In world where politicians are treated as Gods and the land is ruled by the half-mad cults that have sprung up to worship them, where do you stand? RP
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Please post character sheets here!





Appearance: (Include height, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, build, scars, tattoos e.t.c.)

Weaponry: (I'll make a list)



Quirks and Traits:


9/19/2008 . Edited 9/25/2008 #1


Guns of any kind that we have today, really--pistols, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, machine guns e.t.c. all exist. Crossbows and bows are also used, but are less common.

A type of weapon called a Boltedge (Ripped from one of my own stories) is available. Boltedges are heavy plasma rifles with a serrated blade that can rotate at high speeds. They're very heavy. There are only a few types--MCharon-5s and KCharon-5s are the most common types, but there are also Ophelia-II, Ophelia-III and Ophelia-IV pattern Boltedges which aren't as good as the Charon-types, as they are heavier. Boltedges use cells as power, and the technical term for the blasts of energy they loose is a bolt. Boltedges haven't been refined that much since first produced, as they were so effective.

Knives are common side weapons, and it's a law in most cults to carry one.

Other melee weapons which exist today are used, like swords, axes, staves e.t.c.

Flamethrowers are good weapons for people who love to see their enemies suffer. Seeing as most cult-warriors have sympathy trained out of them, they're recently very popular.

Plasma rifles and pistols are available, but quite hard to get hold of. They aren't as powerful as Boltedges, but are lighter and less likely to blow up in your face.

Chemical weaponry and bombs are oftem made by the 'alchemists' of clans, who are really just glorified chemists. These are more often used by people who have had special training and such. Chemiguns that fire chemical mixes are sometimes used.

Advanced technology makes bio-mechanics possible; these are mechanical relacements for various parts of the body. Often people who are missing an arm or hand will get a replacement often nicknamed a 'Multi-purpose limb' which is a mechanical hand with attachments, much like a swiss-army knife. Sometimes blades are hidden in fingers or there are electrically changed 'claws'. It's also possible to get bio-mechanical eyes which improve the vision in that particular eye. It isn't unheard of for some snipers having their eyes removed to get these.

A lot of the time dogs are caught and trained to be attack/guard dogs, although these don't really count as weapons.

EMP guns powerful to deliver an electromagnetic pulse that can stun a human are used by people ordered to hunt down, but not kill. They can also disable weapons such as shock/laser guns, the blades on Boltedges, EMP shields and buzzblades.

Shockguns or laser guns fire lasers (oddly enough). They don't use cells, but are recharged (Although they can be modified to take cells).

People have modified Boltedge blades to create a handheld buzzsaw-like weapon that is quite messy, but effective in close combat. Theya re also rechargeable weapons, like shock/laser guns. These weapons are known as buzzblades or 'saws', but have no technical names.

EMP shields can be generated, but it's not really worth the effort. However, God-politicians and their Secondaires sometimes wear a bracer or something that creates the shield, just in case. As well as deflecting slashes and bullets/bolts from a distance, they can negate EMP guns, shock/laser guns, Boltedge blades and buzzblades.

9/19/2008 #2

Name: Anna Gray

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Appearence: 5'6, muscular (for a woman); she is quite pale, and has shoulder-length reddish-brown hair and blue-gray eyes. Her facual features are quite angular and her eyes are narrow. She has no bio-mechanics, but a scar on her left hand from impaling it on a knife as a child, and a few burn marks on her right hand; she has a red rose tattooed on the base of her spine, and a black coiled snake on the back of her left wrist. She usually wears eyeliner and red lipstick.

Weaponry: A knife tucked into her boot that she uses more for practicality than in combat - peeling fruit and so on. She has A pistol - her primary weapon - and a shotgun (she isn't very good with this so she rarely uses it) .

Clothing: Anna wears a black turtleneck top, black trousers tucked into plain black leather boots with very slight heels, and a long black overcoat with lots of pockets; most of the buttons are missing so she never fastens it. She wears a dark grey scarf around her neck, black suede gloves, a gray gunstrap for her pistol, and her shotgun is strapped to her back.

Personality: If she's in a group she likes to be in charge, but given the choice she'd rather work alone. She doesn't much like people in general, but she's determined and, once earned, a loyal friend. She's very blunt and often rude, and never bothers to hide it if she dislikes somebody. She's also quick-tempered and irritable, but will banter if in the right mood. Absolutely hates children.

Background: Anna comes from a working family with not much money; wanting the best for their only child, her parents encouraged her to have a string of boyfriends, all richer than she; at aged 18, frustrated and rebellious, she took what money she had, and ran away from home - her parents haven't seen or heard from her since. She worked her way around for a while, but when the money ran out she became more of a forager; she lived off whatever food she could lay her hands on, and had no home, sleeping in bushes or trees or wherever else she could. She's very good at surviving out in the open.

