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Rp set in a fantasy world. Races and what not are up to you. Enjoy yourselves, that is the main rule. I already have a main plot in mind, I just need you people to come .
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Tigger Lilly 1

Fray slipped into a daze

Arachnea smiled and kissed him

Rikki smiled and blushed

Kharma laughed maniacally. Her eyes were a bright red, her teeth sharp, as were her nail. She was considerably more pale. Kharma lunged at Calamity, knocking her down again.

Calamity fought against Kharma, as she began draining Calamity of her blood.

5/14/2009 #571
Rowan Salder

Alexander called a doctor.

Archaemon kissed her back.

Cain smiled. "Where?"

MErrik touched Kharma's shoulder and froze her body, then pulled it away from Calamity.

5/14/2009 #572
Tigger Lilly 1

A doctor came over and examined Fray. He told the nurses to stitch the slits and rebandage them.

Arachnea layed down and pulled Archeamon down on top of her

Rikki kissed him lightly "Anywhere"

Kharma growled, her eyes shimmering as if they were made of fire

Calamity got up and began walking away. "Merrik, my father has your body... but you need to swear fealty to him to get it back...." she said before going too far

5/14/2009 #573
Rowan Salder

Alexander waited.

Archaemon smiled and kisssed her neck.

ain blushed and kissed her deep.

Jake touched her shoulder.

Merrik chuckled. "Thanks but no thanks."

5/14/2009 #574
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray walked out of the room, slightly dizzy. Her arms were rebandaged.

Arachnea passed out soon after she laid down.

Rikki kissed him back

Kharma was shaking with anger

Calamity laughed slightly "I tried to change his mind, come with me... back to father... and perhaps you can steal your body back, or change his mind"

5/14/2009 #575
Rowan Salder

Alexander supported her.

Archaemon sighed.

Cain laid her on the ground.

Merrik shrugged."

5/14/2009 #576
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray smiled and blushed slightly

Arachnea moaned in her sleep

Rikki smiled and kissed his neck

Calamity nodded and turned to leave.

Kharma growled ferociously

5/15/2009 #577
Rowan Salder

Aelxander smiled back softly.

Archaemon laid next to her.

Cain kissed her back and ran his hand up her side.

Meriik floated by her.

Jake squeezed her shoulder.

5/15/2009 #578
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray kissed him on the cheek lightly "Thank you"

Arachnea woke slightly and stood up slowly, she walked over to the edge of the roof and looked down

A soft moan escaped Rikki's lips, she smiled and kissed him deeply

Calamity just walked

Kharma was shaking with anger

5/15/2009 #579
Rowan Salder

alexander blushed. "Your welcome."

Archaemon walked up behind her. "Whats wrong?"

Cain smiled and slid up her shirt.

Merrik looked at her.

Jake kissed her hair. "It's ok Kharma."

5/15/2009 #580
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray smiled

Arachnea smirked slightly "Just wondering what would happen" she said and let herself fall forwards. She turned in midair and landed on her feet.

Rikki smiled back and helped

Calamity smirked slightly "Made up your mind yet?"

Kharma growled "No, it's not"

5/15/2009 #581
Rowan Salder

Alexander smiled back, gettin closer.

Archaemon sighed and jumped down as well.

Cain smiled and kissed her neck.

Merrik looked at her. "I told you, I am not going to serve anyone."

Jake sighed.

5/15/2009 #582
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray leaned against him

Arachnea walked with a slight limp.

Rikki smiled back slightly. She sighed when she heard footsteps heading towards them

Calamity nodded and kept walking, she went to her fathers castle and walked inside.

Kharma glared at Merrik's back

5/16/2009 #583
Rowan Salder

Alexander smiled.

Arcahemon sighed. "You hurt yourself."

Cain kissed her softly. "Shall we leave?"

Merrik followed.

Jake sighed. When they were gone, Kharma was freed.

5/16/2009 #584
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray smiled back

Arachnea laughed

Rikki nodded and started putting her shirt back on.

A box formed around Rikki and Cain, it disabled magic use from inside. A man walked up, holding a young boy by the collar of his shirt. It was Saeran.

A spectral containment box dropped down over Merrik, trapping him.

Calamity gasped as she was grabbed and shocked. They were both brought to Calamity's fathers great hall, and were placed in front of him.

Kharma fell to her knees and clawed at the ground.

5/16/2009 #585
Rowan Salder

Alexander blushed and kissed her softly.

Archaemon poked her.

Cain growled and drew his dark blade.

Merrik chuckled softly.

Jake sighed.

5/16/2009 #586
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray kissed him back

Arachnea didn't notice.

The man smirked "That won't do anything, it won't get you out of there." he laughed slightly "Your boy here told me you are his father, such valuable information, seeing as now you would do anything to save your sons." he smirked as the other boy peeked out from behind the man.

