In world where politicians are treated as Gods and the land is ruled by the half-mad cults that have sprung up to worship them, where do you stand? RP
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The soldier walked through the trees--some were skeletal and charred remains, still left over from the war, but other sturdier spices were still alive and standing.

He smiled as he remembered Alice throwing her arms around him in a big hug and kissing him before he left.

The patrol was simple--take a few, five at maximum, soldiers out to scout around for trouble or anyone they could persuade to join the Cult of Adai-mith. Sure there was the training and the blood-whiskey and the tattoo and the namegiving to go through, but it was worth it; Jarek knew he'd be long dead without them. He remembered his eagerness to get revenge on the cult who had killed his parents and--

"Sir!" A soldier, Corporal laCroix, said. Jarek snapped himself out of his flashback and glared at the soldier.

"Yes? Have you found something?" He asked.

laCroix nodded. "Yessir; seems like someone's been around this place, sir."

Jarek grinned, turning the safety off of his rifle. "So what are we waiting for? Let's track them down." He ordered.

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((drat, I have no background! Anna left home age 18, ran out of money, is way too proud to go back, and now wanders around mostly living off of what she can forage. Kay?))

Anna sat back the lower branches of a tree, out of the wind, arms wrapped around herself, chewing bark and pondering.

She had been a wanderer for years now, taking on brief jobs for a small about of money, but mostly foraging, hunting for food, eating what she could take from trees, or - and only in desperation - steal. She was beginning to think it was time to settle down.

Her parents had told her that, ten years ago: settle down. Make a home. Have babies. She had walked away from that, and loved the life she lived. But lately, food and warmth were growing incredibly scarce. Settling down was beginning to seem increasingly appealing. Especially here, in the cold, hungry and tired.

Was that the wind, or had someone spoken nearby?

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((Yeah, that's fine.))

laCroix inspected the muddy ground. "Footprints, and they aren't from our boots, I don't think, sir. Also, all this grass is broken, like someone's brushed past it." He told Jarek, who sighed and glowered at him. "I know; no need to point them out. I'm not stupid, laCroix." He snapped, and the Corporal looked cowed.

A young woman called Varsi, who had a chemigun and gas mask, jogged up to Jarek. "Think we've found someone, sir." She said, voice muffled by the mask. She looked at laCroix and chuckled. "Still looking for footprints?".

Jarek walked ahead of an irritated laCroix, letting Varsi lead the way. Her twin brother, Varza, was waiting, crouched. Jarek strode out, motioning for the others to follow.

He saw a red-brown haired woman sitting against a tree, dressed mainly in black.

"We're from the Cult of Adai-mith," He announced. "You have a choice--either co-operate, come with us and you'll be treated well; or refuse, in which case we'll have to take you with us by force. I have a group of ten trained soldiers with me, two of which are alchemist trainees, so I suggest the first option."

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Anna growled and spat out the bark she had been chewing. "Oh, damn..." She murmered, hopping out of the tree and coming forwards. A quick glance showed her that she was outnumbered and out-armed. ((is that a word? It is now!))

"Okay, okay, I'm coming." She raised her hands as she walked towards the group. Treated well? That had better include food. "No need to threaten me, I'm cold, tired and hungry." She said it conversationally, hiding the slight quiver in her voice, and walking upright despite the growling pain in her stomach.

She didn't much like strangers, especially when the first thing they did was threaten her, but when faced with weapons she was not an idiot.

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((It should be a word. Anyway, I come up with weirder hyphenated stuff/fake words x) ))

Jarek grinned. He was expecting another 'You'll never take me! NEVER!', and was pleased that instead the woman had acted reasonably.

"I'm Commander Jarek Kazimir. We're pleased that you've decided to come with us." He said.

"We're? He might be, but I don't care for people giving up so easily...it's suspicious." laCroix muttered to Varza. With incredible speed, Jarek backhanded him aross the face. He wasn't particularly strong, but still, he must have struck the Corporal quite hard as the man's nose began to spout blood.

Jarek turned back to Anna. "I apologise for Corporal laCroix--I sometimes forget that he has a strange medical condition which has left him with a pea-sized brain. Sometimes if he beelds a little through his nose, it takes the pressure off of his braincell and stops him from being an idiot. Isn't that right?" He span around, glaring. There was a small amount of laughter and 'yessirs' from the others.

"Now, keep your hands up, if you please. Sergeant Varsi will walk in front, and you are to follow; I'll be close behind. I'm not trying to make you feel under threat, by the way--it's just procedure until we get to camp, I'm afraid." He said.

