In world where politicians are treated as Gods and the land is ruled by the half-mad cults that have sprung up to worship them, where do you stand? RP
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Here I will list the characters essential to the actual plot.

Name: Carmot (Formerly Ruth Banks)

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Appearance: Carmot is quite tall for a woman at 5'6". Her wavy hair is dark brown and her remaining eye is also brown. She's black. Her left eye and arm are both missing and there are now bio-mechanical replacements. The arm has a blade hidden in the back of it, but other than that, it's normal (for a bio-mechanical arm). Her features are quite sharp. Carmot wears goggles and a big belt with pouches (both musts in her line of work). Around her left eye the flesh it quite mangled and scarred. Her nails are kept short for practicality. She has a tattoo on her right cheek of the alchemical symbol for silver. She's built slightly.

Weaponry: Carmot carries various explosives and a pistol with her at all times, and has a chemigun. She carries a boot knife and a hidden blade in her biomechanical arm. Apart from this, she has a guard made of 10 soldiers. She's generally accompanied by the flamethrower-er, laser gunner and the one with the Boltedge. The sniper keeps an eye on her from wherever he is lurking, but is replaced by the submachine gunner when he's tired. The rifleman and riflewoman with the dogs stand guard outside her rooms and the others are generally posted on guard nearby.

Carmot's Guard: Two (The two with the rifles and axes) have trained attack dogs as well as their weapons. All of them carry a pistol and knife and one has a flamethrower. Three have shock/laser guns and a further one has a Boltedge. Two have rifles and an axe each. One is a sniper, one carries a submachine gun and one more a plasma rifle. The sniper also carries throwing knives and explosives, the submachine gunner also has explosives, the flamethrower-er (No idea what the technical term is, but I was trying hard not to say Pyro xD) also has an axe. The sniper has a bio-mechanical right eye and one of the laser gunners has a bio-mechanical arm with electrically-charged claws.

Clothing: Carmot wears a black shirt, a faux fur-lined parka, fire-proof combat trousers, thick leather gloves and heavy boots. She's not one to sacrifice practically for style. She has a big belt with pouches for all her explosives and such. Her knife is in a sheath at her belt and the pistol in a thigh-holster. Her chemigun is normally slung over her back.

Personality: Carmot is highly intelligent and practical. She's quite cold and sometimes selfish, but likes company. All her guards know her quite well as she talks to them a lot. She's not nervous around Mithras as she used to be. Carmot is eager to serve both Mithras and Adai-mith, but doesn't seem as fanatical as some of the other worshippers. She's incredibly loyal to what few friends she has.

Quirks and Traits: She often hums as she works and sings quietly. Carmot is terrified of heights, but tries to keep a levelhead and put this fear aside if she can. However, this sometimes isn't possible and she freaks out.

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Name: Lord Mithras (Formerly Mikhail Gatinov)

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mithras is 5'11 and wiry. His hair is dark brown and quite short. He has the alchemical symbol for silver tattooed on his chest, and the one for iron on his forehead. He's quite pale. Mithras has a bio-mechanical hand, which is electrically-charged and has claws (The real hand got blown off by a plasma bolt). Scars criss-cross around his back. Mithras has pale grey eyes. His features are hawkish and sharp like Carmot's.

Weaponry: As well as having guards and every single Adai-mith cult member to protect him, Mithras has his bio-mechanical hand, a plasma pistol, a dagger and a ceremonial sword he rarely carries.

Clothing: Mithras wears a military-style uniform when he's doing something 'official', but otherwise he generally wears a shirt, jacket, combats and boots.

Personality: Very cunning and clever, Mithras finds it easy to fool people. He's very charismatic, and most people find they like him a lot without even knowing him properly. He likes to talk (and is very good at it). He's suspicious and wary of most people and analyses people mentally as he's talking to them. Mithras is stubborn, and doesn't take criticism well.

Quirks and Traits: Mithras often hides what he's really feeling behind a false smile. He's developed several hand-signals for him to use to tell guards and accomplices things like 'Kill them', 'find more out about them', 'keep an eye on them', 'They're safe' e.t.c. He gesticulates when he talks.

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Name: Adam Smith, known as Adai-mith, Great Adai-mith, our Lord, e.t.c.


Gender: Male

Appearance: Smith has light brown hair which is beginning to grey. He's freckly, skinny and wears glasses--all in all, he doesn't look anything like a God. He doesn't have any bio-mechanics or tattoos, but a few scars (Mainly from things like tripping over as a child, catching his fingers on broken glass e.t.c). He's around 5'10". However, when he goes out in public (very rarely--he uses Mithras as his public face) he wears a mask.

Weaponry: Smith rarely uses any weapon he carries. He has many guards, of course, and an EMP shield. He carries a normal pistol, and a chemigun (the mixes for it were made by Carmot). He also keeps pet dogs which are trained to attack.

Clothing: Smith wears practical clothes, but military-style dress uniforms (Like Mithras') or robes and a mask when he's in public (Which is very rare). The uniforms are generally a black jacket with epaulets, medals and a dark blue sash, dark blue cuffs and brass buttons. The trousers are black, and tucked into black knee-height boots. The mask is silver with gold designs.

Personality: Smith is very egocentric and vain. He's also grown colder and is very much a control freak. He isn't afraid to use violence to get his own way. He's very intelligent and charming. He has a dominating personality, and even the most self-assured person can find themselves fawning.

Quirks and Traits: Other than having a God-Complex? xD He's a bit of a clean-freak.

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Name: Machine (Real name unknown)

Age: Mid-twenties (Real age unknown)

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6'1", and broad-shouldered but so skinny that you can see his ribs (It looks really odd). He has a fringe and a ponytail, but the rest of his hair is shaved off. The fringe is dyed blond and black streaks, as is his ponytail, but it also has one green streak. His eyes are grey. Symbols for silver and iron on the bare bit of his head. His teeth are sharp and he has scars around his mouth. Generally scarred all over. Big bit of bio-mech replacing the right-hand-side of his chest. Pierced eyebrow, ear (two in the lobe and one on the helix), mouth, nose and tongue. Sunken-in and bloodshot eyes. Pale.

Weaponry: Shotgun, buzzblade, butterfly knife, plasma pistol.

Clothing: Short-sleeved black jacket, bullet belt, combats, battered boots, goggles above his fringe, silver bars/rings/studs for his various piercings.

Personality: Machine is short tempered and a little eccentric. He liked to act like a total tough guy, but isn't known to do stick about if he's in danger. He's very social, and likes being around people, as long as they don't irk him. He's often quite sarcastic and his remarks are often quite caustic. He's funny and quite clever, though.

Quirks and Traits: Laughing to himself (in actual fact he just likes to remember funny things a lot).

Background: Mostly unknown. Just turned up one day, offering his services to the Cult. Refuses to give information on his past, or even a real name.

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