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Rp set in a fantasy world. Races and what not are up to you. Enjoy yourselves, that is the main rule. I already have a main plot in mind, I just need you people to come .
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Rowan Salder


11/19/2008 #31

Name: Chloe Lacardo

Age: 15

Race: Air Demon


http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x26/badgurlxo/Chloe.jpg - Chloe

Powers: Wind storms, healing, shape shifting.

Element: Wind

Family: Was taken away by foster care her only family is Sniper Lacardo.

Bio: Chloe is Sniper’s foster sister he protected her from everything, including boys. Chloe grew to love the fire demon unconditionally and Sniper always introduces her as his sister, she dislikes his possessiveness the most though. Chloe’s parents where normal and they where a very loving family but someone who got into a dispute with Chloe’s mother and a call to CAS, caused her happy life to be torn apart. Chloe misses her family horribly and gives attitude to everyone but Sniper.

side: good


Name: Spencer Ryan Lacardo

Nick name: Sniper, Spence.

Age: 17

Race: Fire Demon


http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x26/badgurlxo/Alex-1.png - Sniper

Power(s): Fire, volcanoes and teleporting.

Element: Fire

Family: Sniper was born from a witch mother and a half demon but when he was conceived his skin was so hot it set everyone and everything in the hospital on fire and his parents died immediately, Sniper was found among the rubble and taken to the hospital with no injuries and then brought into the foster care system, he was so young and had little to no control over his powers he burnt down many foster homes and killed many people, until he was taken into a foster care with other demons like him. He met Chloe and learned to gain control of some of his powers but still he has much difficulty.

Bio: Snipe is not short-tempered however if you insult him or flirt with his sister he will snap easily. If he doesn’t attack you but normally the smell of smoke and a slight glow is noticeable licking his feet. Sniper is not violent, aggressive or even sadistic but if he gets even a bit annoyed his powers become more powerful with his temper or arousal and most of the time enemies or a misguided lover ends up burnt to a crisp. He is one of the most powerful species of fire demons out there and his actual measure of power is off the charts but when he is really turned on or his skin heats up the touch by anyone mortal, demon or witch can cause third degree burns or worse.

Weaknesses: water, holy grounds. Water if only a drop spills on him not only is it incredibly painful but it leaves dents and scars in his skin. If he goes anywhere holy or where a God resides any God it doesn’t matter whose any holy grounds with a holy element makes him nauseous.

Side: neutral

11/22/2008 #32
I is the BFG

(RFG said i could use her if it was okay with you)

Name: Rikki

nickname: Bri

Age: 17

Race: demon

Appearance: Long black hair, black eyes, tatoo on her right shoulder: http://media.photobucket.com/image/girl%20with%20black%20hair/IceQueen5647/anime-girl_011.jpg?o=1

Powers: none, Cain took them away

Family: Rikki

bio: Bri was a part of Rikki until recently, she is now a member of the crips.

side: none

11/22/2008 . Edited 11/22/2008 #33
Rowan Salder

alll excepted^^

11/23/2008 #34

Name: Hunter Connors

Age: 23

Race: Vampire


http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x26/badgurlxo/Hunter.jpg - Hunter

Theme Songs: I’ve seen better days- Sublime, ghetto- Akon, Sorry- Buckcherry.

Powers: The same as any vampire but he has a darker power that he can’t control

When he is upset or gets overly excited his eyes will roll back in his head and all you’ll see is whites, he uses very advanced spells well no one knows not even Hunter knows what magic he uses because most of the time when he changes to ‘it’ which is a more dark side of Hunter. The beast goes around and will kill anyone in the way anyone who ends up under a spell of Hunter’s dark side is Sol the spell is not simply to injure someone but kill in very gruesome ways.

One spell causes the victim to compress and their skin to slowly and painfully rip off, till all you see is the skeleton and insides. Another causes the victim to turn all purple because their heart stopped working and they will slump to the ground in silent pain. A more instant one causes the victim to explode and their intestines to fly out of them and onto whatever is nearby.

Family: He hasn’t seen his parents since the time he got booked for 2-5.

Bio: Hunter regrets all the times he screwed up in school, got arrested or cursed out the school system cause now he is some poor loser who doesn’t have any education besides a simple high school diploma (which shockingly enough he graduated) and a criminal record.