Varsi nodded, and stepped in front of Anna.

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Anna smirked at laCroix's humiliation, then turned back to Jarek and sighed. "I've got blunt daggers in my boots, and I'm rubbish with the shotgun. I haven't eaten in two days and I can barely feel my fingers. I don't personally think I'm a threat to you." Still, she raised her handsand put them on her head, faking nonchalance; she wasn't sure many people made getting taken in by the Cults a habit, but she hoped they would act like this.

"So, what happens at this camp of yours?" she asked. Is there food there? was what she wanted to say, but she didn't want to appear weaker than she actually was.

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Jarek nodded. "I'm grateful for you coming so quietly. Seeing as you haven't eaten for so long, I'll see what I can do for you when we get back. I think I have some soup I can heat for you."

She looks like a stick...if I had my ration pack with me, I'd give her something now. Well, as long as she doesn't collapse on the way back.

"What happens? Seeing as I'm a Commander and I found you, I'll probably just have to ask you some questions and speak to someone to speak to Lord Mithras about you joining. As for what we do, we worship Great Adai-mith, fight for him...things like that. We're just a big community, I suppose." He said, motioning for Varsi to lead the way.

The girl started walking, chemigun at the ready.

9/28/2008 #7

Anna tried to hide her relief as she walked. Food, warm food... Then she processed the rest of the sentence, stopped dead for a moment and considered running; her stomach growled angrily at her, and she carried on, but worrying now.

"You want me to join the Cult? Do I get a choice in this?"

There had been many times in Anna's life when there had been absolutely nothing she wouldn't do for food - and had, indeed, done things she would never mention - but this was still about a day short of being one of them. She had heard about the Cults.

9/28/2008 #8

Noting the way she stopped and tensed, Jarek held his gun closer.

"Of course you get a choice--your choice is join or die out here, I suppose; I've never really looked far into it." He said icily. "Most rumours you've heard are probably untrue and I wouldn't worry." He added as an afterthought.

Varsi continued walking, kicking sparse plant life out of the way.

It wasn't that far until they reached the camp. The 'walls' seemed to be made of the remains of burnt-out vehicles and such. The way through into the camp was guarded by a soldier who looked very serious, but just saluted as they went through the gates. There were no houses--some people lived in caravans, others tents and some huts they had made using wood and scrap metal.

A pretty girl with a submachine gun raced up to Jarek. "You're back! I've already eaten, but if you want, I'll put something on for you." She said, grabbing hold of his free hand.

"If you don't mind, Alice, could you heat some soup? We have a visitor, and she hasn't eaten in a while." He said, noticing the way Alice looking at Anna with suspicion.

"Alright, I'll see you later." She said, walking off towards a motor home.

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Anna thought about Jarek's words, turned them over in her mind, and found nothing particularly irrational in them. We'll feed you, house you and employ you! At gunpoint if we have to! was how she translated it. So she strode along in silence until she reached the camp.

There she watched the exchange between Jarek and Alice with interest, drawing up a few conclusions about them, and tucking them away in her mental filing cabinet to be elaborated upon at a later date, possibly over soup.

"Umm... thank you," she mumbled, as Alice walked away. She was no good around people; she had been brought up to be polite and well-mannered, but had thrown all that away long ago, for a mini-skirt and a couple of tattoos.

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((It's a very 'if you aren't with us, then you're against us!' view, isn't it? They're all crazy. Well, most of them are just terrified that they'll be killed if they don't go along with it, but whatever.))

Jarek shrugged. "You're welcome. Now, please come with me." He turned to the rest of his group. "You're all dismissed. However, laCroix, you have extra guard duty for being an idiot. Go and tell Major Bek right now." He ordered.

"Sir." laCroix almost spat, marching off.

After they'd left, Jarek turned to Anna. "In case you were wondering, he was being insubordinate before we left; can't have insubordinance, can I?" He said, gesturing for Anna to enter a smallish breeze-block-and-burnt-out-vehicle building. Inside was lit by dingy lamps and a fire flickered in the middle of the place. There was a desk with various pieces of paper and mangled pens placed on it and a few raggedy chairs were set out.

A stocky man chewing a pen and holding an open note book ran up to them. "Goodevening, CommanderKazimirsir! Needtorecordpatrolsir? Andwhoisthissir?" He garbled, noting a few things down.