Quirks and traits: Anna has random food cravings a lot, and when these are satisfied (rarely) she becomes surprisingly nice. She also loves cute, fluffy animals.

9/26/2008 . Edited 9/26/2008 #3

(Approved, but you missed out background; something I forgot to add until yesterday)

Name: Commander Jarek Kazimir (Formerly Jacenty Kamiensky. It's pronounced Yah-reck Kah-zee-meer and Yah-tsen-ty Kah-mee-en-skee)

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jarek has longish straight dirty-blond hair and brown eyes. He's 5'9" and skinny (He doesn't have much muscle at all because he very rarely goes close-combat fighting). He has the symbol for tin tattooed in red on his chest, as he is part of an Adai-mith cult. He's moderately pale. One of his fingers is bio-mechanical, and has a retractable claw which can be electrically charged. He has few scars. One of his eyes is a lazy eye, but it's not too noticeable. He's generally considered quite handsome.

Weaponry: Jarek has a flamethrower and a normal rifle. As well as these, he carries two knives--a hunting knife, and a serrated one.

Clothing: He wears a black shirt, combat trousers, vinyl boots with buckles, black fingerless gloves, a khaki jacket and goggles; he also has a bullet belt. The khaki jacket is replaced with a khaki parka in winter. The hose for the flamethrower is attached to the gas-canister pack, and the rifle is normally kept across his chest at all times for access, mobility and so it isn't bashing against his gas-tank pack. Due to modern technology, the gas canisters are much smaller and last longer. One knife (the serrated one) is inside his coat whereas the other is in his belt.

Personality: Jarek is unfeeling for enemies--he shows absolutely no mercy or remorse. He's eager to please his superiors, and generally does whatever ordered. He takes physical pain pretty well, but has a fast temper and hates to be insulted. He finds it hard to make close friends, but easy to make girlfriends due to his handsome features and protective nature. He tries to treat both friends and girlfriends well.

Quirks and Traits: He 'tuts' to himself when thinking and walks very quickly everywhere.

Background: Jarek's parents were killed by a cult following another God, and to get his revenge he joined an Adai-mith cult. On a mission, he razed the camp of the other cult to the ground, but decided to stay with the Adai-mith cult to avoid death and because he liked it there and forgot a lot of bad things which had happened to him. He currently controls a small group of soldiers where he has some good friends. He has a girlfriend, Alice Woods (21), who he's in a steady relationship with.

He used to be in the Blood Talons as 2nd Lieutenant due to his obsession with revenge for a short while. After he killed the people who murdered his parents he became much less obsessive and it was decided that for his own good, he'd be able to leave Blood Talons. Although he was a second Lieutenant there, he was demoted to Sergeant, and had to work his way up to Commander (The rank under Lieutenant, but more combat-based than tactics in the Cults).

9/26/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #4
My Precious Purr

Name: Yasmina Taen (Used to be Jasmin Torm)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long black silky hair that curls up at the bottom, cream coloured skin and beautiful grey eyes. Tall (5'7)

Weaponry: Has a pistol (rarely used) and two daggers (poisoned tips), and a sword (poisoned tip).

Clothing: A black jumpsuit that allows her to blend into the shadows, but leaves her arms bare.

Personality: She is cold and ruthless, and has no friends. She will just as happily cut her enemies throat as her mothers, it's all the same to her. She knows she is beautiful and flaunts it.

Quirks and Traits: She always works alone, and is more than likely to kill anyone who trys to work with her after they outlive their usefulness.

Background: Her family owned a large farm, but she ran away when she was 9 despite good treatment. She ran to a nearby city, where a kind family took her in. One day she joined an Adai-mith cult, where they recognised her inborn cruelty and trained her as an assasian. She killed her foster family at 12 to prove her mettle as an assasian and now is a proficient assasian in their ranks, as well as one of the youngest.

10/8/2008 . Edited 10/9/2008 #5

That's all fine, but I have a thing (It doesn't matter that much, though). The Cultists change their name once they join (Jarek Kazimir used to be Jacenty Kamiensky, Carmot used to be Ruth Banks, Mithras used to be Mikhail Gatinov) and the majority have this whole alchemical-symbol-tattoo thing going on. Unless Yasmina's name never used to be Yasmina or something?

10/9/2008 . Edited 10/9/2008 #6
My Precious Purr

She's not into tattoos at all, and I edited her name so it used to be Jasmin Torm. She's going to have no part in tattoos.

10/9/2008 #7

Yeah, the tattoo thing is some crazy initiation thing. Not everyone goes through with it. Jarek did because he seems to be quite easily peer-pressured sometimes.

10/9/2008 #8
My Precious Purr

Yasmina has no peers to pressure her. She kills them all. Don't try to get close to this girl, she is a killing machine!