Rikki glared ferosiously at the man.

Calamity was pushed to her knees, and her wrists were tied behind her. Her father smirked "Welcome back Calamity, and Merrik nice to see you" he motioned for his gaurds to bring Merrik's body out. "I assume you want this back, but you must swear fealty to Calamity, as she will soon be the queen of this land."

Kharma managed to calm herself down. She stay kneeling, and just stared at the ground.

5/16/2009 #587
Rowan Salder

Alexander smiled again.

Archaemon came up beside her and poked her.

Cain smirked. "Explain to me why I shouldn't cut off your head. I can move far faster than you can."

Merrik smirked. "Sorry. i dont think I care to do that. You see, I like my independance and I dont like when people intend to use one of the few people who I aknowledge. And btw, the only thing about this box you used on me...it doesnt have a bottom." HE faded through the floor.

Jake knelt beside her.

5/17/2009 #588
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray smiled back

Arachnea looked ahead in a daze

The man laughed "Because you can't get out of there unless you swear loyalty"

Calamity's father laughed slightly.

Calamity let a slight scream of pain escape her lips as her arm was forcibly broken.

Kharma lay her head on his shoulder

5/17/2009 #589
Rowan Salder

Alexander chuckled.

Archaemon stepped in front of her.

Cain growled.

Merrik smirked to himself and kept moving away.

Jake held her softly.

5/17/2009 . Edited 5/17/2009 #590
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray sat on his lap when he sat down and fell asleep

Arachnea looked through him.

The man laughed

Calamity gasped for breath as she was held in the air by her throat

Kharma smiled

5/17/2009 #591
Rowan Salder

Alexander smiled at her.

Archaemon sighed. "Forgive me for this." HE slapeed her.

Cain looked at him. "Who are you."

Merrik smirkedto himself and found what he was looking for. "Heh, fool of a man, forgot he built this out of living rock." HE posed the there very castle. A spire of rock shot down and crushed the man holdng Calamity.

Jake smiled back and kissed her.

5/17/2009 #592
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray smiled in her sleep

Arachnea grabbed his wrist and crushed the bones, and in a voice not her own she said "Never again"

The man chuckled and pushed back his hood, it was Logan.

Calamity fell to the ground and held her neck, struggling to breathe again, just to have another gaurd stab her from behind.

Kharma kissed him back and lay her head in his lap.

5/17/2009 #593
Rowan Salder

Alexander held ehr softly.

Archaemon glared. "Who the hell are you?"

The rocks crushed all the guards and a gloem forme in the center of the room. "Face your doom, fool." It said in a deep voice.

Jake smiled.

5/17/2009 #594
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray moaned softly

There was no answer, then Arachnea fainted and fell to the ground, completely unconcious

Calamity cried out in pain, as one of the gaurds was standing over her as the stones fell, she was trapped under one, she soon passed out and lie on the floor completely motionless, her heartbeat slowing quickly, as well as her breathing.

The king laughed "You call me a fool, and yet you just killed the one who you were trying to protect"

Kharma fell asleep

5/17/2009 #595
Rowan Salder

Alexander chuckled.

Archaemon growled softly and his wrist healed.

The golem looked at him. "I know not of which you speak. I only seek to destroy you for making this mockery of a structure out of myself and my bretheren." He pulled the rocks away from calamity. "This one will be allright, it will keep her from feeling the pian you caused."

Merrik took the opportunity to sever his body's bonds and regain his body.

Jake kissed her forehead.

5/17/2009 #596
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray woke slightly

Arachnea lay motionless

The king nodded, "I have not made this, nor have my ancestors. Althought i will accept this fate, as it is well deserved for other crimes"

Calamity's heart stopped beating then.

Kharma smiled in her sleep

5/17/2009 #597
Rowan Salder

Alexand smiled at her.

Archaemon nudged hr with his foot.

Earth sprites healed her.

Merrik smirked and walked over to her.

The golem approached The king. "For the blood of myancestors, blood must be repaid. Are you willing to pay the blood price?"

Jake fell asleep holding her.

Cain growled at Logan.

5/17/2009 #598
Tigger Lilly 1

Fray smiled back and lay her head on his chest

Arachnea didn't wake

Calamity gasped and rolled onto her side, coughing up small amounts of blood.

The king nodded "I am"

Kharma woke before Jake, she sat up and smiled at him.

Logan laughed, "Well, what are you going to do now Cain?" he noticed Rikki then, although he didn't recognise her as Rikki, "Well, nice little toy you got here"

5/17/2009 #599
Rowan Salder

Alexander smiled and hugged her tighter.

Archaemon splashed water on her.

Merrik hugged her softly.

Jake woke soon after and smiled back at her.

Cain glared at him. "You do realize oaths with one such as me mean very little. Because of what I am their power becomes void soon after."

5/17/2009 #600
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