Jarek rolled his eyes. "Hello, Serkan. All was uneventful, but we found...er...I'm sorry, but I didn't ask your name...in a tree, and she decided to come with us. Procedure was followed, as always." He said. The man nodded, furiously scribbling.

"Now, Ineedinformationaboutyoumiss. Whatsyourname, where'reyoufromandstuff, okay?" He said, rocking back on his heels and looking enquiringly at Anna.

9/29/2008 #11

((this is set in a fictitious world, right? I dinnae ken where she's from!))

Anna blinked, the speed of the man's voice flying over her head, and taking a little while to come back and be processed. "My name's Anna Gray and I'm from the back end of nowhere, some nameless old farming villiage," she told Serkan, staring at the scrambling pencil. I decided to come with you? Sure, the choices were endless... "I left home ten years ago, I was eighteen. I've been wandering around since then, I'm not even sure where here is."

And you talk way too fast and don't you ever call me miss, mister. Anna silenced the whispering voice. She quite liked Jarek. He had fed her, been relatively polite except for the whole gun thing, and whacked that idiot laCroix.

9/29/2008 #12

((It's set in a ficticious world which was reached when our world managed to reach alternate realities--it says in the summary-thinger. It's why their original names which were sense-making on Earth, but their new ones are odd; Jarek's Polish, Alice is Hungarian-English [she was originally Aliz], Carmot's American, Mithras is Russian, and Adai-mith is English.))

"Gotitalldown. Thankyousir, andthankyoumissGray. Ihopetoseeyouatalaterdate." Serkan said as he snapped his notebook shut and put the pen behind one ear, looking impatiently at them both.

Jarek nodded, and left the building, sighing heavily when he was out of earshot. "I don't know, he's completely useless at everything and irritating to boot, but apparently necessary. But then again, who am I to argue with orders?" He said, heading towards the camper van Alice had entered earlier. He pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door, entering.

Alice was reading a book, stirring a pan of soup with her other hand. Her short mouse-coloured hair was kept out of her eyes by hairclips, and her shirt sleeves were rolled up. She put the book down and grinned. "Hey, Jarek! Soup's almost done." She looked at Anna. "Hi, I'm Alice, Jarek's partner. Come in and take a seat! If it has books or ammo or gas canisters on, just move it--there's barely enough room in here for us, let alone all our stuff, so we're total slobs." She said, grabbing two clean bowls and pouring the soup into them. "Want some bread with it?" She asked, handing one bowl to Anna and the other to Jarek.

"Jarek, for Adai-mith's sake, take the flamethrower off before you start eating...I doubt there'll be any need to suddenly leap up and defend everyone, you know." She said, half nagging, half joking.

Jarek laughed, taking off his parka and removing his rifle as well as the flamethrower. "Says Miss Keeps-a-Knife-with-her-at-All-Times." He said.

9/29/2008 #13

((Oky-oky! I imagine Anna to be American, she probably comes from one of those puny little villiages they set horror movies in))

A hungry look entered Anna's eyes, and after shrugging off her coat and hurridly thanking Alice, she ate hunched over the bowl, as if afraid someone was about to try to steal it. After a while she began to relax and loosen herself up.

"I had a boyfriend once who always had a knife with him. Never let it get more than an arm's reach away... then he got mugged and found out he didn't know how to use it." She smiled weakly. "I suppose a flamethrower is more useful. More soup, and she accepted some bread.

"Ever had to live off the forests?" She asked, between mouthfulls. "I tell you, you don't realise how good real food is until you haven't tasted it for a few months... there's only so many turnips a body can endure."

9/29/2008 #14

Alice made a cup of coffee for herself, and tried sitting by Jarek. "Move over a bit! How can someone so skinny sprawl so much?" She complained, shoving him over a bit. Jarek tried looking offended, but held his bowl in one hand, shuffled over and put his other arm around Alice after she sat down.

"Yes, I had to live in the forest with my mother and father for...quite a while, I suppose. We lived on whatever we cold forrage, hunt or steal. Then some other cult worshipping a false God decided they needed a sacrifice and chose my parents and me. I got away and came here, purely for revenge at first, but after I burnt and shot down the camp who'd killed my parents, I decided I'd stay." He said, putting his empty bowl down on the floor.

"As for me," Alice said, surprised by how hungry Anna was, "I--"

Someone knocked at the door, and Jarek sprung up to answer. A worried looking soldier with blood seeping from a shallow wound in her shoulder stood there, breathless. "Sir! We're under attack!"