10/9/2008 #9

Name: Rex

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Red haired, pale, lithe, hazel eyes.

Weaponry: Rex has a shock rifle and some grenades. He carries a hunting knife also.

Clothing: He wears a white vest-type-top, a black longcoat, grey trousers and battered leather boots. He often wears sunglasses for reasons unknown.

Personality: Rex is generally quite lively and 'happy'. He's very canny, and a good talker. Rex is good at picking things up quickly, listening well and such. He's patient with his friends.

Quirks and Traits: Add later.

Background: Add later.

10/10/2008 #10

Name: Silas (He's Carmot's sniper)

Age: 27 (it won't stop being italic! Help!)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Quite tall. He has blond hair, buzzcut. He's pale and hates the sun (he burns so easily). His eyes are grey. He has the symbol for iron tattooed on his upper left arm. He's not overly skinny or muscled.

Weaponry: Sniper rifle, shockrifle, double knives, grenades.

Clothing: Normally dark clothing that blends in. Black shirt, urban camo jacket, black combats, boots much like Jarek's. Black fingerless gloves.

Personality: Silas appears to be quite cruel, but in actual fact is quite friendly. He's relatively quiet and hates to get involved in debates.

Quirks and Traits: Add later

Background: Carmot's sniper-guard-man. Carmot insists that he should have a break and not sit around out of sight following her about all day long. His current break is three weeks long or so.

10/10/2008 #11

Name: Lieutenant Red Hermanns

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Red is 5'4" and her body is totally wrecked. She normally wears some type of gasmask or filter mask to hide it (and it also prevents her breathing in smoke/ash when she's using her flamethrower). Her hair is red, and has grown back over some terrible burns thanks to a type of micro-surgery. Her hair's just above shoulder length and wild. Loads of skin was taken from her thighs/other unfortunate people to graft back onto her face. Due to this her face is very badly scarred. Her nose hasn't been reconstructed, and part of her lip wasn't grafted on well, so it looks like she's baring her teeth there. Her right eye and ear are bio-mech. The same applies to three fingers on her left hand, several major organs, part of her voicebox and the whole of her right arm. The remaining skin on her is very pale and takes an almost-grey tinge. Her remaining eye is sunken in and has ringed. The eye is grey-blue. She looks quite stocky due to the amount of bio-mech on her body, but in actual fact she's lithe and wiry. Due to her voicebox being half-replaced, her voice and breathing are quite graty.

Weaponry: She has something which looks like a chainsaw but isn't, a boot-knife, pistol and knuckledusters (Secondary weapons). She also carries a flamethrower (It's really small and you attach a small fuel-canister, rather than the massive thing that Jarek lugs about) and a submachine gun. She collects daggers and knives, but they are in her trailer. For some reason (Probably to aid melee fighting) she's filed her teeth to points, and due to this her mouth bleeds as she hasn't been bothered to teach herself how to 'talk around the teeth'.

She names all her weapons for reasons unknown to all but her--Her chainblade is called Wrath; her knife Griffin; her pistol Dämmerung (Twilight); her knuckledusters Erna and Ernst; her flamethrower GottBestrafen (GodPunish) and her submachine gun Wolfgang.

Clothing: As I mentioned, Red wears a gasmask some of the time. Sometimes, however, she'll just wear a filter-mask and goggles, or a filter-mask and half-face mask. She rarely walks about with her face uncovered. She likes to wear dress uniforms for some crazy reason, even though most people in Adai-mith cult armies wear a shirt, jacket, combats and lace-up boots. However, if it's totally necessary she'll dress in what she calls 'slob-clothes'.

Personality: Red is incredibly mentally unstable. She lives to fight and is utterly merciless, relentless and most happy in battle. She doesn't give up, and if pitted in one-to-one combat it's known for her to become incensed if her opponent refuses to fight. She loves chasing down people who run away from her and laughs at their terror. Red is moderately clever, especially at speaking and battle-plans. Planning is one of her favourite things--she loves knowing that the enemy knows she's nearby and could jump out and kill them at any second. She's very rational and cynical out of battle, apart from with her whole 'let me tell you a story...' thing. Red has no mercy, and sees nothing wrong with killing men, women, the elderly or children. She doesn't often follow orders unless she knows there's be hell to pay if she doesn't or if she respects whoever's giving the orders.

Quirks and Traits: She's a pyromaniac because her injuries were inflicted by fire and loves watching people burn in some crazy-sick way. She has a habit of screeching 'ACK-ACK-ACK!' every time she shoots with her submachine gun and is known to yell 'BOOM! Headshot!' and 'Muh-muh-muh-MONSTER kill!' when she feels necessary. Red collects knives from the people she's killed, and sometimes settles for a finger or toe if they don't have a knife. Of course, she'll find a way to strip the flesh, and then will display the bone with her knives (Although she says she wants to make jewellery out of them, she never does). She's prone to attempting mind-damage/total squick by removing her mask and telling everyone, in detail, how her face got that way. She'll then go on to say anything that pops into her head that she thinks could mentally damage the person she's talking to. Most of these are made-up, but some are real. She has a tendency to speak in German when angry because the coarse sound of the language sounds more intimidating.

