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Rp set in a fantasy world. Races and what not are up to you. Enjoy yourselves, that is the main rule. I already have a main plot in mind, I just need you people to come .
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Rowan Salder

ok, You all probably know what to do here. Just keep it reasonable.

8/26/2008 #1
Rowan Salder

Name: Joseph Karlan

Age: 24

Appearance: Tall, slightly muscular. Medium length blonde hair, brown eyes. wears silver light plate armor with black trim.

Bio: From a small coastal town, Ousten. His parents were killed when he was 20, so he severed ties indefinitly with the place and became an adventurer. He has a strong sense of loyalty and justice, though he does have a good sense of humor at times. He is a good friend to those he want to be so with him.

Family: None

Allignment: Good

Special info: no any really, he is just a plain human, though decent with a sword.

8/26/2008 #2

Name: Yaku Raven

Age: 19

Appearence: Black hair, violet eyes, a purple v-neck tanktop and black knee length miniskirt. Barefooted.

Demon form: White long hair, red eyes, long fangs and claws. A red top that showed alot of cleavage and the v-shape going down to the breastbone and shows belly. a torn knee length purple miniskirt so it now went higher and still barefooted.

Race: Half-Demon, Half human.

Bio: Yaku is a girl that never grew up, she's always acting childish and only when her power spikes up does she actually act mature....more than that...evil. Yaku doesn't know about the bad things her other self does, she cares about nature and everything. Usually when she's herself she's always seen smiling. She doesn't care about how people look. Her dark side hates everyone but Yaku has tons of childish crush's and boys as best friends. She doesn't care, she's a tomboy and likes to get messy. She can be very sadistic when she gets a guy with her, when she's close to evil.Her mother left when she was 2 and her father when she was 5....her father was a demon and was scared of hurting her. She grew up alone and for that most of the people in her town keeps away from her.

Side: Neutral.

Family: none that she knows of.

8/26/2008 . Edited 8/26/2008 #3
Rowan Salder

accepted, of course!

8/26/2008 #4

Name: Katrina Cullen

Age:looks 19 actually is 135

Appearance: Pale skin, yellow topaz eyes {when normal} Red {when ever she can't take the smell of blood anymore} and black {whenever thirsty}, long straight jet black hair down to the bottom of her back, (dress and jacket only), Black strappy heels.

Race: Vampire

Bio: Katrina was born and raised in Romania with her family ,her mother, father, younger sister and older brother. Her parents worked as a full time vampire hunters one night during the early stages of winter her whole family left on a vampire hunt on the outskirts of Romania, a dense forest, a small group of three vampires waited for Them as if they knew that the group was coming. One vampire shot out at a speed that knocked Katrina down onto the small sheet of snow also attacking her mother and older brother the look on Katrina's face was fear she stood dropping her Blue lighter the small flame died out she started to run tripping several times she spun lightly into a small bank of snow everything felt so much colder then when she came into the forest Like something important was ripped from her it was and she knew it. Opening her eyes she sees a vampire hovering over her his Vang's visible was this the end she slammed her eyes shut in a fraction of a moment a voice said sharply "no, keep her she could help us" the female voice said she forced open her eyes she watched the vampire bite deeply into her arm the cold feeling was melting away the other vampire met them and dragged her father and sister away the only family she had left. She stood watching this happen the warm feeling was now a burning feeling like she was in a fire screams echoed through the woods her legs seemed to give out as she fell back into he snow turning in pain wishing, hopping, she would die. After three long, painful, days she was a vampire Katrina was afraid of what she had become and hid in the forest after twenty or so years she walks into the deeper parts of the woods passing the spot on that endless night where her brother and mother's scattered bones lay. Seeing a quick blur she stopped her father and sister alive but they didn't seem any older, could they too be what she had become a vampire?, they set out to amarcia it seemed like only a day but now what do you do if you can live forever?. On a warm summer night she was out on a hunt she was faster then her father and sister so she was ahead she seemed to crash into another person falling back she grabbed onto the closest thing, the persons shirt, he helped her "we don't get alot of visitors.." the voice said she looked up "well i don't see many vampires.." Katrina replied a few years later they ended up getting married. Living together in a medium sized brick house.

Side: neutral

Family: dad, sister

relationship: Edward Cullen (married)

Extra info:Veggie Vampire (she only drinks animal blood), and she can see consequences for actions EX: some one decides to move to Rome with there family but there family gets killed because they don't belong she can see things like that

Attitude: Katrina is kind, thoughtful, smart but can be hard to deal with at times

8/27/2008 #5

you DO know this is not a twilight rpg, emo?

8/27/2008 #6

You do know I never said it was I can use that lst name and be married to that person if I want GOD you assume everythin with vampires is now twilight

8/28/2008 #7
Rowan Salder

I'll allow it! accepted.

8/28/2008 #8

(woo! FINALLY I CAN REPLY ON HERE...i'll make a charrie soon!)