Jarek nodded, picking up his weaponry and shurgging his coat on again, then on second thoughts, put on a belt with pouches that was lying across a chair. "Come on!" He said to Anna and Alice.

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Surprised, Anna put her bowl on the floor and ran outside, past the soldier. Dammit, she thought, the first time I get some decent food in bloody ages and some idiot attacks! She pulled a hairband from around her wrist and scraped her hair back into a short ponytail.

"Where are they?" She yanked a pistol out of her pants, suddenly filled with energy and adrenalin. Debt was something she loathed, and intended to make this her payback for the food. But then, there must be something here worth staying for... Jarek had decided to remain after fulfilling his purpose. She shoved contemplation away for now.

9/30/2008 #16

Alice grabbed her gun and put a jacket on--going out in the snow without it and hoping to win a fight would be stupid.

Jarek decided the range would be too close for the use of his flamethrower right now, so he turned the safety off of his rifle, and aimed for a group trying to sneak further in the camp unnoticed. The first two went down easily, but the third ducked and fired a blast of energy from a plasma rifle. It narrowly missed Jarek, and he could feel the head near his skin. He fire three times, and the man with the plasma rifle, fell holding his stomach from the second shot, the first missing and the third grazing his arm.

A crazed woman with a handaxe rushed Anna, screaming the name of some obscure God.

9/30/2008 #17

Anna turned in shock, stepped back and fired at the woman, swearing loudly to silence her inner voice, which was commenting mildly on the inadvisability of running backwards through snow. It was right, and she slipped, landing hard on her back, rolled and crawled behind a truck, growling; she didn't have time to see if any of the bullets had hit, but dashed around the truck and fired again at the first man she saw.

10/1/2008 #18

The woman went tumbling backwards, a bullet buried in her chest. The man Anna had shot at grunted as a bullet hit his shoulder, but fired at her himself.

Meanwhile, Alice clung grimly onto her submachine gun as it spat bullets. One of the men she shot pulled the trigger of his pistol and shot her leg as he dropped. She yelped and fell.

Jarek sprang over to Alice, drawing his knife and stabbing someone with a buzzblade who tried to jump her. "Are you alright, Alice?" He asked, shooting at a bunch of attackers who had surrounded one of his men. Alice, white as a sheet, groaned and tried to drag herself away.

"No! Stay here!" Jarek snapped.

((Sorry I haven't replied to yours that much--I had to get off the comp when I noticed you'd posted and I have to have tea in a second))

10/1/2008 #19

Anna fired two shots at the man who fired at her, then, keeping low, staggered over to Alice. "Do you have a medic's tent, or something?" She asked, staring around for a next target.

After a short while's straining her memory after the few biology lessons she'd paid attention in, she put her gun on her knee, pulled her scarf off and gave it to Alice. "Use this, I think you're meant to stop the blood, or something..." She whipped around, wide-eyed, gun in hand again and glaring after shadows.

10/3/2008 #20

The man groaned and fell to his knees as both bullets hit him in the stomach.

Jarek fired repeatedly at a group of approaching attackers, hitting around three of them. He ducked, avoiding a plasma bolt. He looked around him--there weren't that many attackers left; it was around 1 to 5.

The rest of the group Jarek shot at fell to the ground, blown apart by plasma bolts or torn up by lasers.

"Surrender." Came a voice that both Alice and Jarek immediately recognised. The speaker was a lean man with cold grey eyes in what must have been his mid-thirties, surrounded by guards. Still, he held a plasma pistol and dagger. "You Uranil heretics drop your weapons, or you will be shot on the spot." He ordered, then gestured to Jarek. "Commander, if you'd please sort this all out. Just follow procedure." He said, and Jarek saluted.

"You heard Lord Mithras--drop any weaponry right now, or be shot. Your choice." He said, watching the handful of attackers drop various guns and melee weapons, then riase their hands in the air.

"Line up." Jarek said, shooting several who tried to sneak off. The rest did as they were told, warily watching Mithras rather than Jarek. He called a Captain over, and muttered something in the man's ear. The soldier nodded and turned to the Uranil followers.

"Right chaps, follow me, but don't try anything; I have a whole platoon who'll be glad to see you die for hurting their comrades and family, I'm sure." He said in a cheery voice, hitting someone with his swagger stick who had let their hands down a bit. He called what remained of his platoon over and marched the attackers away.

