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Erich Sturmburg
Well then, looks like you guys need to get your butts moving, and write some stories. From the looks of it, I maybe the longest running writer here in the circle of friends I know. I'm not being cocky here, it's just that I'm the only one soldiering on with my writing. Come on guys, let me see you release a chapter or so. I'm turning my attention to Melissa Norvell's stories now since she has returned to FP. If you guys wish to know the atmosphere I'm soldiering on, just listen to .. Paschendale by Iron Maiden I maybe a 'wreck' in some way, but I'm still moving. :)
7/22/2007 #91
aka Providence
^hee... that may be true. for the past few months, and in all honesty, i wasn't too enthustiastic in writing. i wasn't sure if it was a lack of effort or courage. anyhoo, that's all in teh past, hopefully. right now, this week--or maybe even tommorow--expect a new story from me. n_n.
7/22/2007 #92
I think I've done it., I found my old writing style, and figured some good stuff out. I figured out how to write as good as I used to. And I've been on hiatus for over a year, so you can guess there are one or two good ideas coming out. I plan on coming back in full force to FP. Quote me on it if you have to...
7/22/2007 #93
Mellissa Norvell is back? Get the f*** out of town... I love Mellissa! She's one of my faves, she makes me look bad, and that's why I love her! NOw I have to make a comeback. And I am making a comeback with a short story with not many chapters. It is a manga/horror and it's gonna be f*** brutal...
7/22/2007 #94
Erich Sturmburg
I won't say anything, but it is a good thing, you're trying to get back in form, Darket. For now, as for me... 'Swear I heard the angels cry. Pray to god no more may die So the people know the truth. Tell the tale of Paschendale Cruelty has a human heart. Everyman does play his part Terror of the men we kill. The human heart is hungry still I stand my ground for the very last time. Gun is ready as I stand in line Nervous wait for the whistle to blow. Rush of blood and over we go... Blood is falling like the rain. Its crimson cloak unveils again The sound of guns can't hide their shame. and so we die in Paschendale Dodging shrapnel and barbed wire. Running straight at the cannon fire Running blind as I hold my breath. Say a prayer symphony of death As we charge the enemy lines. A burst of fire and we go down I choke a cry but no-one hears. Feel the blood go down my throat' Okay, blame me for being as it is, but it did make me feel comfortable with writing. :P
7/22/2007 #95
aka Providence
hrm... one thousand words into my *new* story and i'm feeling a tad bit insane; i mean, it took me three hours in front of a computer to write half a story chapter. it seems to me that it may be my first mature rated story, with all the violence and gore i'm thinking on adding, lol.
7/23/2007 #96
aka Providence
hee... let me most a teaser for the story i'm writing, since it's been driving me crazy at the moment. to anyone who'd comment; it's been a long time since i've written anything, and what i'm posting isn't that complete, methinks. but be honest, in any case, just don't rip my head off, kay? (what i'm posting is a small part at the middle, and a small part at the end. just the tip of the iceberg regarding the violence and disturbing scenes in the story (not really that violent at the moment, but...)) They moved as one, like a slug, bound together by the excess of their bodily fluids, grime and fecal matter. As individuals many of them were like skeletons wrapped in a thin layer of meat and skin. They were young, they were old; a writhing mass of men and women, m***, breathing, moving. Those at the bottom were mere pieces of old flesh, torn and bloody, and crushed bones that moved as one. It stood—they stood—in front of the boy, staring at him through a multitude of eyes. “Child,” one voice said, which was like that of an old man gasping for air. “Come closer.” The child did not move, instead falling to his knees as he stared at the elders, losing control over his frail body. He had not noticed that he had wet himself; the faint scent of u*** failing to register through his nostrils. But the elders took notice, smiling in their n***, grotesque, glory, smiling with their rotten teeth at the boy. *snip* to the part at the end! “Serve us,” they said as one, while a multitude of their hands held the boy by his throat, lifting him into the air. “Forever.” The boy fought back tears—failing to do so—as one hand reached for his face. Tears stung his eyes, until the hand, two of its fingers, pierced through his left eye. He tried to close his eyes, but it was too late, as the hand plucked out the left eye with little to no effort. There was blood, and tears, mixing together as the boy screamed in pain. *end teaser* as you can see, the story is ve~ry unpolished, so in advance, it might have bad grammar. comments appreciated~