8/29/2008 #9


8/29/2008 . Edited 1/16/2009 #10
Rowan Salder

accepted, but get bio soon.

8/29/2008 #11

(Kay i will ^^)

8/29/2008 #12

Name: Kira ??? (last name unknown)

Age: 15

Appearance: Kira and her father: grey dragon/o0redpaperclip0o/black-1.jpg?o=1

Kira's Dragon form: black dragon/shadowmaster187516/Anime and dragons/Black_Dragon.jpg?o=15

Race: Dragon

Bio: Kira was born a full breed and her mother died when she was born her and her father are close he tought her tricks and powers beyond imagon it was amazeing what she could do but tonce her powers were decovered she was captured and locked away from the world

Side: Neutral

Family: father

relationship: Peh she has more important things

Extra Info: she has a nice side and evil kinda half/half

-Shes Russian so she has a Russian accent

(ok ok i have an idea thats why i made his charter and i really need some thing orignal hey magic? *glairs* STILL GLARING AT YOU AND I QUOTE

"emo you do know this is not a twillight rp' GOD I knew that!)

9/1/2008 . Edited 9/3/2008 #13

[don't glare at me!!! I made the first half-demon then everyone damn well followed! theres not only demons ya know......look up in books....make werewolves, sprites, fairies, shapeshifters....NOT ONLY DEMONS!.... -.- my ideas always get redone *sigh*]

9/1/2008 #14
Rowan Salder

Name: Emeret

Age: 16(yes, he is very young.)

Appearance: Skye blue robes, white hair. Blue eyes. Right arm has blue characters scrawled down it.

Bio: He was educated on a college level at a young age by the Water Arche guild. his parents turned him over to the guild when he was three and he never saw them after that. his mission in life is soley to save people. He also likes to study various lifeforms. He doesn't call anyplace home and in many ways, lives like a monk.

powers: water magic.

Race: human

Family: parents unknown

weapons: none


Name: Toby

Age: 20

Appearance: Short blonde hair, green eyes. Old band shirts and worn jeans.

Race: human

Bio: After his mother died, his father kicked him out of his house. he has lived on the streets ever since, unable to find a job or a home. he is very kind but doesn't have much self confidance.

Family: Father and sister

No powers or weapons.

(at long last I post their bios.)

9/9/2008 #15
Tigger Lilly 1

Name: Kirlatia

Age: 17

Race: Fairie

Appearance: Bright red hair, Silver eyes, glittery purple wings, Baby purple gown, Average human height.

Powers: ability to control the elements (fire, water, earth, air), and can summon spirits.

Family: Brother died when very young. No other family known.

Bio: When she was very young her parents abandoned her and her brother. She was raised to be tough. When she was 10 she learned of her powers. She is now trying to find her parents. She has searched through the spirits and has been searching for only 2 years. She is cheerful, and she always tries to protect others.


Name: Faith

Age: Unknown, she ages quickly, she looks about 15 though


Her mother is Kirlatia, her father is Almeric. She can control the elements, and shadow and light. She can summon spirits and she can see the future.

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Rowan Salder


9/17/2008 #17
Rowan Salder

Name: Almeric

Age: 18

Appearance: Black robes, brown hair, green eyes. Marking on left arm symbolizing the brotherhood.

Bio: Seperated from all family at a young age, the brotherhood took him in. He absolutely detests them for what they day and secretly tries to help as many people as he can, though because he is part of The Brotherhood, many people avoid him. He is very lonely and believes he is alone.

Powers: shadow magic

Side: Good

Family: ????

9/20/2008 #18

Name: Haje

Age: 19

Appearance: has long yellow hair, red eyes and light skin. Wears a sleeveless black shirt with white bandages around his forearms along with red pants that have silver skull chains wrapped around his legs and waist. Has a long scar over the bridge of his nose.

Bio: Was a soldier in the most recent war and got his lower body, left arm and eyes ripped off. When his sister tried to heal him, he ended up devouring her whole, along with the powers of a maiden of Sol. With his meal done his wounds recovered and set off to become the firs true god of this world.

Powers: A set of two short yellow swords called Novas that can connect at the bottom and create a silver light from the tip of the blades that connect with each-other to form a bow that can fire off arrows made of light. Can invoke the power of Sol through the many tattoos around his body giving him abilities related to fire.

Side: Evil

Likes: Craving for flesh, souls, and manipulating people. Wants to become a demon god.

9/20/2008 #19
Rowan Salder


9/20/2008 #20

Name: Khalid

Age: 15

Appearence: like a younger version of Almeric...red hair, green eyes. Skull tattoo on the back of his neck, and a few scars across his body. He had a black cloak ontop of a light blue outfit.