Mithras watched, interested, and approached Jarek, Alice and Anna. He waved over a medic to help Alice and stared at Anna. "I'm afraid I don't know you. I am Lord Mithras, uh, High-Priest of Adai-mith, and I'm grateful for you helping my men in battle." He said, smiling. "So, Commander Kazimir, if you would please come with me. And you too." He said to Anna. He looked down at Alice. "I'll leave Rintz with you; he'll take you over to me once your leg has been treated.". A guard with a shock gun left Mithras' side to stand by Alice and the medics.

Mithras walked ahead, and Jarek paled a bit as he followed. I've never really spoken to Lord Mithras all that much...He thought, panicked.

10/4/2008 #21

((sorry, I meant to be mega-active, but mom's been making me lay around being ill all day, there're no heaters in my room so she made me be elsewhere))

Anna stared after the newcomer, shocked at the speed at which he had ended the battle. Lord Mithras. She had heard the name before, spoken with awe, respect, or downright fear - from different cults, she assumed, seeing the charred bodies of his enemies - but his appearence seemed barely to justify it, and he was older than she had pictured. Still, she was nearly thirty herself. Lack of socialising had resulted in her being stuck with an eighteen-year-old's mindframe.

But his eyes worried her. She'd thought her eyes were blank and a little cold, but his were positively icy. He had been polite to her, and might have saved them, but there was something harsh about him that she could not trust. And like any animal faced with a bigger animal, she decided to obey.

Noting Jarek's slightly nervous face, she sidled up to him, speaking quietly as she was able - she was still breathing heavily from the stress of the fight - "Are you alright? Who exactly is Lord Mithras?"

((I figure having been so isolated for ten years Anna's a bit behind in terms of maturity and such.))

10/4/2008 #22

Jarek looked around him before he spoke, but Mithras interrupted just as he was about to open his mouth.

"I can hear you muttering, you realise?" He said. Jarek didn't jump, but he tensed. "Muttering about people when you're in company is rude. Now, Commander Kazimir, what were you both talking about? Anything in particular?" He asked, keeping his tone light-hearted.

'About people'? Can he really hear that well, or was that a total bluff? "Sir, she just asked, ah, about you, sir." Jarek said.

Mithras nodded. "All right. I'll explain about myself once we get a chance to take a seat."

They approached what must have been the only building standing in the whole area, an old military base. "This is where most talks over military operations and such are held, as Commander Kazimir knows, and also where I live."

One of the guards pulled a key-card out of his pocket and swiped it through a lock on a gate. They all continued in, and then through the door. The interior of the place was quite dull, more official than nice-looking--totally unlike most old governmental buildings back on Earth.

Mithras made a hand-signal to the guards, and all but two left, standing guard outside a door, which he opened with a key-card. The first room was an office, but he opened a side-door to what appeared to be a living room, with some chairs around a table and a television, which Jarek guessed still worked.

"Take a seat." It was more of an order than something said to be polite, but Jarek instantly obeyed.

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Butting in on people is also rude, Anna thought, but said nothing and ducked her head. When he explained where they were, she nodded but said nothing, following him in silence.

She noticed his hand gestures, and wondered why he hadn't simply spoken. Maybe he was trying to make himself look cool... she quickly decided against this, as Lord Mithras stuck her as a man with no tolerance for the unecessary. Most military men were the same, and these Cults no different.

When told to sit, she paused, glanced at Jarek, and when she saw him sitting she did so too, and forced herself to meet Mithras's eyes.

10/6/2008 #24

((In case you were wondering for future reference, Mithras said something along the lines of 'Two stay; I'm a little wary of the woman.' with the hand gestures))

Mithras also sat, staring unflinchingly back at Anna. "So, you know my name. You know Commander Kazimir. Who are you? Maybe you could tell me why she's here, Commander?"

Jarek looked at his knees. "You see, I was on patrol with some of my men, as always, and I saw her sitting in a tree. She came quite peacefully, m'lord. I got Serkan to note down her details and such, and then she came along for something to eat with me and Alice. Then we were attacked, sir." He said.