7/23/2007 #97
It's cool. I just might as well say that here. Whatever I'm polanning will come soon. i got laid off of work today and i'm jobless so job hunting is my job right now. Anyways, I'm digging up a story I planned on writing after BSR. It's a gun-fu story since guns just happen to be my bag. the story involves the hero who's name Bishop, he's really high up, but all at once he's been framed for assassinating the president abd while he's on the run he's the only one who happens to know that the assassination is all a part of an uprising. There's more plot details, I"m keeping it on the low. PS: Still no Drifter prequel or sequel. If anything I don't seee them coming around for a good minute. I just hope you all wish me luck, thank you Dice, I really need to get back to writing again
7/26/2007 #98
Erich Sturmburg
Good to hear that, Darket. I'm sure you can come up with a story or two. Just take your time, and dedicate some of the time into writing and planning. Odd enough, I'm actually writing more on my racing story, even though it's my secondary story. Surprisingly, it's a hit in many forums I introduced this to. :P, Racer 666: Shutokou Wars. The heck, got to write my primary story once again...
7/26/2007 #99
WEll that's good. My story is still bieng written and mostly it's being planned but I've got it down. I'm gonan keep it on the low tho. I'm happy you're writing more again. Me, right now I'm more than pissed at Drakkarim. Me and Mellissa Norvell have just grown an unsatiable hate for him. He is a biggot, I think his writing sucks honestly, and he said some s*** to my friend Heather (Chibichocobo) that was just so damn racist, so cruel, I am tempted to getting a mapquest, and finding this a**. He is a racist man, he needs to get his a** beat. I'm pissed. This dude is gonna get his a** knocked out. I hate him. If anybody wants to know why or even wants to see the conversation with Heather in which he laid down some very and I mean very mean statements, click here. Because of this, he has officially lost a reader. I absolutely refuse to read his work. blog.myspace.com/darket Feel free to read other stuff, but it's right dead in at the top of the page. I dunno if anybody here talks to him on AIM, but his name is Maoshomeland. He is an a***, he is a prick, he is racist, and I wonder how the hell does this a*** still walk the earth? I literally have no clue. Also this guy said some pretty mean comments to Mellissa Norvell stating "You're a woman, you are supposed to have drama in your life." He just needs to get his a** beat. I'm just angry. I've never been so angered agaisnt somebody. And once you all read this I really suggest everybody confront him on this
7/28/2007 #100
Erich Sturmburg
Hmm, is it just me, or am I and Melissa Norvell still the ones soldiering on? I can tell Darket is trying to get going, and I'm just finished with one of my busiest projects; making a handgun for a game machine. The issue is, where's Yjanz? Are you busy prepping for the exams? Wait a min- My exams are due next month too, damn. o_
8/22/2007 #101
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Me? I'm working on a novel currently, and it's along the same vein as Darkblood, but hopefully it's much better. The first few chapters look promising, with the occassional glitches, but hey, it's a start. I love my story and all the action I've packed into it, and I'm planning for much more intense fight scenes than ever! Well, I've hand-written all of my story and chapters in a book. Yes, a notbook, not a computer. I'm stuck in army camp without a computer so I'm writing in pencil (yes, a mechanical pencil) and not typing. If it gets published, it will be the greates achievement of my life. If it doesn't, I'll post it on fictionpress. Well, I did say it is handwritten, but that's just the first draft. The second draft will be typed in computer, edited and improved. I hope. Well, till then!
8/24/2007 #102
Charming Dice