Background: Before she was burnt, not much is known. She'll probably reveal her past as we go on, but her family is German. She used to be Leisel Hermanns. She speaks German as well as English, but is rusty from not speaking it for years.

10/11/2008 . Edited 11/2/2008 #12

Name: Isella

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Appearance: Isella is very pretty. She has olivey-coloured skin, dark eyes and shoulder-length black hair. She's average height (5'4") and very slim. She has a complicated swirly tattoo design on her collar-boney area.

Weaponry: Handguns, a buzzblade, a dagger. She's a medic, so she has lots of first-aid stuff. She has an EMP gun that cancels electrical devices rather than stuns.

Clothing: She generally wears black trousers, a black vest-top, black boots and a grey coat. She has a gold necklace with an emerald teardrop shaped pendant. She normally wears a green alice band. She rarely bothers with makeup.

Personality: Isella is very quiet and thoughtful. She's often 'away in fairy land', but really is trying to think ahead in case something happens that she doesn't anticipate. She's practical and very rarely panicks. She keeps firm control of her emotions.

Quirks and Traits: She doesn't often talk, but likes singing to herself. She doesn't have a good voice, however.

Background: Her family were Spanish. She used to be in a small band of people, but she fled and joined the cult. She was trained as a medic, and is considered one of the best.

10/17/2008 . Edited 10/17/2008 #13

Name: Guthe

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Guthe is very stocky and muscled, not looking like a good scout at first. However, he uses his initiative and rarely lets himself get seen. He has grey eyes and mousey-coloured hair, which he doesn't let grow long. He has the symbol for gold on his shoulder.

Weaponry: An MCharon-5 Boltedge, plasma pistol and a hunting knife.

Clothing: He always wears camouflage, and paints his face if necessary.

Personality: Like Isella, Guthe is very quiet. He's intelligent and uses his common sense and rationality to his advantage. He's loyal to the end and hates any treachery.

Quirks and Traits: N/A as of yet

Background: He has Scottish heriatage. Guthe can drive, and his parents belong to the cult, and although they're old they do stuff like repair machines, help make weapons, make clothes e.t.c.

10/17/2008 #14

(I'm Mez - sorry…)

Name: Quint Tewl

Age: 49

Gender: Male D:

Appearance: Quint is around five foot five inches and of slim stature. He has straight brown shoulder-length hair (going grey) and green eyes (but he likes wearing purple contact lenses for no particular reason). He has pale skin because he rarely goes out and likes to keep his skin free of all blemishes…

Weaponry: Quint carries two small knives, one at either side of his belt. (?) He insists that these are purely for self-defence.

Clothing: Quint usually wears jackets/blazers and ties/smart shirts…and black shiny shoes. He believes that a good ((posh)) appearance is key to being seen as a good ((posh)) person.

Personality: Quint is outgoing but doesn't make 'special relationships' and can become withdrawn when he is thinking about something important. He can become elitist and always intends to use correct grammar, spelling, etc. (And he never starts his sentences with 'and'.) He is inclined to believe whatever the establishment is telling him, but can easily become more radical with the slightest provocation.

Quirks and Traits: Quint walks VERY QUICKLY, and avoids closed doors.

Background: Quint lived a sheltered life as the eldest of six children. His parents were fairly wealthy and used their money to ensure 'good' futures for their children. Consequently, Quint travelled the world during his twenties, and then returned to the country of his birth to work as an administrative assistant for a cult.

10/21/2008 . Edited 10/26/2008 #15

((Interesting character, but his background doesn't fit in with the storyline that much. However, he could still be some admin-ish type person within a cult (There are mobs that live in cities and anywhere really, but they aren't as organised as cult-type purplays) and if he really doesn't want to fight, I can make a bodyguard-type person for him or something.))

10/21/2008 #16

((I know.

I think he'd be a sort of loner person, if that's not too annoying. And he can fight when he has to. I dunno…what thinkest thou?))

10/24/2008 #17

((That's fine. With the BG, you could say something like he became an administative-type-man in one of the cults as not to get killed by mobs/other cults. Or something.))

10/24/2008 #18


10/26/2008 #19

((Right, I'll make a bit for our RP section and see if I can make it all meet up.))

10/26/2008 #20

((I wait/wate with bait/bate-ed breath.))

10/31/2008 #21

((I'm just trying to sort everything out...D8 I can't think of how to introduce Quint into it all.))

10/31/2008 #22
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