The older man nodded. "No need to worry--I don't suspect either of you having anything to do with the attacks. However, I'm very intrigued about you." Here he looked at Anna. "But I told you I'd tell you a little about myself first, didn't I? Well, let me see...I think that to make this much progress in healing a world damaged so badly by chemical war, that Adai-mith must be a God. There's no doubt about it. So I told others, and Adai-mith has praised me for my work. If you mean to ask about my personal life, I'll tell you that my parents were Russian. My parents were killed in the war, and I only just clung to life. I was five, you know, when all this happened. So, I was taken in by a man called Ivan. He wanted a son, and I wanted a father, so we got on well. Ivan was killed by some people who told him that doomsday was coming, and if we didn't join them there and then, they'd kill us anyway to prevent a worse death. I suppose I was around 17 then, and I got away. I established this place when I was around 19, with some help." He paused. "And that's all the main parts, I think. Now, about you." He said, once again, more of a command than a request.

10/6/2008 #25

Anna blinked. "Oh, I... " She thought for a short while, during which she was struck by the idea that she had wasted a lot of her life. She shook the idea away, folding her hands on her knees and slouching a little. "My parents were American. I grew up in some tiny farming village the middle of nowhere, and I was so bored. I was a total rat, tattoos and short skirts and skipping school all the time... a bit of light robbery... My parents kept trying to 'make me a better person'." She rolled her eyes. "When I was 18 I had a huge fight with my mom and I left home on foot with just a bag of food and clothes. Well, my money ran out pretty soon, and I ended up wandering. The winters were hellish. I've foraged and begged my way through life for ten years." She considered for a moment asking for a job, but decided against it.

10/7/2008 #26

((Ann, I'll reply to yours when I can actually come up with a decent Jocasta-side char sheet and when I'm not school work-ed to death D|))

Noticing the way Anna slumped, Mithras shrugged. "I've known people to to stupider and worse things." He said. "And what is your name, anyway?"

Before Anna could think of speaking, Jarek interrupted. "She's called Anna Gray, sir." He blurted.

Mithras nodded. "So, I think I have a job for you. For you, Commander Kazimir, Guthe, Isella, Rex, Silas and Yasmina. Now, I'll ask if anyone had recieved information from the attackers. Then you all go to wherever it is that they have said and you're to take their leader prisoner and bring them back here. Of course, if you don't want to join my cult, I could always just hire you as a mercenary, but we'd have to be hush-hush about it. The last mercenary who openly spread about that he wasn't, eh, was executed...how was it again, Commander?"

Jarek instantly remembered what had happened--the mercenary, a man called Darius, had been beaten enough to do serious damage, but for him to remain concious by a large group of people. He was then tied to a stake and firewood was piled around him. "Burn him, Commander!" they'd all shouted gleefully, and Jarek, knowing he'd join Darius up there if he didn't, ignited the branches and the man with a grin on his face. "He was beaten and then burnt, sir." Jarek said evasively.

Mithras smiled slightly, and Jarek realised he was trying to get him to tell Anna exactly what happened. "Ah well, his own stupid fault for going on about his lack of belief in Adai-mith's ways. Heh. I'm glad he died; there's no room for fools here." He looked back at Anna. "I couldn't pay you, of course; money has little value now-a-days, but I could give you shelter and food and power, I suppose."

He stood, and walked to the door. "Just a second." He leaned out to speak to one of the guards. "You wouldn't bring Guthe, Isella, Rex, Silas and Yasmina here, would you?" The guard saluted and marched off.

10/9/2008 #27
My Precious Purr

Yasmina slipped into the building, silent and stealthy as a shadow. "No need, Mithras" she says in a silky, purring voice. "I was listening all along" she stands beside Jarek, and faces the Lord MIthras with a lazy smile on her face.

10/9/2008 . Edited 10/9/2008 #28

((It's in a building--one of my earlier posts said. Sorry if I wasn't too clear.))

Jarek looked over at Yasmina, suspicious.

It's that assassin...I've seen her about. Better keep an eye on her. He thought to himself/

Mithras didn't exactly frown, but he didn't look overly happy. "Not by my name, Yasmina." He said, a little irritably. The expression quickly vanished from his face. "Well, it's good you were listening--saves me explaining all over again."

10/9/2008 #29
My Precious Purr

((Sorry, I'll edit it))

"So sorry, Lord Mithras" she says in her purring voice, flicking her hair over her shoulder, and you get the sense of utter sincerity in that voice, which is matched by a serious face, that dissolves as soon as his irritated expression does. She turns to Jarek and Anna.

"Jarek and Anna Grey. You'll not know me- you maybe by sight," she directs at Jarek, "But I'm Yasmina. That's all you need to know, except my daggers have poison on their tips. Fast working, and no antidote" she smiled cruely. "And I have no qualms killing anyone" the last word is an implied threat, and she turns back to Lord Mithras with a smirk.

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