What a graveyard this forum has become.

Here lies aka MI. We hardly knew ye.


7/5/2010 #103

Kinda depressing if you think about it.

Heck, I haven't even wrote anything worthwhile since.


7/5/2010 #104
Charming Dice

I've written some. Not nearly enough, though.

Good to see you're still hovering around too. Wanna know something hilarious? You, I, and Darket have all showed up about the same time. I just saw his new story posted, so I'm gonna check it out and see how he's doing.

Must be the holiday drawing us out.

7/5/2010 #105

Really? Hooray for the holidays!

I didn't know he had a new story posted, my alerts must be going to my old e-mail.

Well, its good to see some life coming out of a dead group. Kinda gets me motivated to write some more.

7/5/2010 #106
Erich Sturmburg

What's surprising is that I'm still running and alive after all these years, though the genres that I write has altered a bit.

7/5/2010 #107
Charming Dice

Yeah, Durandel. I know what you mean. I'm inspired to write more too. When I came back to this site, I thought I was going to have to go it alone like when I first came here. Cool to know some of my old writing partners are here.

And hey, Outlaw, you've impressed the hell out of me. You're as consistent as they come. I bet you'll be 80 years old, still posting stories about the same characters. Oh, and I stole the last quote on your profile, and altered it a bit to suit my style. I changed it from your version:

My advice to every writer, everywhere... 'You can't satisfy everyone; just go for the majority.'

To my version:

My advice to every guy, everywhere... 'You can't satisfy everyone; just go for the women.'

If you feel offended, remember, it's just me being me. And I sent you a PM, Outlaw. Did you get it?

7/5/2010 #108
Erich Sturmburg

I did actually, though I was in class back then, hence I didn't get a chance to get all typing. It's good that you're back in FP for another stint in writing, though I did expect you to be surprised considering that I'm still around FP, though less active for now due to a Final Year Project I have to deal with. Hence, it has restricted me to write only one prose at this point of time, titled 'Europa Theatre', which I called it a spiritual upgrade from the old 'Tokyo Battalions'.

As for other writers, as far as I know, other than Darket, and Melissa Norvell, you might want to have a look at Mr Ragna Badguy, an online friend of mine who specialises in fantasy. He hasn't been around for a while now, but his stories are of a good read. And don't worry about copying the phrase I used, haha. Just happens that I copied someone else from a defunct forum as well! XD

7/5/2010 . Edited 7/5/2010 #109

I must confess that I haven't been reading that much stories since i got back to this site, but 'Europa Theatre' does sound interesting. And i get what you mean about school, I just started college and I can tell its gonna be time consuming.

Mr. Ragna Badguy huh? If he has your recommendation I better check him out, that and he has the name of one of my favorite fighting characters in his name, sweeeet. :)

Anyways, good luck to both you and Dice Darwin in future projects, I just hope I can keep up this motivation to write...

7/6/2010 #110
Charming Dice

I'll check out Mr Ragna Badguy.

Good luck to you guys.

7/6/2010 . Edited 7/7/2010 #111

I've tried looking up your forum, but it doesn't show up, have you not made it yet?

But yeah, I could do with a change of scenery, this forum is kinda depressing, albeit in a nostalgic kinda way.

Anyways, I'll be off and on from now on, so I'll drop a post occasionally on your forum when you make it.

Until then.

7/7/2010 #112
Charming Dice

That forum is dead. I killed it quick when I realized I don't have time to deal with running a forum and a crazy review game and stuff. I'm too ambitious sometimes. I have to drag myself back to reality.

So this forum, depressing as it is, is good enough for now.

7/7/2010 #113

Oorah, no worries, the nostalgia cancels out the depressed feeling in a way, so it isn't that big of a deal.

So, do you have any plans for future projects?

