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aka Meteor-Infinity
Yeah! The first post in this forum, these new features are cool! Anyhoo, this post is the place to discuss aka Meteor-Infinity's main story: Wish. This is a major project involving the crossover of the characters from the story of the members. Feel free to ask, discuss, or anthing else regarding Wish. aka MI members, if you have the time, post your character bios in here! Link to ch1/prologue: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2216245/1/
10/17/2006 #1
Spirit Tigress
Yeah! this is sooo nice! I'll post my character bio asap! Did anyone figure out who's doing the rest of the 3rd chapter?
10/17/2006 #2
Charming Dice
You know, this is pretty cool. I'll post my profile for Ren sooner or later. Honestly, I never even wrote one for him. Didn't plan on ever doing one either. I just made it up as I went along, then memorized it. I'll type it out eventually. Catch you later. - Snake Eyes of aka Meteor-Infinity
10/18/2006 #3
Spirit Tigress
Yeah, I gotta get my bios and junk up too. I'm too busy and I'm having problems logging in on my laptop.
10/18/2006 #4
Alright, first geeky fanboy post...excellent beginning, can't wait for the rest of it. Dice, are you still working on Raining Blows? It looked insane, but haven't seen any updates.
10/18/2006 #5
Charming Dice
A fanboy post? Well, its good to know we have fans. Really, no I haven't been working on it. I've been flooded with story ideas to the point that I completely forgot about Raining Blows. Thanks for reminding me that it exists. I always liked that story better than anything else I've written. I'll see about posting a chapter for it soon.
10/19/2006 #6
Spirit Tigress
You're thinkin' about updating RB cool! I was planning to ask you about that. I swear I hate writer's block, it's so damned annoying. *sighs*
10/19/2006 #7
Tomoyuki Tanaka
I dunno about this, but maybe you guys should coordinate more efficiently or something...I mean it took ages to post the 2nd chap up. Well, I understand that you guys are trying your best to work together and things may go out of plan, but I hope it won't take too long to post the next chapter up. We're all dying to read 'em and it kills us if you guys take too long to update.
10/20/2006 #8
Charming Dice
Writers Block doesn't happen to me often. Its just I had to put Raining Blows to the side for a while. Technical difficulties and whatnot. Its a long story. I think I'll have the next chapter of Strike Me Down up soon too. I think. By the way, Neko... did you really post chapter 19 three times, or am I going nuts?
10/20/2006 #9
Yeah, Tobias is right. How is the next chapter coming along, anyway, and who are the writers? I know Ragnarok is one, but isn't there another? aka Lupine
10/20/2006 #10
Yeah, I noticed that Chapter 19 of the Awakening has been a multi post. I wish the next would come already.
10/24/2006 #11
Spirit Tigress
Yeah I posted chapter 19 three times cause I found something wrong each time and my internet was down. I just posted it now.
10/28/2006 #12
Really good so far, guys...can't wait for the tournament to really begin, and for Karasu to join the fray!
11/1/2006 #13
aka Providence
ehee... Gomenasaiiii... at least for november, most member activity, I guess, would be on hiatus. NaNoWriMo 06 has finally begun, and I think several of the members are participating. felicia13 and Ragnarok Element's, the volunteer writers of Wish ch3, (i think) are participating the contest, plus me. So... I'm not sure if anyone would be active this november, but, if any of the members are willing to volunteer to write chapters of aka MI's story, just ask. See ya! NaNoWriMo story project: Citizen Lenin, coming december 06 to fictionpress! P.S: Dice, where are youuuuu? (lol)
11/1/2006 #14
I'd volunteer, but I don't really think it would work. I mean, I've got BSR out of the way, and that's all I was worried about. I really don't care about finishing Subject One. But I won't drop it. I'll gladly write the next chap, but I can't really be original. If you gave me like a little planner or told me what to write, I'll do that. But I really didn't wanna take part of the creative end on it. I don't really consider myself as all that good of a writer in this group. You guys are way better than me.
11/1/2006 #15
Charming Dice
I'm back, Yjan. No worries. Hey, remember that computer virus I told you about? Well, it ate at my computer like a cat in a fish tank. I couldn't get online or anything. I'm not even sure if its gone now, even though I had someone try to get rid of it. My comp is still running slow, but I'm back online now. Anyway, I'd write the next chapter of Wish, but I can't remember a thing about anyone's characters. I barely even remember their names. Dainty and Sora Blink are the only ones I can think of (lol). There's no way I could keep them in character. And Darket, I don't know what you're talking about. Everybody knows you're a heck of a writer. Don't strike yourself down.
11/7/2006 #16
*just looked at his 'Joined' date compared to everyone elses* Blech...if I hadn't been off this site for a loooong time, I'd feel old XD Dice, good luck with Wish...it's damn-near impossible to keep all the characters exactly as their creators would have them, as everyone has written them with different styles, intentions, backstories, etc. The best I could do in that situation is think 'what is THIS character hoping to acchieve?' everytime you bring in a new guy...other than that, it's up to you. I'll have a look at the other AKA MI stories and see if there's anything I feel I can handle...I just don't want to ruin any of them before they have a chance to grow. SS
11/8/2006 #17
aka Providence
I'm glad to say that Wish ch3 has been sent to me! Kudos to Ragnarok Element's for making the whole thing. There are some spots to edit, but I don't think they're that many. But with me writing my nanowrimo novel, the edit would finish in about a week. In another note, in december, I'll start posting once again, and I'll finally update fictionpress high! There's also a good chance that my 108 chapter epic Twilight Carnival will be posted in aka Meteor-Infinity. See ya! p.s: aka MI members, if you have an idea for a story to post in aka MI, crossover or not, just send me an email, kay? aka Mitternacht
11/9/2006 #18
I'm hating to say this, but my outlook, I can't keep with Meteor Infinity. I haven't really done anything here, it's like how it was when I was in Limitbreaker and I've gotta get ready to hit the road. So anyways, good run, I'm out, I'll see you all around. Peace, Love, Triangle Darket
11/9/2006 #19
Charming Dice
You'll be missed, man. Good luck in whatever you do.
