In world where politicians are treated as Gods and the land is ruled by the half-mad cults that have sprung up to worship them, where do you stand? RP
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My Precious Purr

Yasmina watched the gates of the clan approaching, and nodded.

((what was it again? LOL))

11/7/2008 #91

((To finish off anyone Silas misses, or that she thinks may be a threat, then go with Jarek, Red, Anna and Aleksandr))

11/8/2008 #92
My Precious Purr

((alright thanks))

11/8/2008 #93

((Sorry, I'm waiting for Ann to reply))

11/12/2008 #94

Anna nodded, quickly re-tying her ponytail and going after Jarek.

((Meep! Sorry. Been busy and tired and nearly had a breakdown. Anna has really short hair, btw, which is why she keeps having to re-do the ponytail.))

11/14/2008 #95

((No need to apologise! I completely understand))

Red looked at Aleksandr. "Where does your leader generally stay?" She asked, and he shrugged looking away. She adjusted the strap of her flamegun and lifted it up, apparently examining it.

He stared at his feet. "The big caravan in the middle of the complex...There are...ten guards...I think," He muttered, cagily looking at her and shrinking back.

Jarek sighed and tried not to look too impatient.

"Come on, then. I'm not waiting all day...night...whatever." Red growled, like it was Jarek's fault that they weren't instantly on the move. She walked ahead, drawing her handgun, and then on second thoughts unstrapping the chainblade from her back and her flamegun and placing them in a shrub. "The chainblade's too loud and to be honest, dear old GottBestrafen is quite flashy. No, I'll be fine with my pistol, Wolfgang and my knife I think." She gestured to Jarek. "You leave your flamethrower--it'll just make you slow and it's too dangerous to use in close situations."

Reproachfully Jarek did as he was told, hiding it nearby and clutched his rifle tightly, nodding to Anna.

11/15/2008 #96
My Precious Purr

Yasmina looked impatient as she watched the exchange between Red and Jarek.

11/15/2008 #97

"Are we ready to go?" Anna asked quietly, holding her gun in both hands. How did I get cought up in this? I'm gonna get myself killed...

11/21/2008 #98
My Precious Purr

Yasmina nodded and flipped her daggers out of their sheathes.

11/21/2008 #99

Jarek looked for Silas, but he was no longer perching in his tree--he'd apparently left already. He watched Red shove Aleksandr forward and followed her past the corpses of the guards Silas had shot.

There were a few more muffled gunshots and a few people who were apparently up and about dropped dead. One who had survived tried shooting in the general direction that the gunfire had come from, but was quickly finished off before they could even pull the trigger.

"They'll realise pretty soon, but Silas is a damn good sniper--I doubt they'll hit him," Jarek said quietly.

((Sorry Ann, I'll have to reply to your RP when I have time; probably this evening))

11/22/2008 #100
My Precious Purr

Yasmina moved silently fowards ahead of the group, her hands firmly on the hilts of her daggers for when they were noticed.

11/22/2008 #101

Anna cast an uneasy glance at the corpses and shuffled a little closer to Jarek, hands gripping her gun so tightly it shook, staring around her.

11/23/2008 #102

((And I finally return. Sorry, I had my mock GCSEs so I was kind of busy))

Jarek shook his head, trying to figure out how exactly a submachine gun was at all quiet, but carried on walking.

"Hey! There's a curfew, you know! What are you doing out?" someone said. A young woman with a shock rifle jogged up to the small group, looking suspicious.

11/29/2008 #103
My Precious Purr

"We were out walking and lost track of the time," Yasmina said easily. "We were just heading back now."

11/29/2008 #104

The woman narrowed an eye.

"That's funny, considering there isn't a curfew..." she said. "I think you have a little explaining to do."

Jarek noted that Red was just looking expectantly at the woman for a chance to lash out, and drew his knife as quietly as possible.

12/7/2008 #105
My Precious Purr

Yasmina slipped her daggers out of their sheaths so the woman didn't notice. "We're new to the area," she said. "You'll excuse us for been ignorant, I hope." she smiled disarmingly.

12/7/2008 #106

((Sorry, I was waiting to see if Ann'd post back. Ah well, I know how busy she is and everything))

"New, eh? Come with me. I'm not so sure about all this..." she muttered, and turned around.

Jarek tensed up, and was about to stab the woman, when he caught sight of Yasmina and looked at her--she'd probably make a cleaner job of killing the woman than him.

12/16/2008 #107
My Precious Purr

Yasmina nodded slightly. "Of course we will," she said smoothly to the woman, and in the next instant her dagger was in the small of her back and her back where she started, a slightly smug smile on her face. "Too trusting," she muttered.

12/16/2008 #108

Anna sighed. She was getting used to the threats and flailing weapons, which in its self annoyed her. A lot of things annoyed her right now. Cold, people, corpses... She lifted her gun to the captive woman's face. "Look," she said in a small, slightly shaky voice, "I'm not having a nice day. I want to shoot something. Take us to your leader."

12/21/2008 #109
My Precious Purr

Yasmina watched with a small smile.

12/28/2008 #110
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