7/7/2010 #114
Charming Dice

Yeah, I have a couple of plans. The hardest part is deciding what I'll write for this site, and what I'll try to get published. I think I'll end up either starting and posting my Rent-A-Wizard story I've been putting off, which is exactly how it sounds. Or another story I'm plotting called Enhancers about teens getting "super" abilities through different scientific means (one's a cyborg, one's a kid taking a steroid-like super drug, another wearing a super suit made of nanites, another just genetically enhanced from birth, etc). Another is The Fighter's Journal, a story about a guy joining a reality TV show for martial artists and traveling from city to city challenging other fighters to determine who's the American champion and eventually doing a worldwide tour to determine the World champ.

I have this split in my mind. Part of me wants to write fantasy action, part wants to write sci-fi action, and part just wants realistic action. I'll end up writing all three, but it's hard to decide where to start and what should be put online.

How about you? Any projects?

7/7/2010 #115

Those sound really interesting, though in my preference I would love to read the Rent-A-Wizard story, fantasy stories always get to me. Enhancers is a close second though, but all of your ideas sound really good.

I'm actually trying to get published as well, though that will probably happen a long time from know. Currently I have an entire fantasy series mapped out in my mind, the hard part is getting it on paper. I've decided to abandon my old story for a while, as it is actually the middle of my series, and want to try something new. The first couple of stories will be about a boy unleashing a princess that's been bound for a thousand years. Sounds like a cardboard plot, but I mainly want to test out my characterization skills to flesh out what may seem cliche, so we'll see how that goes, the story is called Chronicles: Nefala. Part of me though, wants to write some romance, but those might turn out to be one shots that actual novels, it all depends on if I can salvage a plot together.

I'll probably be working on my fantasy story with my new writing style, been reading a lot of Orson Scott Card lately, and his way of writing seems to suit my style more that the first-person narratives I've been giving out.

What about you? Been developing your skills some?

7/7/2010 #116
Charming Dice

Yeah, I'm liking the Rent-A-Wizard story too. It would probably be perfect for this site. I have three epic story ideas that are the best I've ever come up with. They're my best chance of getting published, so I won't ever put them here.

But hearing you've upgraded your style makes me interested to see how your story turns out. I bet you'll do great. Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite writers. A great writer to learn from.

As for improving my style, I've been doing that recently, but only after letting my skills rot for too long when I stopped writing for a while. To get back into the flow of things, I've been reading more James Patterson books, since his books are fun. Since I'm trying to be a Young Adult and/or Middle Grade writer, his Maximum Ride & Daniel X series' have been a big inspiration to me. I'm liking first person writing more and more. Way more focused. With third person, I have a bad habit of having too many different POV characters.

It would be funny to see you do romance. I would try it, but they're so boring it hurts. I like myself too much for that. You should give it a shot, though, if you're up for it.

You ever thought of writing for a manga/graphic novel or a game? I'm looking into that too. I know it's a different kind of writing, but I think I can do it with practice. How about you?

7/8/2010 #117
Tomoyuki Tanaka

It's not a complete graveyard yet. I'm still hanging around, just not posting stories here. Been monitoring your conversations but didn't say anything because I had nothing useful to contribute. TT__TT Sorry.

I look forward to your new stories. I will probably go check them out. They sound really interesting. And romance isn't boring if you write it well enough. I'm a manga writer, to be honest, and I'm only writing manga at the moment. Actually I'm working on a novel right now, hopefully it will get published. But to be honest whenever I read it I get the feeling the publisher will laugh at it before throwing it into my face. Long way from being professional, huh? Sigh...but still I'm around here to read your stories so don't worry too much!

See you around.

7/8/2010 #118


Really? Now you got me curious as to what you have planned, guess I just have to wait until the books come out... As for me though, I'm actually thinking of publishing some of the stories that I post on this site. I don't really know if its a good idea or not, but to me its like I'm testing out the waters first before I choose with sea to sail in... if that makes any sense at all.