11/9/2006 #20
Erich Sturmburg
I noticed something, what actually happened to everyone we knew back when review counts were high? We already do know Darket has taken the hike and probably writing his novel now, but, how about everyone else? Yjanz-Providence, Neko Youkai, Ragnarok Element, and even Melissa Norvell? I do know Dice is still hanging around, in fact I joined his group. Was it due to examinations occuring around this time of the year? I do know I'll be unavailable in March for my crunch time and exams. Also, things have been eeriely silent these days. Hope you guys did not give up on writing or of that sort.
1/20/2007 #21
aka Providence
lol, I remember the days when the review count was high... I got 14 reviews in one of my stories in the span of eight hours after it was posted. Good times... n_-. The manga section really seems less lively than it was before. If I could remember, the decline in review counts for several writers came when fp was updated. Anyhoo, I'm not sure about the rest, but I'm still alive and busy with fp. I'm just writing down all the story ideas that's been in my mind for a long time before I start updating (notice that my current stories are in chapter 1?). There's also the mountain of anime dvd's I bought, which keeps me busy a lot. I'm not giving up writing, just took a little break which ended in my birthday. I'm going to return to posting stories by next week, same with the reading and reviewing. hm, Melissa Norvell... she was a good writer, don't know why she stopped all of a sudden. She had one of the est stories at that time.
1/20/2007 #22
Erich Sturmburg
yeah... Anyway, I'll still be sticking with your story, Angel's Halo. I don't know why, but I seem to be stuck to that story of yours these days. Also, I've made a group story in Dice Darwin's UC. Yep, Sasaki Senior High School 2! is no longer my story, instead, it's a group's! They consist of One-shots, so you could participate without worrying about continuations. XD. Anyway, do drop by and review some of my stories once in a while.
1/20/2007 #23
For what it's worth, i'm not done either, working on something i'm trying to get published.
1/20/2007 #24
Charming Dice
I've only been on this site for about half a year, and I already feel like some old corpse that just dug itself up. I guess a two-month writers block can do that. Yeah, the manga section lost its spark when this site changed. No, specifically, it lost its spark when update alerts shutdown. That's when it happened. We lost touch with our readers, and the forums drew their attention everywhere else. Add in the fact that a lot of people vanished from this site altogether, and we have a nearly dead section on our hands. But you know, I think the new writers might help bring it back. For every old writer that left, there seems to be a new one with fresh ideas. If we help them, they'll be just as good -- if not better -- than we were back in those days. We just have to connect with them the way we've done with each other. I gotta stop before I fall too deep into "Wiseman Dice" mode. So good luck to you, ByFyreLyte, and be sure to let me know how things go. If you get published, I'll be the first to buy your story.
1/20/2007 #25
Erich Sturmburg
Yeah, lucky I managed to find one new talent of sorts; Shang. His stories are really great, and has about the same oomph Darket possessed, mixing it with fantasy. He was one of the two writers who managed to get me interested in fantasy based stories. :P
1/20/2007 #26
Charming Dice
I agree. Shang is pretty good. I gave him quite a bit of CC and he seemed to appreciate it, so I really think highly of him. You'd be suprised how many people don't appreciate my honesty. And speaking of Darket's oomph, I think I might make an action story like that -- in my own smooth style, of course. I just need to work out some technical issues. Who's the other fantasy writer you like?
1/20/2007 #27
Erich Sturmburg
That would be my old online colleague of mine; wolfblood82, formerly rangerboi. The Elven Chronicles from his profile was my favourite, and has very top-notch storyline. I bet you would even like his stories as well. LOTR-class fantasy, who would not love it? The descriptions he uses in his stories makes mine look sub-par. XD I just realised, I have yet to review his latest chapter! Also, you may want to have a look at Michael T.D. as well. His works are great as well.
1/20/2007 . Edited 1/20/2007 #28
Charming Dice
I usually tend to avoid most fantasy stories, since they usually end up boring, but I did enjoy reading LOTR. So I'll check out those two you've suggested.
1/20/2007 #29
Whoa man, I've just realized that I've been gone for the longest time, School along with sports and a required two-hour study time can really kill you on the weekdays, along with meets that literaly suck the life outta you. Yeah, my life been pretty boring lately, I remember the good time I had when I first joined this site, it was awesome, especially when my writing improved at the Manga Section was in its Golden Days. I have come bat, and with a 40 day break from work and sports to write, I'm goona try to bring back the spark of the Manga section, letsee how this goes... Well I am sorry for being gone so long, but it seems that almost all of the writers I used to know have been dropping out like flies in the winter, even Felicia seems to be slowing down, and she had some good stories... Well I hope the Manga section come back to life and to the members of Meteor, its good to be back, lets write some good ones. -The Young Writer, Ragnarok Elements
2/21/2007 #30
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