Even though Hunter wants to live a pure life his circumstances makes living innocently impossible so Hunter lives a life of crime stealing, dealing, drinking and when its winter he looks up the big house. Hunter is a friendly guy, incredibly nice, polite despite he has no reason to be he is its how he was raised before his first fuck up he can be even loyal but you have to show him true friendship to earn that and don‘t ever make him mad or frustrated because he switches to his ‘it’ form on a switch of a dime.

side: wants to be good

11/23/2008 #35
Rowan Salder


11/23/2008 #36
I is the BFG

Name: Jazmyne

Age: 10

Appearence: http://s391.photobucket.com/albums/oo354/Szyren/?action=view&current=Jazmyne.jpg

Demon form: http://picture-book.com/files/userimages/1044u/babyfox.jpg

Race: fox demon

Bio: Was once a regular human child, but was transformed into a fox demon. She was captured for study, and recently escaped. Always friendly and kind. Doesn't remember anything of the 'outside world' as she calls it.

Family: None that she remembers

Side: good

powers: transforms into a fox

11/30/2008 #37
Rowan Salder


11/30/2008 #38

Name: Hannah

Age: 17

Appearence: http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f302/Ookami_Tsuki/PirateGirl.jpg

Race: Human

Bio: Her and her sister were on a boat with their family, when they got stuck in a hurricane, only the twins survived. They have trained as ninjas, and worked as assassins.

Family: Twin sister

Side: nuetral

weapons: poison arrows (favorite weapon, she has more)


Name: Grace

Age: 17

Appearence: http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f302/Ookami_Tsuki/PirateGirl.jpg

Race: Human

Bio: Her and her sister were on a boat with their family, when they got stuck in a hurricane, only the twins survived. They have trained as ninjas, and worked as assassins.

Family: Twin sister

Side: nuetral

weapons: katana (favorite weapon, she has more)

11/30/2008 #39
Rowan Salder


11/30/2008 #40

Name: Flora

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown

Powers: Princess of nature and a vampire-ress who prefers not to feed on humans or any other living beings, rather, she tries to live like an human and ignore her thirst for blood...O__O...

Past: She had always been the mature, kind and gentle one out of her other two sides..(Su and Bunny) She never did have any complaints until everything she had was destroyed...her kingdom and everyone she had loved at an early age of 7 where only she had been able to survive, but even then, she continued to be hopeful and ran away to the forests-even though now she had a deep scar that was forever bruised...((...I just had too much sugar...XDD))

Appearance: Long hair reaching far over her waist line-her light silver hair is her usual self-while if her hair is a dark shade of black-it means she is disturbed/down/upset/angered etc O.o...*ahem ahem* -___-, her eyes are soft-left eye is gray while the right is a light shade of blue. Her body is pale and graceful and she has the mark of a strange symbol in her left arm. Can be mistaken for a ceramic ancient statue or something O.o

Temperament: Even when her hair becomes a dark shade that shows that she is bothered-she will never growl or snap etc., her voice is always gentle and loving and its almost impossible to get her angry...

Likes: Animals, nature, small children etc..

Dislikes: --- ((it ish a mystery lawl.))



Name: Bunny

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown

Powers: ...she can tackle people at great speeds? XDD

Past: She had always looked up to Flora and Su-her two other sides, then again, she can look upto anyone! XDD She doesn't remember her past.

Appearance: Wide playful eyes (left=grey. right-blue), medium length-light blond hair, light skinned-can be EASILY mistaken for a doll.

Temperament: Playful, "spazztic", innocent, "slightly" clumsy..*ahem*, and extremely random...

Likes: To tackle people randomly XD, to make people smile/laugh, cookies O.o, animuls etc etc...

Dislikes: ---



Name: Su

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Powers: The strongest one out of all the three when it comes to "physical powers".

Past: Remembers more than the other two, so is more "grudgeful"? ((In lack of a better word XDD))

Appearance: Dark brunette medium length hair, Sharp eyes ((Left-gray and right-blue)), very tomboyish and a half cat XDD, tanned, has a strange sword marking on her left arm. Can be mistaken for a myth angry goddess or something..O.O XDDD...

Temperament: Brutally straightforward, hardcore, won't show that she cares ((kind of)) but if you hurt someone she cares for, she will stab a chopstix down your eye...O___O...etc?....X.x

Likes: To train harder, to protect the ones she loves, cats!! XD, yes yes, and other animals , balls of yarns ((Even though she will kill you later for torturing her with it X3)), etc O.o

Dislikes: Showing that she cares-which she accidently does anyway XDD...

12/26/2008 #41
Rowan Salder

accepted, sorry it took so freakin long :P,

1/4/2009 #42

Name: Leah


Appearance:Long Bleach Blonde hair with light blue tint , smooth marble Skin. Silver eyes. Black eyeliner and blue eyeshadow. Wears a silver shirt with a light blue leather jacket and fingerless light blue leather gloves.White Skinny Jeans.Light blue converse sneakers.