Bio:Khalid had a family but when he was only a baby, his brother was 3, a gang took him away. they taught him how to kill and use different forms of magic by the time he was 12. But when he was 14 he found out....after they took him away that they had killed his parents. All that time they had blamed it on his brother when khalid had found out...said his brother had killed his family. Khalid ran from them scared up until he was 15, then he was more sensible....tricky...he knew how to steal and then...he found a sword. a girl was calling him from the inside and he let her out...she was a 21 year old women....she told him about her sister andd how yaku may be able to help so they went to search for her.

Powers: He can use magic of different kinds.

Family: all deaqd but his brother almeric.

side: neutral.

Personality:he likes to play mindgames.....he`s always into having fun. he has a huge childish side to him but can be serious and mean at some other times. he`s annoying.

9/21/2008 #21


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Rowan Salder


10/10/2008 #23
Rowan Salder

Name: Mekrith

Age: Unknown

Appearance: Same as almeric, for the time being.

Bio: Self proclaimed 'prince of the shadow lands'. his shadow magic is far more powerful than his hosts and is second only to cain. the only man who knows him is Cain, though he somehow came in contact with Almeric and was trapt in his body.

Power:Shdadow magic



Personality:Sadistic, insane, basically all around evil.

Weapons:same as almeric.

10/13/2008 #24

Name: Winnie/Davina

Age: 10/23


Winnie: White hair, golden eyes, pure pale skin with veins slightly showing. Innocent look, she looks 10. Black ripped up slightly dress. She looks weak and like she just came out of a lab experiment gone wrong, she has a plastic left hand, her real one is missing.

Davina: chocolate brown hair, red eyes, Pale skin but looks more normal. looks her age, red miniskirt. Black and white stripped leggings that goes to her knee's. Purple tanktop with black sweater over it. She has a teenage style for clothing. Has a metal left hand (like on FMA) and uses it for a weapon.

Race: Unknown.

Weapon/special skills: Can fuse people inside eachother for a while or more, depends if their angry. they can also seperate, two spirits which are in the same body. Davina: has witchlike powers, likes hexing people and having fun, has a bow she uses to kill, and is a perfect aim. Winnie: Can dispell darkness, is very pure, uses light powers mostly and is opposite from her sister for the most part. Uses a dagger.

Bio: Winnie is sad and always miserable, Davina, took her over. Davina is evil and always gets her way. They were once sisters before they got in a lab accident....Winnie, got transformed into a horrible looking creature while davina, got devine beauty and power. Davina turned evil, and brought her sister along with her. Davina killed her parents in cold blood, and hates everyone. Davina is the older sister even though you wouldn't know it by the way she acts half the time.

Side: Winnie, good. Davina, Evil.


Winnie: Sad, always childish, but she is wise and knows lots. She can be a very loveable girl once you become friends with her and get passed her looks...just...don't bring Davina out.

Davina: Sadistic, Evil, mean, can be overlovingly happy when she kills. Acts more childish than her sister when she doesn't get her own way and has a giant tantrum. Doesn't like being couped up inside winnie half the time. Needs blood to survive.

Family: only eachother.

10/14/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #25
Tigger Lilly 1

Name: Rikki

Age: 17

Race: demon

Appearance: Extremely long blonde hair, red eyes, small black wings that are easily concealed, very beautiful, 5'7" She has two outfits: 1) a long black gown, slit down the sides, lined with white lace, a chocker, with a long thin chain connecting it to her two braclets/wrist things, and a scythe. 2)A black vest-like top, a red tie, a red and black plaid miniskirt with white crosses around the bottom, a long arm warmer on her left arm and a leather wrist gaurdish type thing on her right hand, a black spiky head band, and some braclets, black nail polish, and a black chocker

Powers: hypnosis, able to posess bodies while keeping their voice and appearance the same, Shadow arche, able to make anyone fall in love with her.

Family: none

bio: Rikki was an orphan all her life, raised by an evil clan of power hungry arches. she was originally a very good pure person, but was changed in the 7 years she was raised by the clan. The clan got in a war with another good clan, but she managed to escape. She wandered from town to town for the next ten years, She is known as "The Vixen" in many folklore and tales.

side: evil

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Rowan Salder


10/18/2008 #27
Beyond Virtual Insanity

Name: Dresden

Age: 89

Race: dragon


Powers: Darkness control.

Family: Dead

bio: Dresden is from the worlds polar regions of the world, but has traveled from land mass to land mass of the world for the last 60 years making friends and enemy. Do to his Constant travels he has been woven into folklore of many people as the White wonder.

side: neutral

11/1/2008 #28
Rowan Salder


11/1/2008 #29
I is the BFG

Name: Caleb Hayle

age: 19

race: Vampire


powers: immortal, fly, really fast, really strong, reads minds, controls mood, and sees the future.

Family: none

Bio: he loved a young woman, but she died before he could save her. He then didn't have the will to live. He was 'created' while he was dying, but soon abandoned by the coven. He now roams the earth

side: undecided

11/19/2008 #30
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