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Outlaw02... Some music... The only one I can suggest is "I Hate Everything About You" From Three Days Grace or maybe "Pain" From them. Oh, and the first chapter is finished, its currently getting editted by Felicia so expect it to be up soon!
5/30/2007 #61
1776-Iced Earth Declaration-Killswitch Engage Stronger Than All-Hammerfall Valhalla-Gravedigger On The Edge of Honour-Hammerfall Asgard-Nightwish
6/2/2007 #62
Erich Sturmburg
Thanks for the help, everyone. The songs you guys suggested gave me the boost to write something, especially Angel of Death by Slayer. (Damn.. I'm hooked). Anyway, the next chapter of Racer 666 is finally coming, in fact, I need to finish up another two pages then it'll be up!
6/5/2007 #63
aka Providence
just a note: i haven't been visiting fictionpress lately. part of the reason is that it's back to college for me in two weeks (i'm actually very excited)(thus ends the great half-year break). and the second reason is i'm busy writing the novel (which i hope to get published someday)(six chapters written; slow work but who's waiting?). i still read stuff in fictionpress (at the very least to those who i know), but i don't have much time to review. i'll write some stuff here again, but it's all up to the weird thought process of my brain...
6/7/2007 #64
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Hiya dudes! Haven't been around for a long time! Actually I've been keeping up with the forum but I just didn't have the time to reply. I'm Tobias Fong in case you don't know me. I'm stuck in National Service and I spend my days in camp. Well, my weekdays anyway. I only get to book out during the weekends. So there's not enough time for me to write or reply. Eargh...but NS is fun. I'll try to write a real novel like Dice Darwin when my service is over but whether I'll be able to get it published or not is another question. Not to mention whether I would finish it...Oh well, I'll read your stories when the time comes (meaning I STILL lack the time) and review it, so don't worry. Don't give up writing! And don't forget Madness-Soldier's great story Guilty Action! That's my favorite story by far and I hope you'll all enjoy reading it. See you all soon!
6/7/2007 #65
[q] i'm busy writing the novel (which i hope to get published someday)(six chapters written; slow work but who's waiting?).[/q] That's great! Six chapters isn't slow, it's a good pace. And, Shiranui Akatsuki, good luck with yours too. I hope you have time to write it! I guess I'm just saying hi, too? Or goodbye? I have no idea. I just missed you guys and desided to pop in. I've been trying to drag my self away from the computer, but it's okay to post once, right? I'm trying to do something with a novel . . . the problem is I'm worrying if it's cliche, and because I'm working with a teacher again, I keep feeling rushed in it . . . but it forces me to sit down and write, which is a good thing. -K21
6/9/2007 #66
I'm just wondering... while I'm waiting for Felicia to edit my story, do you think it agood I dea to start up the Darkness of the Past, Light of the Future story again? How did you like that sotry anyways? Oh, and I'm gonna start review again soon, so I was wondering if you guys could put up the stories you want me to read. I'll review your others as well, but I think keeping up with someone's main project is a true way to show that you are paying attention to the author's writings, so, I would appreciate it if you could write some of the things that you would like me to review.
6/12/2007 #67
Erich Sturmburg
Well, it's been a long time since I last read up someone's prose, and I probably have forgotten how the story goes. Though, there is one good news. If you remember Melissa Norvell, yes, she's back after a 1 year hiatus. Well, Durandel, it's your decision to choose when it comes to your questions actually. You can't actually force a story out, it'll just come out very unnatural. For me, I'm doing at my own pace, and not by a time limit. I'm probably going to do another 2 chapters of Racer 666 before turning my attention back to Tokyo Battalions series. As to what you want to review, it's up to your own choice. I just can't simply plug my stories I suggest you to review. It feels inhuman for me to do so. No longer I'm the one with that shameless plug. I now follow a different motto; "At your own pace, your own decision, your own time. No one is going to friggin' govern you."
6/13/2007 #68
Well, I've decided to go along with the Darkness of the Past, Light of the Future project, it was just too good of a story to drop. The prolouge is already up, so if you have sometime, I would appreciated it if you could drop a review or something. Along with this come the first chapter of Symbols of Power, byfar the longest chapter I have ever writtem, over 6000 words and 13 pages long, I hope you enjoy it. Once again, if you have the time, please review. Oh and, I'll start reviewing real soon, so expect some sometime later.
6/14/2007 #69
aka Providence
hm, yjanz-providence here, posting after reading wish. it's really too bad that the group disbanded from active duty, not to mention the fact that it makes me feel like an old fossil here in new fp. (lol, dante in wish was on the path leading to the dark side, too) anyhoo, anyone here want to kick fp back to the state of the old days? i know i've mentioned the topic several times, but we really should be doing something about it.
6/18/2007 #70
aka Providence
hm, i finally typing out something in my computer, and the story shall be: Wish: Welcome to the Battle City. it's not really a remake, since i'll be using mostly my own cast of characters, then i'm trying out a new concept that's not just about having one single wish granted. if any wants a character added in, remember teh email (or ask here). Wait for it, everyone!
6/18/2007 #71
Erich Sturmburg
Well, until now, I'm still a bit amused that the idea is closely related to Twisted Metal, but without the vehicles. Well, you know about me; my characters are free to use exclusively for Wish: Welcome to the Battle City. It's something I have stated months ago, but indirectly (Blame my indecisive behaviour back then). Anyway, I'm pretty much doing well in terms of progress. I'm spending more time getting the concepts right, and putting it into action. After this chapter on Racer 666, it's high time for me to return to the gore, violence and torture like I always would. It's good to unleash the negative side just to let off a lot of steam.