I'm actually kind of anxious to see your new writing style. I'm not familiar with James Patterson, but from what I heard he's good at writing thriller novels, and thrills do seem to be your forte when you write, so I think he would be a good person to learn from. If you're thinking of writing in the first person, I would suggest writing it from only the main character's point of view, and maybe one more person to fill in plot hole, if you do too many POVs you could end up running into the habit of switching perspectives to quickly for the reader to keep up, I think that's what turned me off in the first place. I think it all comes down to preference, I think you're more of a terse writer, so the first person perspective would actually suit you're style of writing more since you don't spend paragraphs (and waste time) describing every single thing that's going on; I, on the other hand, seem to do exactly that, so a style of writing that doesn't focus on a single person (not directly, anyway) and kind of encompasses the setting all in one piece seems to suit me more.

I think some romances are pretty entertaining if they're done well, but that seems to be a small portion of today's popular media (what with the mass attention Twilight gets and all, not that I hate the series or anything). So yeah, I'll probably start with some one shots and maybe move on to some side novellas, but my main project comes first.

I could probably write stories for manga and games, heck, I have a couple of plots floating in head daily to keep me entertained (I get bored easily). I may have to get used on how to actually do so, since it'll probably be more in a script format that anything. But yeah, I might consider it, especially since manga and games did motivate me to write in the first place.


Its good to hear from you again buddy, gald to know that not everything seems so desolate. :)

Tanks for the encouragement, I'll make sure not to disappoint you when it all comes out. Manga is still a entertaining genre to write in, so if you post anything new, I'll be sure to read it as well. And your novel can't be that bad, you're probably just nervous, though some constructive criticism from pro could never hurt (unless he was a complete j*** about it). And again, thanks for sticking around.


This may sound like an odd question, but how in the would do you guys figure out names for your characters? That always seems to be the hardest part for me, and its kind of a writers block in itself because whenever I do name a character, it usually sounds a lot like some other character I made or just completely dull. I'm not really worried about my main characters, but its the side characters that worry me.

7/8/2010 #119
Charming Dice

Tanaka: bro, were you lurking on us? Don't do that. Communicate with us. It's always good to hear from another familiar writer (You were Tobias Fong, right?). And I used to think just like you, that my writing and stories weren't good enough. But I've recently caught on to something. I'm not a professional editor, so how on Earth would I (or you) be able to decide what's worth publishing and what's not? I say, let's shove our stories in the publishing company's face and let them figure it out. Assume you're good enough until proven otherwise. You with me?

Durandel: I'll admit one thing. One of my favorite movies ever is Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. That's the only romance story I can stomach. I do like romantic subplots, though. Stories aren't as good without the main man getting some guy-on-girl action at some point. Now, about you posting your story here first, I'd say that's probably not a good idea. I've heard that anything you put online is "published," and if you were to try to sell your book to a publishing company, they always want first publishing rights and you wouldn't be able to offer that. That might make things harder for you. I'm not sure if what I heard is true, but you should look into that before putting your best stories here.

You know, I've been considering something. There's this site called Lulu.com that helps people self-publish their stories. It's free, and they manufacture your book for you in Print-On-Demand (POD) style, making a new copy of your book anytime somebody orders it and then shipping it to that person. They make their profit off your book sales. I'm not interested in self-publishing (though I would have fun marketing it), but I am interested in having them print up a copy of a book I write for this site and buying it from them, so I can hold my book in my hand. That would be cool. Would any of you try that?

Another Note: I come up with character names lots of ways. The easiest way is to think of people you've known or met, and use their names as a starting point. Or celebrities. Or video games. An example would be how I like the actress Keira Knightley (she's a hottie), and I once dated a cute chick named Kate, so I have a character I may use called Kate Knightley. Or you can take words and change a few letters to make something new, or combine two words or more to make a new word. I had a old character named Kyanir once, and that name was based off of Faramir from Lord of the Rings. Or my character Ashion from the same story, his name was a mix of Ash (from Pokemon) and Shion (a character from Xenosaga).

7/8/2010 . Edited 7/8/2010 #120
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