Wolf Form: Pure white with Light blue paws, muzzle, ears and tips of tail.She Has One Sparkle Design on each Shoulder And Two on each side of hips.They,as well as her silver eyes, glow when she is relaxed or content.

Picture tiem!:http://media.photobucket.com/image/blue%20white%20wolf/dragonmaniac07/Edited%20wolf%20pics/frost2.jpg?o=35

Bio:Leah Is the desendant of a large colony of Spirit wolves, Wolves with powers to communicate through thought, Most Wolves have an element they are able to control. Ice,fire,shadows,Earth,wind, and water are a few of these elements. Leah is different then the others because she controls both Ice and wind.


Family:Her Colony.

Relationship: She was Born next in line for alpha, meaning she was to marry the son of the alpha male. She refused and vanished the next day.

Personality: Kind and caring, Always seems like she doesn't have a care in the world.

Extra Info:Being a spirit wolf, She is able to revive someone, This power is Very rare and it takes so much strenght to do it can only be done VERY few times.The only default is that the person that is revived will gain some powers of a spirit wolf.

(wow..this is what i get when im bored)

Race:Spirit Wolf

1/16/2009 #43
Rowan Salder

accepted of course^^

1/17/2009 #44
Tigger Lilly 1



Names: Keaira & Arin

age: 7

appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20twins/faerykerrigwenme/twins_1.jpg?o=2 (Arin in white, and Keaira in black)

side: nuetral

family: parents, and each other.

extra: Arin and Keaira can see the future. Arin sees only the bad things, and Keaira only the good things.

1/18/2009 #45
Tigger Lilly 1

Name: Fang

Age: 21

appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/evil%20guy/mharkiejhay_0208/Dark-2.jpg?o=34

side: evil

bio: (post it later)

1/19/2009 #46
I is the BFG

Name: Duke

nickname: Scar

age: 19

Bio: Duke had a normal life, well almost normal. He never knew his father, but one day a man came towards Duke, when he was about 15, and started beating, and cutting him. Duke was left for dead. He woke up almost 3 days later, stitches from his head to just below his chest. They healed into scars. Duke stayed with his mother and sister for two years after that, but he was not happy. His mother soon kicked him out saying 'i can't stand to see you unhappy, you can come back once you find happiness'. He has made it alone for a year now.

side: undecided

appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/evil%20anime%20guys/Takana_18/guys/deathnote1.jpg?o=72

1/26/2009 #47
Rowan Salder

Yay!, accepted.

1/26/2009 #48
Tigger Lilly 1

Name: Rikki

nickname: Bri

Age: 17

Race: White Ghost

Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/girl%20with%20white%20hair%20and%20eyes/skye126/anime%20girls/pianoromance.jpg?o=6 eyes are pure white though.

This is an update on this Character. -- New 'powers'--

- can't eat, drink, feed, or sleep.

- can't touch the knowing (she can only touch the innocent and light)

-darkness burns her, and she burns darkness.

- sees truth, and what the right thing to do is.

- cannot heal the wounded, but she can save souls.

------- Acts as a sort of grim reaper. Saves souls and helps lost spirits -------

2/9/2009 #49
Tigger Lilly 1

Name: Trinity

Age: 21

Race: Elf

Appearance: http://www.quizilla.com/user_images/A/AQ/AQU/aquacloud3/1146198869_uffElfGirl.jpg

Bio: Born to the King and Queen, but when the queen died, she was put into the care of the water travellers. They brought her up, and she joined the Kings army. The king does not know this yet.

side: Good

2/12/2009 #50

Name: Kimimela

Age: 17

Race: Human

Appearance: http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn34/icedragon_79/Native.jpg

Bio: Her family was on a reservation, until some men claimed the Native Americans on the reservation owed them money. They natives were unable to give them money so they took all the young female girls. She escaped from them when they stopped for the night, but was too far away from the reservation to find her way back. A teenage boy and his family took her in, but the boy practices the dark arts.

Family: Adpotive brother, and mother.

side: unknown


Name: Agro

Age: 18

Race: Human

appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/teenage%20boy/rebbecca_downton/Yji3.jpg?o=83

bio: He was born evil, but realised it recently. He practices the dark arts in order to strengthen himself. His family recently took in a native american girl, and he is hoping to use her in a few expirements. He has successfully given himself wings, and pointed his ears, some mistake him for an elf.

family: Mother, adopted sister

side: evil

2/19/2009 . Edited 2/19/2009 #51
Rowan Salder

accepted :)

2/20/2009 #52

Name: Ophelia Callisto

Age: She looks 16, but is really 49.

