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Authors and Artists UNITE! Need Art for your stories? This is the place to ask for it. The reverse also holds true so come on down!
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Brendan Aurabolt

Basically, you post a request for Artwork or Writing to accompany whatever you've got. I'm a writer and am actually in need of an Artist.

When requesting Artwork be as detailed as possible. Ditto if you're requesting a written piece based on your Artwork. Visit my Deviant Art Profile ( for a commission I did for an Artist.

9/6/2008 #1
Zoey McCusker

I love art! I take classes for it and sometimes draw things relating to the stories I write. If ull have me (and show me how to get them on here :)) I'll try to help! :)

9/7/2008 #2
Brendan Aurabolt

Alrighty. I sent you a Staff Invite.

For the sake of simplicity I'll leave it to the artist to decide where they will post their art. All Written Commissions should be published on Fictionpress. I'll make an exception for Writer's Cafe if anyone has an account there (Which I do), though.

9/8/2008 #3
Zoey McCusker

Thanks for the invite! I accept.

okay, but ur still going to have to explain to me how to get my art stuff on here! lol :)

9/8/2008 #4
Zoey McCusker

Random question: do you think you could check out my story The Heart of a Champion whenever u get a chance? :)

9/12/2008 #5
Brendan Aurabolt

I reviewed your story.

To make it easy could you make a Deviant Art account if you haven't already? If you already have one then make a topic identifying yourself as an artist including a link or two to some of what you can do.

I ask that you use Deviant Art VS an Image Hosting site like Photobucket/Image Shack/etc. because if you post it on Deviant Art that's good exposure for you as well =D

9/13/2008 #6
Zoey McCusker

Thanks for the review and the Deviant art thought! You were faster than a friend of mine irl whom I've been asking to read it for weeks now! :)

Yeah, I've been thinking about the Deviant Art thing but I don't really know anything about it. Is it safe like here?

9/13/2008 #7
Zoey McCusker


just wanted to let u know that i actually did figure out how to get my art pictures on here. the one that im going to put on soon is of a pastel im working on. its not a recent photo b/c ive finished the fruit in it, but a good bit of it is done in the one i do have. so, let me know when u want to see it, b/c im not going to leave it up there very long. :)

10/10/2008 #8

I'm so glad someone made this forum, though it doesn't seem to be getting a lot of attention.

Anyway! If anyone is skilled in either drawing by hand or using a computer program to draw people, I would love to request something! Because I always want to draw my characters and it always turns out terrible. What can I say, I'm a writer, not an artist.

3/10/2013 #9
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