6/18/2007 #72
aka Providence
hm, you've just reminded me that's it's been a long time since i wrote action (my old action writing style), lol. i'd like to do a violent torture scene someday... like descriptive teeth-pulling or burning using chemicals...
6/18/2007 #73
Erich Sturmburg
:P Heh, likewise here, though I did graphic crashes in Racer 666. But there's this idea that kept ringing in my mind; an opponent getting rammed into by the character's vehicle at high velocity. Been waiting to write that down.. :P
6/18/2007 #74
aka Providence
lol, other than the teeth pulling, another thing that keeps running into my mind is a character ramming a grenade (or any other destructive object) down the throat of an opponent. XD this seems to be getting violent.
6/18/2007 #75
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Hey! Count me in! I had always wanted to include Hideto Fujimoto in, and if I've the time I'll help out with writing the story. You want to continue the story where it left off or you wanna restart the whole story? I'm fine with both ways, but I've got interesting ideas for the continuation of the original story where you guys left off. I was about to throw in Avery from Guilty Action by Madness-Soldier (that's got to be one of my favorite stories in fictionpress) with Hideto from Darkblood into another prelims and see where it goes from there. But if you rather do it from scratch, I'm fine with that. Just email me at godzillaavp@yahoo.com.sg and give me some orders, sir! Or if I'm done with a chapter I'll email it to you and leave it to you to decide. -Tobias Fong
6/19/2007 #76
Okay... I wouldn't mind if you can use Seth again, he was in the original, so I thought he would fit in pretty good. If you need any help writing the story, e-mail me at ragnarokelements007@yahoo.com. Peace!
6/19/2007 #77
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Yeah, ok, I will include Seth and all the other original characters as well. I'll have a lot of fun writing them, but it's up to you guys to post 'em. What's YjanProvidence/Royal Mist/Bullets over Flowers' email address? I gotta email it (the new chapter) to him somehow.
6/19/2007 #78
aka Providence
email: zodiac13serpent@yahoo.com. meep^
6/19/2007 #79
Erich Sturmburg
Well Tobias Fong, if you are in need of info of my characters, drop by to my profile. All the info you need are there. But if you need clarification, feel free to PM me. :P
6/19/2007 #80
Tomoyuki Tanaka
I don't have IM or PM, and Outlaw02, please tell me which character you wish to have inside Wish: Welcome to Battle City. I'll be sure to include him/her in the next chapter. Unfortunately, I've finished chapter 4 before I got this forum reply and hopefully Yjanz Providence will post it up if it isn't too lousy or terrible...haha! (Actually, it isn't funny but never mind.) So just tell me whichever character you want in and I'll throw him in with Hideto, Avery and the rest! And you'll definitely be seeing Dante, Seth and some of the rest next chapter too.
6/19/2007 #81
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Oh yeah, and I forgot. I used Hideto Fujimoto from Basilisk: A New Dawn, not Darkblood. Sorry, my mistake!
6/19/2007 #82
Erich Sturmburg
Well, if you want to cut the list down, here's the five characters. I think it's easy from there on, eh? The reason being that these 5 are my very first characters, hence, they have very different characteristics. Enjoy choosing any one of the five. :D 1: Akito Takayanagi 2: Aoyama Takayanagi 3: Tessa Schneider 4: Raquel Schmidt 5: Claire Everon
6/19/2007 . Edited 6/19/2007 #83
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Yeah, that's great! I doubt I'll put all 5 in though, so I'll just use one of them. Thanks!
6/19/2007 #84
aka Providence
@Shiranui Akatsuki: I've read the email you sent me (me like!). Anyhoo, right now, I feel like very few people will read wish (as it had been written half a year ago; so I doubt it'll be remembered by the readers)(and it's not that fun if we're the only ones reading and reviewing it, eh?). So here's the idea: restart the story. It's been fun making aka MI, but all projects in the group are technically in perma-frost. Regarding that, the only solution I see is to make a new group, which I already took a liberty to create. Anyone with me? The first project (hopefully) will be Wish, a little revamped with the story and characters (if you guys want to).
6/21/2007 #85
I'm in, I was kinda cool being in meteor and all, so yeah... I'm in.
6/21/2007 #86
Tomoyuki Tanaka
I'm in too, but I've to see. I'm getting posted as a rifleman in NS on monday so I might be a little short on time. But when I do have the time (especially during weekends), I'll pop over and contribute my part. What are you gonna do with my chapter anyway? Did you update the old story (most likely for the last time) or left it hanging?
6/21/2007 #87
aka Providence
@Shiranui: don't worry about the chapter, I'll find a way to fit it with the (hopefully) new Wish project. I might ask you to modify it slightly (maybe). @All: I'm a bit busy, but hopefully find enough time to discuss the new group before sunday. P.S. Yes, I changed my name back into the original. Call me anything you like.
6/22/2007 #88
Erich Sturmburg
Good news here from me... I'm now on the roll, doing two stories at one go! Never have I been this enthusiastic in writing! The reason being? Easy! Iron Maiden! Joan Jett and The Blackhearts! Cradle of Filth! What I really needed was getting back in touch with my slow rock, several versions of heavy metal side to get things going. Here are the ones in development now.. Tokyo Battalions: Illusions Chapter 3: Black Rose Chapter 4: Saiko The Psycho Racer 666: Shutokou Wars 9th Stage: The Gloria, The Chaser, The Cefiro. 10th Stage: Impending Doom (Subjected to change)
6/22/2007 #89
YJanZ here, @all: hallo everyone, here's the new, though still empty, group to reincarnate aka MI. The Mercy-Less (group name changeable) Anyhoo, to join, PM me, email me, do the intro stuff similar to the one I have in the account to describe who you are. and so, discussion/development for the new Wish is now open!
6/24/2007 #90
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