Race: Vampire

Appearance: She has long, black hair that seems to glow silver in moonlight and golden in sunlight. She has ice-blue eyes and pale lips. Her face is also quite pale, and it looks as if she's made out of marble. She has a thin and well-toned body. It's not very muscular, but she's the athletic kind of person and she enjoys running and throwing stuff. She has long, thin legs, and thin arms also. She usually is very casual when she dresses: just a plain pair of denim jeans and a long sleeved shirt.

Personality: Ophelia is one of those Vampire women who can easily seduce men and kill them. However, she doesn't want to be evil. She wants to actually fall in love with someone, and have a relationship. But because she's a Vampire, and of how she is around people, she always avoids men and woman, unless she needs to feed. She is very mysterious for men who see her and they just can't resist following her whereever she goes. When Ophelia isn't around humans, when she's around some of her own kind, she's very friendly and open-minded....or at least she tries to be. She can have unexpected mood swings.

Powers/Abilities: Besides the usual Vampiric super strength and speed, Ophelia see the future....but she's just discovered this power and can have trouble containing it. And for now she can only see her own future. She has an easier time seeing into peoples' pasts.

Bio: Ophelia Callisto was born on October 13th, 1970. She lived with an abusive father and a careless mother. Her father was always beating her up for forgetting the silliest things, and for no apparent reason, too. Ophelia's mother never paid any attention to her. She believed women could take care of themselves. When Ophelia was 10, her father was killed in a car crash, along with her mother, so she was left to fend for herself. For the next six years Ophelia wandered alone, scared and grieving. At last, on a stormy night, she was found by a compassionate Vampire, who Turned her and brought her up as his daughter. All too soon Vampire hunters came and slaughtered Ophelia's 'father' and she was forced, once more, to run away. For the rest of her life she has been wandering alone, killing others in revenge and for thirst. She was never taught how to be good.

4/18/2009 #53
Tigger Lilly 1

Approved, welcome

4/20/2009 #54
Tigger Lilly 1

Name: Scarlet Vinestar

Age: 19

race: night elf

Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/evil%20anime%20girl/Fantasy-Lied/evil-2.jpg?o=92

Bio: She had recently been away on a trip, and when she came back to her camp, and family, she found them to have been made braindead. She greived for a few days and then went on her way. She is evil, although she does not do outwardly evil things to people she likes.

Side: evil


Name: Arachnea

age: 15 (looks younger)

race: demon

appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/evil%20anime%20girl/staalmanga/5762275.jpg?o=31

Bio: Mother abandonded her after she accidentally killed her father. Archeamon raised her.

Side: evil

Family: Archeamon is her Uncle

4/20/2009 . Edited 4/20/2009 #55
Tigger Lilly 1

Name: Kharma

Age: 17

Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/weird%20anime%20girl/Narume13/Anime%20Girls/_If_i_only____by_Lasaro.jpg?o=20

Race: Half-demon

Side: Evil

Bio: She was born to be used in an expirement. She is partly bionic, and partly demon. She escaped from the lab after they made her too strong to handle.

family: none

4/20/2009 #56
Elyon Bliss

Name: Laureneza (Renez) Meyer

Age: 13-supposedly- really...186

Race: 1/2 Elf, 1/2 Vampire, also Witch

Appearance: Long, black hair, bright blue eyes, 5' 4"

Bio: Found so close to death and doesn't remember a thing

Family: None

Side: Good

Powers: Super speed, invisibility, and 2 minute visions into the future.

4/21/2009 #57
Tigger Lilly 1


4/21/2009 #58
Tigger Lilly 1

Name: Fray

Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/weird%20anime%20girl/Yuzuki_Sohma/Unique.jpg?o=35

Age: 19


Name: Tai

Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/weird%20anime%20girl/VenusChick_/british.jpg?o=29

age: 19

rest later :P

5/5/2009 . Edited 5/5/2009 #59

Name: Miyu

age: 16

appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/weird%20anime%20girl/deanna-san/b2aa30ab.jpg?o=10


Name: Kankuro

age: 17

appearance: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_TcG4eEnbqW4/SOHQ5b4jGCI/AAAAAAAACnw/63UP_IzoF7w/s400/boy+1+a.jpg


Name: Keiji

Age: 20

appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/hot%20anime%20boy%20with%20the%20kanji%20for%20love%20on%20his%20forehead/heartless20/anime/Samuri%20or%20fighter%20Ninja/inthetree.jpg


Name: Temari

age: 19

appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/blonde%20japanese%20girl/chika_princess/anime%20girls/cute-blonde-girl-in-green.png

(hey, this is Rikki :P borrowing Cass's thing for a bit)

5/6/2009 . Edited 5/6/2009 #60
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