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Rp set in a fantasy world. Races and what not are up to you. Enjoy yourselves, that is the main rule. I already have a main plot in mind, I just need you people to come .
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Tigger Lilly 1

Rikki held out a hand to Cain, inviting him to walk with her.

Kirlatia manipulated the wind and shot up into the sky, her hair swirling around her.

11/15/2008 #2,671
Rowan Salder

Cain cracked another slight smile and took it.

Almeric smiled widely, she was so beautiful. He was so focused on the beauty of her weaving, he didn't even notice the wind also kicked up her skirt.

11/16/2008 #2,672
Tigger Lilly 1

Rikki walked with Cain, holding his hand, her eyes flashed black for a moment and she grinned

Kirlatia blushed and returned to the ground, she smiled and kissed Almeric

11/16/2008 #2,673
Rowan Salder

Cain managed a soft smile.

Almeric chuckled. "Your panties were nice."

11/16/2008 #2,674
Tigger Lilly 1

Rikki's hand had a faint black aura surrounding it.

Kirlatia blushed and kissed Almeric.

11/16/2008 #2,675
Rowan Salder

Cain smirked. "You like the new magic?"

Almeric smirked and bent close. he whispered"maybe I can get them off for ya later." He poked her side to show it was a tease.

11/16/2008 #2,676
Tigger Lilly 1

Rikki nodded, her eyes started flashing between red and black, finally settling on black, "Very much, thank you" she smirked and shot shadow bolts at Cain, hitting him in the shoulder.

Kirlatia smiled and giggled, "Maybe, maybe not"

11/16/2008 #2,677
Rowan Salder

The bolts simply disapated. "YOu can't hurt me with my own magic."

Almeric smirked and rubbed her inner thigh. "I think I could persuade you."

11/16/2008 #2,678
Tigger Lilly 1

"Hm.. it seems you are right, but it is not her magic" Rikki smirked

"You think so? Well we'll just have to find out, won't we?" Kirlatia smiled teasingly, and walked into the house

11/16/2008 #2,679
Rowan Salder

Cain smirked. "I gave her part of my magic, I can take it just as easy. And now that you have used it, I can take you as well." His eye flashed and she was charmed.

Almeric chuckled and gave her butt a squeeze as she walked past him.

11/16/2008 #2,680
Tigger Lilly 1

(wait what?? what just happened with Rikki? i am confused so i am skipping her for now)

Kirlatia giggled and went to the couch.

11/16/2008 #2,681
Rowan Salder

Almeric sat next to her and put on a movie. Faith was sleeping.

(Basically, Cain put a spell over her dark side so that she is enamoured with him and will listen to him, so she wont hurt the good Rikki.)

11/16/2008 #2,682
Tigger Lilly 1

(ohkay... still a little confused)

Rikki tried to blast him with the shadow, "Ugh fine, I'm listening"

Kirlatia smiled and snuggled against Almeric

11/16/2008 #2,683
Rowan Salder

(She should basically be head over heels for him. There are no varying degrees of the spell, he cast it just to get her under control, but thats what it does and he has to accept it. thought it be funny.)

Cain smirked softly.

An hour into it, Almeric casually slipped his hand into kir's pants. and put a finger to his lips"shhhh."

11/16/2008 #2,684
Tigger Lilly 1

(oh okay, lol)

Rikki suddenly felt a strong attraction towards Cain, "What is it you wanted to tell me?" she asked coyly, batting her eyelashes.

Kirlatia sqeaked quietly and blushed

11/16/2008 #2,685
Rowan Salder

Cain sighed. "You need to behave yourself."

Almeric smiled and kissed her, sliding two fingers into her.

( you ok with being descriptive?)

11/16/2008 #2,686
Tigger Lilly 1

(hmm, not right now)

Rikki blushed, "Okay Cain, anything for you"

Kirlatia tried to be quiet, she squealed.

11/16/2008 #2,687
Rowan Salder

Cain sighed. He didn't like this part of the spell. "When can you give her control of her body again?"

Almeric worked her like that for a bit, then slid down her panties and used his mouth.

(not to bad I hope)

11/16/2008 #2,688
Tigger Lilly 1

"I don't know Cain, i am sorry." Rikki smiled and giggled girlishly

Kirlatia shivered in pleasure

11/16/2008 #2,689
Rowan Salder

Cain sighed. "Well, nothin to do about it then. What do you want?"

Almeric used his hand alittle with it. The after a while he rose and kissed her deeply. "Shall we my dear?"

11/16/2008 #2,690
Tigger Lilly 1

Rikki smiled "You"

Kirlatia nodded

11/16/2008 #2,691
Rowan Salder

Cain sighed."I don't think thats a good idea."

Almeric picked her up gently and carried her to the bedroom. He stripped both of them, laid her down, and entered her slowly.

11/16/2008 #2,692
Tigger Lilly 1

Rikki pouted and moved slightly closer to Cain "I'm sure Rikki wound't mind" she said and kissed Cain.

Kirlatia smiled and laid her head back

11/16/2008 #2,693
Rowan Salder

Cain sighed. "You...you're not her."

Almeric kissed up her chest and found her mouth. He took her slowly.

(skip whenever you want)

11/16/2008 #2,694
Tigger Lilly 1


Rikki smiled, "Yes i am" She kissed him again, and ran her hands along his chest.

Kirlatia lay with Almeric, smiling and kissing him

11/16/2008 #2,695
Rowan Salder

Cain looked away. "She won't remember this. This is not the same mind."

Almeric smiled back. "Looks like I got those panties off."

11/16/2008 #2,696
Tigger Lilly 1

Rikki smiled, "I can remind her for you" she kissed him and pushed him against a tree

Kirlatia smiled, "I can see that"

11/16/2008 #2,697
Rowan Salder

Cain sighed. "Fine."

Almeric chuckled. "I love you Kir."

11/16/2008 #2,698
Tigger Lilly 1

Rikki smiled and kissed him passionatly, her eyes began flashing quickly between red and black, finally staying bright red. Rikki, now back to normal, pulled away and started backing away.

"I love you too Almeric" Kirlatia smiled and kissed him again

(sorry it took so long, had to go to the store)

11/16/2008 . Edited 11/16/2008 #2,699
Rowan Salder

(np, and sorry mine took so long, had to do church)

Almeric smiled. "This is wonderful."

Cain smirked. "Good, I figured that would bring you back."

11/16/2008 #2,700
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