingers with his and smiled slightly "Not right now" she still lay on her side.

"What do you want?" Fray asked without looking at him

5/12/2009 #531
Rowan Salder

Archaemon sighed.

Cain rubbed her back.

Jake smiled back at her. "I'm ok with that."

He chuckled. "I thought it was you who wanted me."

5/12/2009 #532
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea slept fitfully

Rikki smiled and kissed him lightly

Kharma closed her eyes

Fray glared at him.

5/12/2009 #533
Rowan Salder

Archaemon watched over her.

Cain kissed her back.

Jake did something bold and kissed her softly.

alexander smirked.

5/12/2009 #534
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea eventually settled into a sound sleep

Rikki smiled

Kharma's eyes widened and she kissed him back

Fray ignored him

5/12/2009 #535
Rowan Salder

Archaemon smiled softly.

cain smiled back. "Do you like me like this?"

Jake smiled at her.

Gabriel left alexander and appeared in front of her with his wings spread wide. "Lust, you are the last of the seven. The last I need to kill."

5/12/2009 #536
Tigger Lilly 1

Arachnea moaned in her sleep

Rikki nodded "I love you Cain"

Kharma smiled back and closed her eyes again

Fray laughed "I am not the last Gabriel, even if you kill me, as long as there is sin, i will continue to come back, as the others have already. You are too focused on a single sin to noticed that wrath had already come back." she smirked as wrath came into the body as well.

5/12/2009 #537
Rowan Salder

Gabriel smiled. "Oh I noticed, but that isnt the point. I am not trying to eliminate you, I am just capturing all you essences in my blade." He drew his sword. (Note that all weapons of heaven are indestructible)

Archaemon stroked her hair.

Cain chuckled. "I lov eyou too."

Jake just laid there with her.

5/12/2009 #538
Tigger Lilly 1

Lust and Wrath left Fray's body, they laughed "Good luck with that" they said before disappearing. Fray became dizzy and had to lean on a wall for support

Arachnea woke later and smiled at the sleeping Archeamon

Rikki blushed and kissed him lightly

Kharma fell asleep as a last tear escaped her eye

5/12/2009 #539
Rowan Salder

Gabriel smirked again. "It is only a matter of time, I have all but you lust."

Archaemon woke and smiled back.

Cain pulled her tight.

Jake smiled softly.

5/12/2009 #540
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