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Rp set in a fantasy world. Races and what not are up to you. Enjoy yourselves, that is the main rule. I already have a main plot in mind, I just need you people to come .
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Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi smiled "I just want to lay with you for now" she kissed him

Rayne smiled

Rikki sighed, and looked away "Neither did he..." she turned to the snake "Be Archeamon" she said and moved closer to Cain

4/19/2009 #31
Rowan Salder

Seipher kissed her back.

Aaron put his hand on her waist and pulled her close.

The snake shook it's head. "Once changed it can never be re done."

4/19/2009 #32
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi smiled and hugged him

Rayne blushed and smiled

Brion smirked and walked up behind them, putting his arms around both their shoulders, and walking between them.

Rikki nodded and leaned against Cain

4/19/2009 #33
Rowan Salder

Seipher chuckled and held her.

aaron chuckled.

Cain held her tight.

4/19/2009 #34
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi smiled and kissed him

Rayne glared slightly

Rikki smiled and hugged him

4/19/2009 #35
Rowan Salder

Seipher kissed her deep.

Aaron looked at him. "Can uh...we go for a walk alone?"

Cain smiled and kissed her.

4/19/2009 #36
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi kissed him back and smiled "I love you"

Brion chuckled "Nope"

Rayne rolled her eyes and shrugged his arm off her shoulders, "Then i am going to hang out in the trees, see ya later Aaron" she smiled and quickly kissed him then jumped into a tree

Rikki kissed him back

4/19/2009 #37
Rowan Salder

Seipher smiled. "I love you too."

Aaron sighed. "Thanks." he said sarcastically.

Cain smiled and pulled her in tight.

A man appeared silently from out of the shadow lands and smirked. "Time to take back what is mine."

4/19/2009 #38
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi smiled and snuggled close to him

Brion laughed and clapped Aaron on the back "Hey, it's bro to boyfriend bonding time"

Rikki smiled back, but a chill went down her spine

4/19/2009 #39
Rowan Salder

Seipher chuckled. "Your soft."

Aaron chuckled. "Fine."

Cain snesed it. "Whats wrong?"

4/19/2009 #40
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi blushed and kissed him

Brion smirked and led him into town

Rikki shrugged "I'm not sure"

4/19/2009 #41
Rowan Salder

Seipher kissed her back passionately.

Aaron followeed him. "So, what do you do?"

Cain kissed her.

4/19/2009 #42
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi smiled

"Hit the clubs, have fun" Brion smirked

Rikki kissed him back

4/19/2009 #43
Rowan Salder

Seipher put his hands on her sides.

Aaron chuckled awkwardly "Nice, hehe."

Cain smiled and drew her closer. "I missed you."

Archaemon smiled to himself. "Soon, very soon. Let hthem have their fun first."

4/19/2009 #44
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi smiled and kissed him lightly

Brion smirked and led him to a strip club.

Rikki kissed him "I missed you too"

4/19/2009 #45
Rowan Salder

Siepher smiled and his hand went lower.

Aaron shook his head. "No."

HE smiled. "Do you, wnat to go to the house?"

4/19/2009 #46
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi grabbed his hand and held it, "Not right now"

Brion laughed and dragged him inside

Rikki nodded and kissed him again

4/19/2009 #47
Rowan Salder

HE chuckled and tickled her. (His hands were on her butt btw, not there)

HE struggled. "No, it isnt right when I am dating someone."

Cain smiled and teleported them home.

4/19/2009 #48
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi squeaked and kissed him

Brion laughed and a couple of Rayne's other brothers came up and helped Brion get him to a chair.

Rayne had watched them leave, and followed them. She saw them go into the club and ran away, she jumped between trees and climbed high into her favorite.

Rikki kissed him and took off his shirt

4/19/2009 #49
Rowan Salder

Seipher chuckled and kissed her back.

Aaron closed his eyes.

Cain smiled and removed hers.

4/19/2009 #50
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi smiled and closed her eyes

Brion laughed "C'mon, we won't tell. Relax, enjoy yourself"

Rayne sat in a high branch, crying.

Rikki kissed him and pulled him to the bed. As soon as she lay down a chill ran down her spine.

4/19/2009 #51
Rowan Salder

seipher smiled and kissed her forehead.

Aaron glared at them. "Dont you understand? I cant enjoy myself looking at this filth. Let me the fuck out of here."

He kissed her. "It will be ok."

4/19/2009 #52
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi smiled and soon was asleep

Brion chuckled "You think this is filth? Then why are you dating Rayne?" The other brothers laughed and walked out of the club

Rayne pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them

Rikki kissed him back slightly then stopped "C...cain... something's wrong... i.. i just don't know what..."

4/19/2009 #53
Rowan Salder

seipher stroked her hair while she slept.

Aaron ran out into the woods. "Rayne! Rayne!" He called out to her.

he hugged her. "i wil protect you from anything."

4/19/2009 #54
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi smiled and moved closer to him.

A brother was suddenly in front of him, and another on each side. They were soon surrounding him, and Brion, laughing, walked into the middle of the circle with Aaron "She isn't going to answer you, for one... now she thinks you are a pig, and that's where she works, she is ashamed of it, and she never wanted you to find out." He smirked and chuckled slightly "She hates herself, and now she hated you. There is nothing you can do about it either"

Rikki hugged him back, "I... i just ... c...can't...."

4/19/2009 #55
Rowan Salder

Seipher smiled and closed his eyes.

Aaron lunged at him and knocked him to the ground, he had a blade at his throat. "Give me one good reason why I shouldnt fucking kill you right now. And if any of you make a move toward me, my hand will slip."

He stroked her hair. "I will protect you, and I will never leav eyou."

4/19/2009 #56
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi moaned softly in her sleep

Brion laughed "Because you wouldn't do that to Rayne, you love her. Because she would be devestated and she would never forgive you. Because you might still have a chance, because you might be the first boy to try to keep her. And killing any one of her brothers would completely eliminate that chance"

Rikki hugged him "I'm just afraid you might have no choice"

4/19/2009 #57
Rowan Salder

seipher nuzzled her.

Aaron sneered. "I'm supposed to believe that. You dont want us together any ways. As I see it, so long as you are around, you will poison her mind against me."

Cain kissed her. "I will do all I can. If he is stronger, than I will at least bring him with me to hell."

4/19/2009 #58
Tigger Lilly 1

Kimi smiled in her sleep

Rayne dropped down from the tree, and was standing a few feet from Aaron and Brion. "If you kill him, i will kill you" she said, staring blankly at his back

Rikki kissed him back "I... i just can't do it... not when i feel like he is watching..."

4/19/2009 #59
Rowan Salder

Seipher woke up and smiled. Her body was perfect in his opinion. He took the sight in.

Aaron got up. "Fine. Just so you know, they forced me to go in there with them. But why should you believe me, I am just an outsider. I should go." He began to walk off, tears in his eyes.

Cain just held her.

4/19/2009 #60
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